The Brutal Pokémon
Used by
Jay's Wing
Mosuran Butterfree
6 years
110 meters
140 meters
Toho/Pokémon Character

Hydreigon-Ghidorah is a giant kaiju, hybrid of King Ghidorah and Hydreigon, and role-play character used by Jay's Soviet Wing.


Hydreigon-Ghidorah is a typical Ghidorah: ruthless, destructive, and bloodthirsty, even earning the title of the Brutal Pokémon. As well as this, Hydreigon-Ghidorah has one large nemesis in the form of Mosuran Butterfree.


Hydreigon Vs Butterfree: Round 1

In Nagoya, Japan, Hydreigon-Ghidorah approached. Roaring, the dark kaiju began to destroy the city with orbs of darkness energy. However, a hero was on the way to stop Hydreigon-Ghidorah: a small kaiju moth, Mosuran Butterfree.

As Hydreigon-Ghidorah laughed and continued to demolish, powder suddenly rained down on him in a circle formation. Hydreigon-Ghidorah knew what this was, but it was too late: Mosuran Butterfree's Sun Strike Buster took into effect as a giant beam of blistering emerald energy burst forth from the sky. The scorched dragon turned to see Mosuran Butterfree, ready to fight. Laughing, Hydreigon-Ghidorah let out a pre-battle one-liner before charging in.


— Interrupted.

Hydreigon-Ghidorah was interrupted as the butterfly hybrid's wings flickered with a blue glow, and a series of cascading shafts of blue energy that split the earth blasted the dark dragon to oblivion. Getting up and grunting in pain, Hydreigon-Ghidorah saw Mosuran Butterfree flying towards him, blasting antennae beams at him. Quickly dodging them, Hydreigon-Ghidorah blasted Mosuran Butterfree with Lava-Darkness Energy Bolts, downing the Poké-protector.

As Hydreigon-Ghidorah approached the downed moth, Mosuran Butterfree suddenly struck him with multiple Jade Bolts from her wings. Next, Mosuran Butterfree sent a pink wave of green sonic energy from her wings at Hydreigon-Ghidorah. At this, the dark dragon took massive damage! Roaring in fury, Hydreigon-Ghidorah left, abandoning his attack on Nagoya.


  • Flight - Hydreigon-Ghidorah can fly at speeds of up to Mach 8.
  • Resistances - Hydreigon-Ghidorah is resistant to electricity, fire, water, plants, undead, and especially telekinesis and psychic attacks.
  • Lava-Darkness Energy Bolts - Hydreigon-Ghidorah can spit Lava-Darkness Energy Bolts from all of his heads. These fire-and-darkness-infused energy bolts do good energy damage, but don't knock back anything.
  • Fiery Pyre Road - Hydreigon-Ghidorah is able to do a Fiery Prye Road by causing the ground to split open and release flames from within the earth.
  • Rock Tomb - Hydreigon-Ghidorah can make avalanches of rocks to damage foes.
  • Dark Pulse - Hydreigon-Ghidorah is able to fire spheres of dark energy from his heads.


  • 4x weakness to Fairy...

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