Used by
Tsutabara (boss) (formerly)
Gold Kamitachi, Tsuresarila, Gomira, Alien Kamakama
Earth Warrior Zeros, Kamen Rider Shin, Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin, Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Agito, Sailor Fighter
Not known
2 meters
Earth Warrior Zeros! Character
ZEROS! I've been expecting you.....Okay, I actually wasn't but still. „ 

— Hittakura

Hittakura (ヒッタクラー, Hittakura) are kaijin ninja minion and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Hittakuras likes to talk a lot and doesn't know when to shut up. They are also very vain and cocky, as well as boisterous about their attacks and is also pretty sneaky. He likes to jump up and surprise attack people and he has an extreme dislike towards Earth Warrior Zeros.


Debut: Ganmodoki

Hittakura made his first appearance when he was climbing up a building and attacked a young couple who were taking photos. Hittakura was about to terrorize them some more up until Kamen Rider Shin showed up and beat up Hittakura, saving the couple. Hittakura then summoned in two clones to dispatch Kamen Rider Shin, but they were easily defeated.

Hittakura got beaten up badly some more by Kamen Rider Shin until Gold Kamitachi came in to assist him and fought off the Kamen Rider himself. When Ganmodoki appeared, Hittakura (along with Gold Kamitachi) then retreated, in Hittakura's case, he had taken enough damage.

Zeros! Zeros vs. Hittakura and Gold Kamitachi

Hittakura reappeared at Kagoshima with Gold Kamitachi to wreak havoc as this time, they believed nobody would stand in their way. Hittakura summoned in two clones of him and attacked some civilians, but this time they were stopped by their enemy; Earth Warrior Zeros. Hittakura ordered his two clones to attack Zeros. Once Zeros had dealt with the clones, Zeros then threw the two Hittakura clones back at Hittakura, causing the Hittakura clones to explode and defeating Hittakua.

After Gold Kamitachi was also defeated, Hittakura took off along with Gold Kamitachi, retreating.

Kamen Rider Faiz vs. Tsuresarila and Gomirah

Hittakura then headed to Nagoya and spotted Tsuresarila and Gomirah fighting against Kamen Rider Faiz, but it appeared that Tsuresarila and Gomirah were losing. Before it seemed Faiz could finish off the two kaijin though, Hittakura then intervened the battle by summoning two clones of himself to rescue Tsuresarila and Gomirah. As the Hittakura clones were then killed off by Kamen Rider Faiz's finishing attack, Tsuresarila and Gomirah then flew onto Hittakura's hiding spot, stepping on him. The three kaijin waited several more minutes until Kamen Rider Faiz left to go on. Hittakura said to Gomirah and Tsuresarila that the two had come just in time and were needed elsewhere... 

Hittakura ordered Tsuresarila and Gomirah to follow him as he walked aways.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 1

Hittakura guided Gomirah and Tsuresarila all the way into a forest area. Gomirah asked where they were going, to which Hittakura pointed out that they were headed to a mountain. As they reached the mountain, Hittakura opened the steel doors guarding it and led the two kaijin inside the mountain base. After some further trekking, Hittakura, Tsuresarila and Gomirah met up with Gold Kamitachi, who then led them to the one they seek, Tsutabara.

Tsutabara spoke of his plan to them about getting his revenge on Sailor Fighter and to ensure the rise of his species. Tsutabara then commanded Hittakura (along with Gold Kamitachi, Alien Kamakama, Gomirah and Tsuresarila) to attack Sapporo and kill Sailor Fighter.

Hittakura showed up along with Tsuresarila and Gomirah to combat Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter, but unfortunately for them, Earth Warrior Zeros showed up to assist Agito and Sailor Fighter. Hittakura teamed up with Alien Kamakama to takedown Sailor Fighter, but he was swiftly defeated and was thrown into a pile of the defeated kaijin. As Earth Warrior Zeros, Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter were about to finish off Hittakura and the kaijin, two giant monster then emerged from the ground and challenged the three, giving Hittakura and the other four kaijin enough time to escape.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 2

After the defeat of Yamalgon, Umigaron and Muchi and the arrival of the Tsutabarans; Hittakura along with the four kaijin met back up with Tsutabara and asked what would happen to them now. Tsutabara then declared that he no longer needed the five, as he had had the rest of his kind to back him up and said that the five of them had outlived their usefulness. With that, Tsutabara grabbed at the five kaijin with his vines and threw them away in the air, sending them flying off.

Daiki Kumera and The Yami Warriors

Hittakura was among the five kaijin led by Gomira to meet up with Daiki Kumera to become the Yami Warriors, but ended being betrayed by Daiki once they helped him complete his goal. After fighting Daiki on his own, Hittakura was the first one to be defeated by Daiki and was then thrown against the ground unconscious.

Dark Warrior Zax

Sometime later, the five "Yami Warriors" went up to reunite with the Bademon general, General Heat Island. Hittakura was among the five to speak with General Heat Island and was introduced to Dark Warrior Zax.




  • Duplication: Hittakuras can create two clones of him himself for back up by tapping his head hardly. 
  • Climbing: Hittakuras can climb buildings and walls with ease.
  • Strength: Though Hittakuras are weak compared to their comrades, Hittakura are stronger than an average human and is very durable. They mainly rely on using more physical attacks.


  • Low Strength: Hittakuras aren't that strong on his own.
  • Low Intellect: Hittakuras are not very strong.


  • They are ironically enough, Gallibon the Destroyer's first Earth Warrior Zeros! character.
  • They are also known as "Hittakulers".
  • Originally, Gallibon the Destroyer only played them as one Hittakura. However, sooner or later it was found out that Hittakuras were mean't to be footsoldiers, not a specific troop. So Gallibon decided to correct this and made them as true footsoldiers again. However, the specific named Hittakura is now given a name, albeit, just by a number, as he is now simply known as Hittakura 21.