Obsidian fire golem by jaimegervais-d5yqpbg
Used by
Mer-Ray (Partner) (formerly), The Crystal Cavalier (Boss) (formerly), ZSG (Boss) (formerly)
Romani Tango, Skeleto-Men, Birthgoji, Hetzer, Mechalong, Noa, FoxMask
??? meters
??? meters
Terrifying Three

Hothead is one of the most recurring antagonists in the RP verse. He is a giant half man, half volcano who loves to burn everything he sees, he has allied himself with the Neo Empire, the Fearful Force and the Terrifying Three. He is used by StayPuft.


He and Mer-Ray were recruited by ZSG to join the Crystal Army as they serve as the Crystal Cavalier's dimwitted minions.

Later, he was walking around Hawaii when a UFO began to annoy him. The Skeleto-Men then came in and began to taunt Hothead which prompt him to start brutally beating them.

He fought against Birthgoji, he never managed to land a hit before Birthgoji launched him into the sky.

After he resigned from the Neo Empire, he began attacking cities. He attacked Osaka who was stopped by Obsidian and SquidMask, both of which offered him to join their factions in which he refused. Later he attacked New York and he fought Mechalong but was attacked Hetzer and then he was attacked by Noa and the two had a fight, Noa was successful in getting Hothead out of the city but he punched Noa away and fled the scene.

He charged into FoxMask during a fight but he dodged causing Hothead to ram into a wall changing his personality completely. He became Intelligent Hothead. However he was hit on the head again bringing him back to his old stupid self.

Since then he has been a particular problem for a number of heroes usually through attacking cities.


Brutish Hothead is rude, unpleasant, destructive, aggressive and dim-witted. His biggest problem seems to be his short temper and extremely low intelligence. Insulting him throws him into a destructive rage and as for his intelligence he will tend to think that the person talking to him is an inanimate object.

Intelligent Hothead is polite, peace loving, friendly and intelligent. He is a scientist who works for the well being of humanity.


  • Very high strength.
  • Shoot out lava.
  • Cannot truly die


  • Destruction
  • Killing Things
  • Watching TV


  • Peace
  • Quiet Places
  • Heroic People (Especially FoxMask)
Ice Man

Hothead's classic design


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