Used by
Glass Poltergeist
Kyo Kusanagi, Humans
Water Cooler Monster
7 ft.
Who am I? I am Hydrowave! I'm the water cooler monster whose come to flood this city with my powerful water blasts! „ 

— Hydrowave


— Hydrowave's last words

Hydrowave (ハイドロウェーブ, Haidorou~ēbu) is a water cooler kaijin and a RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Hydrowave was a violent, aggressive and water-obsessed kaijin who constantly wanted to flood things; as he really liked "big water".


Debut and Death: The Heir to the Kusanagi vs. The Flooded Destroyer

As Kyo Kusanagi rode his motorcycle into Fukuoka, Glass Poltergeist appeared to cause trouble. Glass Poltergeist thus summoned Hydrowave to eliminate Kyo Kusanagi and to flood the city with his water stream. Hydrowave eagerly went out and began to wreak havoc.

Hydrowave then leaped onto the highway where Kyo was at and then began to attack him. Hydrowave then blasted a powerful stream of water from his mouth at Kyo. Kyo then extensively jumped over the stream of water, and then went in to punch Hydrowave. Hydrowave was hit and then slashed his claws at Kyo, causing Kyo to roll over, three slash marks made across his shirt, bleeding.

Kyo then got back up and raced at Hydrowave, pulling in a backwards, then frontwards full-force punch into the gut at Hydrowave; Hydrowave then shot a minor stream of water at Kyo in retaliation. Kyo was then pushed back by the water, before he advanced to kick him in the chin, causing him to fly up in the air a bit, before proceeding to use his left leg to kick his chin as well. Kyo then smashed his now flaming fist at the ground, releasing a large fiery pillar ramming into Hydrowave. Infuriated, Hydrowave then activated his chest cannon and began shooting at Kyo's area. Hydrowabe then began to laugh hysterically, and closed in more as he continued to shoot at Kyo's area.

Kyo then hid behind a truck, thinking of what he could do. Hydrowave then blasted through the truck with one more cannonball from his chest cannon, destroying the truck and causing Kyo to leap out of the way. Kyo then got really angry and ignited his body on fire, releasing a huge fiery explosion. Hydrowave then leaped up and fired his water stream at Kyo, intent on putting out his flames, but Kyo quickly moved out of the way in time. Kyo's arm charged, put his arm upwards, intense, glowing fire radiating throughout his entire body to his arm. Hydrowave then leaped up and got his water stream and his chest cannon ready to fire again.

Kyo then leaped up forwards, and then fired a humongous blast of extremely hot fire right towards at Hydrowave, causing Hydrowave to spark and spray his water stream haphazardly. Kyo then sent explosive flames at Hydrowave's throat, causing a humongous explosion to ignite through his entire body. Hydrowave then let out his last words and fell over and exploded, finishing off Hydrowave once and for all. Kyo then got back on his motorcycle and then drove away.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Water Stream: Hydrowave could emit a powerful stream of water from his mouth.
  • Chest Cannon: Hydrowave was armed with a cannon that was hidden in his chest. Upon activated, it could shoot out powerful cannonballs to cause major explosions.
  • Claws: Hydrowave had razor-sharp claws.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Hydrowave could spring and jump up to very high heights.


  • Hydrowave was partially based off of Kikkaijin Gangaru from Kamen Rider Stronger in terms of design.