The Incarnation of Rage, Hyper Godzilla
Doesn't have a potbelly
Used by
Jiang-Shi Kaiju (formerly a Yorishiro Gojiran)
90 meters
150 meters
Necromancer's loyal undead
Never forgive... Never forgive... „ 

— When his thoughts are read

Hyper Godzilla (ハイパーゴジラ Haipā Gojira) is a gojiran who's rage cannot be calmed from the nuclear bombing of 1945.


The once forsaken terror

The kaiju appeared in November 3, 1954 discovered on Odo Island. He was classified as an Irradiated Godzillasaurus from the bombings of 1945. He short before hidden from the public's eye until he made his first appearance on Tokyo. The nuclear terror from below the ocean, who eyed the city, roared out a cry of confusion and rage as he began tearing the city of a hundred, into a land of a desolated, nuclear wasteland before leaving the populated city.

He was then discovered in the far-out sea after his second raid, the place where it would become his grave. The oxygen destroyer was activated underneath the sea. The gojiran woke up only to be melted down. The monster surfaced and cried out a roar one last time, before melting into a skeleton forever. His reign of terror ended there...or did it?

His Eventually Death

The gojiran returned from the dead as it appeared in the cemetery of the Myouren Shrine via fog. The kaiju began to form his body from heart, absorbing the dead along the way. It forms and began heading out to begin his path of destruction. However, it was stopped by IrisuGame. It managed to knock him out, however, and then got attacked by Kamen Rider Sasword and ROE Neo King Ghidorah. The gojiran, at his last resort, fired off a purple spiral ray and colliding with ROE NKG's beam but then it gave IrisuGame his energy, and the gameran spat out the Fireball Ejection at the gojiran dead center. FoxMask took the opportunity to finish the soul-absorbing gojiran off and did. The gojiran then released out the souls of the many WW2 soldiers before dying, ending his terror.

It was then revived by a necromancer, who made a deal with the monster in exchange for his loyalty, to protect a graveyard that hoards her corpses. He did so and protected the graveyard along with another Jiang-Shi for eternity.


  • Atomic Blast-a nuclear beam fired from his mouth. It's powerful enough to decimate city blocks in minutes.
    • Purple Spiral Ray-If he charges for a very long time, his normal Atomic breath changes to a purple spiral beam of destruction! The beam is powerful enough to kill off whoever's in front of him or even grievously injure the survivor.
  • Soul Pulse-A dangerous attack using his souls, the gojiran glows purple before sending a shockwave that sends the ones who were hit flying dangerously back.
  • CQC-The God of Destruction can use his limbs to destroy the opponent.
  • Energy Absorbation-he can absorb certain types of energy for his own potential and re-direct them back.
  • Neverending Nightmare-The gojiran, being the absorber of spirits, can revive if his heart still beats. This, by far, is a major weakness to the gojiran as his captured souls lie inside. If hit by a blunt weapon, per say a spear, a knife or anything sharp, it'll stop and kills him permanently.
  • Savage Intelligence-They may think that he's automatically dumb in terms of intelligence but don't get fooled by that. He's actually cunning to the point of using another living being as meatshield for protection.
  • His fighting style is an animalistic-like fighting style.


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