Used by
Jay's Wing
Crackin', Waterwraith
Sea serpent colossus
900 meters
SotC character

Hydrus is a giant sea serpent colossus and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Calm and peaceful, Hydrus is usually sleeping at the bottom of his lake. When his ruins are attacked, however, Hydrus will fight to the death with an unknown fury to defend it from whoever he is fighting.


Rumble Down Under

Down at the bottom of his lake, Hydrus was woke up by a rumbling. An evil blue being, Waterwraith, dropped down into the underwater city from the surface, turning to Hydrus. The battle had begun. Firing electricity from his horn, Hydrus found that Waterwraith was not very hurt, and then got rammed into in return.

Meanwhile, the giant squid monster Crackin' had appeared, slinging his tentacles at him and Waterwraith. As Hydrus gracefully dodged, he scorched Crackin' with his electric horn, only to be grabbed and smashed into Waterwraith. As Hydrus got out of the way of Waterwraith, he swam around Crackin' and led the ghost into attacking him.

Crackin' swung tentacles at Hydrus, only for him to dodge and wrap around the tentacles, burning them with electricity. Suddenly a wave of heat blasted him and sent him into Waterwraith. as he was pummeled, Crackin' was interrupted by the arrival of Bunnyip, who aggressively turned on him.

Hydrus fought on against Waterwraith until the central pillar collapsed in on itself. Blue energy swam into Hydrus, imbuing him with new power. Hydrus, sparking with electricity, jammed his horn into the squid's eye, shocking the whole lake and frying Crackin'. Meanwhile, Waterwraith was weakened and turned corporeal, making Hydrus and Bunnyip pound on him until he too disappeared. Bunnyip then disappeared just as quickly as he had arrived, leaving Hydrus to celebrate his victory.


  • Can swim very fast underwater
  • Can send an electric discharge from horn


  • Hydrus is Jay's first colossus character.

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