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I am regretting signing up for this.... „ 

— Incinerator

Incinerator is a Decepticon soldier and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.


Incinerator is a usually calm and relaxed Decepticon, though he can be a bit aggressive at times. He's somewhat of a beatnik and just wants to be neutral,albeit sometimes he doesn't get his way, so he will work hard for his goals.


The Battle of the Belt

Incinerator and Overcast were one of the many Cybertronians (Decepticons to be precise) who were locked away in the Destron prison ship, which he along with Overcast had been locked in there for five months (though according to Overcast it was six months).

Incinerator soon met up Hardshell, who was thrown into the same cell as him. Hardshell asked the two jailed 'Cons who they were, to which Incinerator did most of the talking/explaining to him. Incinerator revealed on how he and Overcast got there and what Team Destron's actions and plans were (as much as he knew about it anyways) to Hardshell. 

Incinerator, Hardshell and Overcast were then shortly harassed by the warden of prison ship Transquito but luckily for them, rescue would soon come; the Mutant Cybertronians had arrived with a fleet of spaceships. Hardshell ordered both Incinerator and Overcast to assist him in breaking out of the prison right away as a planet-sized Mutant Cybertronian ship was also coming, in which Incinerator and Overcast gladly did so. 

While making their escape though, Incinerator questioned how would they escape exactly. Incinerator at first suggested to fly in their alt modes in space but Hardshell pointed out that they wouldn't get that far and would most likely get shot down if they did that. As Hardshell, Incinerator and Overcast looked for a spaceship to take, they were then approached by Jim Sun Spider, which Incinerator was an odd name at first but accepted his help. As the three Decepticons entered the ship, Hardshell remembered that he wasn't a good driver and assigned Incinerator to be the pilot, which Incinerator gladly did so. Incinerator then drove them far away from the prison and set their target destination to Earth.

Equipment & Abilities

  • Unknown, so far.


  • Originally, Scrapper (TFA) would have somewhat filled his role in the Destron prison ship RP, but he was soon replaced by Incinerator.
  • In fact, originally only Incinerator would have been with Hardshell, but later Overcast was added.
  • He currently has no theme.

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