Used by
Burning Dragon (loyal pet)
Manto (master/associate)
Kunin (archenemy)
Rozan (archenemy)
Commander Booker (archenemy)
Garbage Monster, Emperor Tazarus, TripGoji, Biker Jet Jaguar, Gipsy Danger, Zilla Jr., Sevengar, Gomora, Ultraman Xenon, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Joneus, Transforming Mechagodzilla, Neo Orochi, MiraiGoji, Sigma PRGoji, Desu, Nemesis, Baron Bloodsport, Humans, Everybody else
Interdimensional Demonic Jiran
75 meters (Normal)
500 meters (Divin)
Now under new management... „ 

— Inconnu

I am beyond a god. „ 

— Inconnu

Inconnu (インコヌ Inkonu) is a mysterious and bizarre alien-like Jiran from another dimension and a major antagonist. He is an RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Inconnu is a very enigmatic, manipulative, treacherous, deceitful, apathetic and calculating demonic Jiran who comes from another dimension. He appears to lack emotions, so as such, he cannot express any kind of emotions whatsoever and lacks empathy as he only is out for himself and completing his goal; to make everything and everyone "equal". By doing this, he wishes to spread despair, tragedy and dread across the universe so that way everyone is deprived of feeling any kind of empathy and will be like him. He also seems to not mind pain all that much (in fact, he seems to revel in it) be it inflicted on him or inflicting it on others. 

Inconnu does not care about ruling over worlds or having big armies, as he sees them as all but expendable; nothing more, nothing less and finds world domination to be "boring". Rather, he would prefer just to see others suffer. Perhaps Inconnu's most notable trait other than his general lack of empathy and his emotionless attitude is also he is also very, very manipulative. At first glance, he appears to be helpful, polite and friendly to others, as he is very willing to make deals and act as an "efficiency expert" in some way. But in some ways, it's just an act as he uses his "allies" as nothing more than mere pawns playing roles in his own twisted game.

Inconnu seems to have a more smug and sadistic side to him as well, as he seemed to be delighted in separating Kunin and Rozan from each other and sabotaged Garbage Monster's assault on Malaysia in an act to get rid of him, as he was aware that he was onto him and his motives. In his spare time, Inconnu likes to be alone to himself, lounging alone in his lair. He also likes wine, smoking, hot baths and classical music.


Debut: The Mysterious Jiran

Inconnu's exact origins and history are unknown, as he just suddenly appeared. He came out of a portal someday during the last days of the Tachyons and soon appeared to Emperor Tazarus and Garbage Monster. Inconnu arrived to Emperor Tazarus and asked to help out, as he was an expert tactician and would definitely improve on the effiency for the Viledrodes. Emperor Tazarus accepted Inconnu, but Garbage Monster did not take a welcome to him, feeling that there was something "off" about him. Regardless, Inconnu came along and proved himself to Tazarus.

Garbage Monster's Assault on Malaysia

Garbage Monster attempted to get back in Emperor Tazarus's good graces and launched an invasion on Malaysia. Before he went, Inconnu gave him a Plasmacaster Gauntlet which he said would have helped him battle. Garbage Monster was skeptical at first, but then accepted the weapon as he badly wanted the mission to go smoothly. He took Itazuran, Kongzilla, Builgamo, Sevengar, Crazygon, Mechagiras, the Lizard Slayers and the Viledrodes along with him on his attack on Malaysia, but they were ambushed by STADPA and it's mechas.

Things were going bad enough already, but then Iron Kaiser and Giant Slalom showed up to fight Garbage Monster as well; defeating him. After the failure of the attack on Malaysia, Garbage Monster was beamed up back in Emperor Tazarus's ship. Garbage Monster explained that Inconnu had set him up, giving him a dud weapon however Inconnu showed that the Plasmacaster Gauntlet could work (in actuality, Inconnu had rigged the weapon to not work during the fight). Inconnu convinced Emperor Tazarus to kick Garbage Monster out of the Viledrodes and did so; banishing Garbage Monster.

After landing in the seas, Garbage Monster swam to shore and swore that he would get revenge on STADPA. Tazarus felt that it was a bit extreme, but Inconnu told Tazarus that he did the right thing. Inconnu would then disappear for a while during Grand King Ghidorah's return but would soon return after Grand King Ghidorah's apparent demise....

Midnight Mayhem II

Main article: Midnight Mayhem II.

Sealing the Deal

Inconnu later on brought Gokidon and Mechanical Raban with him to speak to Emeperor Tazarus as he plans to summon the spectral demon known as "Manto", much to the Viledrodes shock. When Inconnu brought up the fact that they had Manto to summon, Tazarus was a bit repulsed to here this decision, but Inconnu brought up that if they didn't, their faction would be doomed to fail. Tazarus then thought about it some more and then agreed to his plan, but gave him a time limit of a week. If Inconnu were unable to succeed in his plan, then he would be banished next. Inconnu had no fears however and then went onto work, his plan was now in the beginning...

Inside Job

Before the deadly trio went to work though, the three went into space to retrieve some datacores on some secret ship. Inconnu realized that he couldn't get there in time by himself and used Mechanical Raban and rided on him to get across. Upon Inconnu's return he only managed to get one and rided again on Mechanical Raban and flew back to base.

Upon inspecting the datacore at base, Inconnu got hit in the face and Gokidon got hit in the head by said datacore, that flew across the room. Mechanical Raban laughed at their expense, only for his behind to fall off, much to Mechanical Raban's shock. Mechanical Raban then picked himself back together, but not before getting hit by the datacore himself.

The Summoning of Manto

Releasing the Demon

Inconnu needed something or somebody to use as to cover up for them, so he decided to summon Nuclear Reactor Demon. Preparing for such an occasion, Inconnu made a rune earlier that morning that way he would be ready. Nuclear Reactor Demon arrived from a portal and met up with Inconnu. Nuclear Reactor Demon was hungry for some souls, which Inconnu pointed at a nearby city claiming that civilization would give him enough souls to feed on. Nuclear Reactor Demon accepted and charged towards the city. After that, Inconnu then vanished aways, heading to take care of his other plans.

Releasing the Mutant Clones

After being defeated in the Midnight Mayhem II event, Inconnu gathered around some pieces of the Godzillan's skin (Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji's) after the fight and took them to be made into his own batch of super strong Godzilla clones. Inconnu then seeked the help from many Viledrode scientists to help create the Mutant Godzilla Clones.

Inconnu, Gokidon and Mechanical Raban returned to see the progress on the clones, as they had two days left to unleash Manto. Once they got their, they were introduced to the Mutant Godzilla clones themselves. After demonstrating their abilities, Inconnu was impressed with the results. Inconnu when then give them a very important assignment...

Not long afterwards, the Mutant Godzilla Clones were sent out to attack Busan, South Korea. As they got there, both Cancergojira and Spermgojira ambushed Romeo Blue and Cancergojira tore off one of Romeo Blue's hands. They then tossed Romeo Blue aside and made their entrance to Busan. Once the Godzillans (Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji) showed up to encounter Inconnu, there they might their match; the Mutant Godzilla Clones. Cancergojira fought Kunin, Leukocytegojira fought Rozan and Spermgojira fought TripGoji. Inconnu then took off and when to Kiryouku-shima, as he had something important to do there...


As Inconnu stealthily entered Kiyuoku-shima, Inconnu summoned out Burning Dragon to attack the city while he was busy locating the stone samurai statue known as Gekido-jin. Finally, Inconnu met up with Gekido-jin's statue freed him from his stone tomb at Kiryoku-shima. Inconnu promised Gekido-jin that he would work for him and become his general; Inconnu would reward him greatly and he could spread as much terror on the humans he deemed "ungrateful" as much he pleased. Gekido-jin did not hesitate, as Inconu did after all finally free him after being a statue for 880 years. Gekido-jin then destroyed the oncoming military vehicles that were coming towards them and destroyed them with ease.

Afterwards, Inconnu then ordered Gekido-jin to do one more assignment; stop the Godzillans. Gekido-jin then left to do his duty and left.

Gokidon's New Recruits

Inconnu later on made a brief appearance when Gokidon had recruited four new monsters, much to Mechanical Raban's dislike. However, Inconnu then arrived and told Gokidon that it was alright for him to keep the four, as Inconnu thought they had some potential. Gokidon cheered and then took Gomira on a tour around the ship.

Midnight Mayhem III

Main article: Midnight Mayhem III.

End of An Alliance

While Inconnu was preparing for the summoning of Manto, Inconnu found out about the Godzillans/Gamorans alliance and then ordered his generals to stop them. Inconnu would soon travel with them. Inconnu's generals managed to catch up with alliance and attacked. Kunin mainly fought off Gekido-jin and Keris, the two put up a hard fight though, even managing to make Kunin bleed. Kunin did his best, though unfortunately he was outnumbered and outmanuevered when Inconnu's generals closed in on him and drove away his remaning allies, leaving him alone. Inconnu then showed up and drove away Rozan, torching her and sending her to fall off a cliff into the sea.

Kunin was about to leap and tackle Inconnu, but he was stopped by Gekido-jin who smacked him in the face with his War Hammer, leaving him unconscious. The out-cold Kunin was then carried away to the summoning area as Inconnu didn't want him to "miss" Manto's arrival. As Inconnu's generals brought Kunin to the summoning grounds, Inconnu then got ready to summon Manto.

The Summoning of Manto

At the summoning area though, the Viledrodes couldn't contain Kunin for long, and Kunin broke free from his chains and became Super Kunin once again. He fought off Gekido-jin once again and swung him through across the base, and marched towards the center of the summoning area so that he could stop Inconnu and end the summoning once and for all. During his rampage, Super Kunin walked through and quickly defeated Sevengar, Mechagiras, Geboras, the White Martians, Itazuran, the Skeleto-Men and Hitodah.

After getting pass them, Super Kunin finally made it the center of the summoning area and was about to finish off Inconnu, but was then intervened by Emperor Tazarus and Kongzilla. Super Kunin fought the two off for a lengthy amount of time, but he eventually managed to defeat the two both after he got into a beam fight with Kongzilla and winning, causing a big explosion to occur and blasting Tazarus and Kongzilla away. Super Kunin then marched to fight Inconnu but unfortunately it was too late---Manto had arrived. Super Kunin then said to Inconnu that he would soon egret this and that he would find a way out of this, but then Manto fired a portal at Super Kunin; sending Super Kunin into another place known as "The Abyss".

As the other Viledrode monsters panicked and fled at the sight of Manto; Tazarus got up and saw what Inconnu had done, and walked up to him. He said that he was unsure whether to congratulate him or strangle him for summoning Manto; but either way he knew had at least came his end of the deal. With that, Tazarus then shattered away. Inconnu now knew what he had to do and then ordered Manto to attack some more...Inconnu then vanished away, taking off for now.

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 1 Journey's End

Sooner or later, when word got out that Manto had been "defeated" by the Terror Snake, the Black Dog King and Queen informed Inconnu. As Inconnu discovered that Kunin and Rozan had returned and that Manto has been driven away at the time, Tazarus began to doubt Inconnu's plan and actions, believing that he was wrong about him. Inconnu assured him though that things were all going according to plan and that would Manto would return....fist just had to eliminate Kunin and Rozan. Tazarus went along with it, and then he, Inconnu and Mechanical Raban flew off and traveled to Kunin and Rozan's location so that they could fight them.

As they arrived there, Tazarus fired a laser beam down at the five Godzillan's area, causing an explosion to occur. Mechanical Raban, Inconnu and Emperor Tazarus had arrived...

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 2: The Big Showdown

A fight then broke out between five Godzillans and Biker Jet Jaguar and Inconnu, Emperor Tazarus and Mechanical Raban, to which Inconnu fought against Kunin; ramming against him. Kunin then turned around and slashed his claws against Inconnu, followed up by swinging his large tail against him. Inconnu stepped back away from Kunin's tail however and then...disappeared? Kunin then looked around, wondering where Inconnu went, to which Inconnu reappeared and walking out from a dimensional hole, tackling Kunin. Then from out of the blue a mysterious Jiran then appeared and charged at Inconnu, guns a blazing. Inconnu was hit by the blasts, shoots his Death Force Beam around, sweeping it towards the Jiran and Kunin; Kunin rolled over to avoid the beam and the Jiran charged through the beam.

Inconnu then focused his attention back to attacking Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar, the latter of which then ran up towards him and raised up his sword and striked down, slicing Inconnu's right arm clean off....but then three "tendrils" appeared out of Inconnu's right arm area, whipping against Biker Jet Jaguar hard. Inconnu then completely regenerated his right arm, saying that Biker Jet Jaguar would have to try better than that. Just then, the mysterious Jiran opened fire some MEBs against Inconnu, to which they blasted against Inconnu badly. Inconnu then vanished only to appear again to fight Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar.

A being known as Hitvány then appeared however and then hurled some life-force energy spheres, followed up by the mysterious Jiran to then ram at Inconnu. Inconnu blasted his Death Force Breath against the spheres, only to then get rammed. Inconnu then landed down and rolled over. The fight came to a close however when the skies began to darken more and the Black Dogs returned, with more Black Dogs then the last army. Kunin, Rozan, Lushan and RabanGoji then all blasted their atomic beams around the swarm as much as they can, but to almost no avail. Lightning and thunder rolled in; Kunin and Rozan regrouped with each other, looking up in the sky. Manto had arrived...Inconny was most pleased.

Manto then taunted and spoke to Rozan, Kunin and the Godzillan cousins some more, up until he then slashed the skies, creating a portal to his world. Rozan, Kunin, Lushan, RabanGoji and TripGoji (as well as Inconnu, Tazarus and the Black Dogs) were then all transported to the Manto Planet...

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 3: The Fall of Manto

As Rozan, Kunin, TripGoji, Lushan and RabanGoji landed on the Manto Planet, they got into battle position, ready to fight against Manto and his horde. As the five Godzillans were about to be overwhelemed however, they were then aided by Majin Tuol and the Godzillans to help them. Majin Tuol flew in and began his fight against Manto. Manto saw that Majin Tuol had returned and hissed; Manto raised his tendrils and then charged towards him. Main Tuol got out his mighty sword and then swung it towards Manto; to which Manto transformed his left arm into a giant dark blade and swung it towards Majin Tuol's sword; causing the two blades to clash against each other, the loud clashing sound could be heard across the land like thunder. Majin Tuol and Manto were locked into a duel.

As Manto and Majin Tuol fought, Inconnu and Tazaru fought against many Godzillans, killing off many one by one. Kunin then blasted a powerful atomic beam against Inconnu, blasting him back. As the fight grew on, Inconnu then saw that the Godzillans were fighting against Tazarus and that Majin Tuol and TK Majin Tuol were both fighting up against Manto; Inconnu then grinned and stepped back, vanishing.

Then out from the skies, came a beam of light. A new warrior known as Sol then arrived to assist Majin Tuol to combat against Manto. Manto hissed and then fought against both Sol and Majin Tuol. After much battling, Manto was then defeated by the combined attacks of Majin Tuol's Mighty Light Slash, Sol's sphere of energy and the Eight Forked Serpent's blast; creating an Ultinova attack. The Ultinova attack blasted at Manto, creating a MASSIVE explosion and destroying him. With Manto now vanquished, Majin Tuol then raised his sword up in the air, victorious. After Manto's death, Inconnu looked up eyes glow red, then opened a dimensional hole, heading off.

Even when I lose, I win in my own way. „ 

— Inconnu

Inconnu didn't care for the fact that Manto had been destroyed, as now with Tazarus down, he was now in control of the Vieldrodes. Tazarus limped his way to meet up with Inconnu and his spaceship. Heavily damaged and smoking, Tazarus then ran towards Inconnu, as he had discovered that he had tried to kill and upsurp him. Inconnu and Tazarus then fought each other briefly, but Inconnu had the upper hand as he did not battle much and not damaged unlike Tazarus was. Inconnu then blasted his Death Force beam against Tazarus and told him that he was no longer of any use and that he was now in charge.

Tazarus cursed Inconnu, to which Inconnu then kicked off Tazarus off off his spaceship, sending Tazarus hurdling through space as Inconnu got away in his spaceship. While Tazarus drifted aways in space, his eyes then glowed red, intent on getting back back at Inconnu soon. Meanwhile, Inconnu rode on his spaceship heading back to Earth, intent of starting "a new era" and having big plans in store; gloating to himself.

Inconnu Meets Ash

After somehow locating him, Ash spoke to Inconnu about potential jobs he had to offer. The two spoke for a brief amount of time before Inconnu handed Ash a contract. Ash signed the contract, becoming one of Inconnu's assassins. Inconnu then summoned and handed her a Dark Scythe to be her weapon and then departed; taking off inside of a dimensional hole and leaving.

Gandora, the Storm Dragon

One night in Chicago, it was dark out, being almost midnight and the cold air breezes, very little lights are on and there appears to be not much activity out, presumably. Then near an area filled with trees, some scutes peek out, then followed up by a reptilian head peeking out and walking slowly out of the area, walking oddly on all fours; it was Inconnu. Inconnu's eyes glowed brightly red, being the only part of him that sticks out well in the night, his tail moving back and forth slowly. He eyed the city of Chicago intently and thought to himself. Inconnu then put his front claw down on the ground, the ground then glowed red, creating a mysterious rune. Within seconds, the mysterious rune on the ground then glows red and opened up a portal.

Out from the portal came out the feared storm-making crystal dragon itself; Gandora. Gandora rose out from the rune surprisingly fast, given it's large mass and soared in the air with it's massive crystalline and serpent-like body; Gandora hovered over the night sky a bit, before then slowly turning it's head around, facing Chicago itself. It then flies over to it, roaring in anger. As Gandora flies towards, some storm clouds appear to follow with him, like a gathering storm. Inconnu stood by and watched his monster attack Chicago.

Following the defeat and destruction of Gandora, Inconnu stared into the fading skies, his red fireball-like eyes glowing a bit more and then turned around, traveling into a different dimensional hole and leaving the area.

Dark Revelation: Gomora vs. Biodorah

Inconny later appeared at Dundee, Scotland where he tracked down Sevengar and found him with Gomora. As he spotted them from afar, he then got ready on summoning one of his monsters to attack them. Right as Sevengar was about to leave though, then from out of nowhere, a bolt of acidic lighting came down, creating an explosion around Gomora and Sevengar.

A loud roar can then be heard, then the sight of three heads can be seen; an eerie echo can then be heard from the roars, before then it flew up and then landed down to the ground; it was Biodorah! Biodorah cackled and then landed down to where Gomora and Sevengar are at, making a heavy thud as it lands. Inconnu then appeared, smugly taunting Sevengar and Gomora. Sevengar and Gomora got defensive, and then Inconnu left them with Biodorah, taking off.

Following Biodorah's defeat, Inconnu then summoned Biodorah's particles to come follow him to his claws and then commented that the mission didn't go that bad at least, but now with Sevengar escaping, he now had to travel to where he was going, as he didn't want his secrets to be out. Inconnu then leaped and slashed his claws in the air, traveling into the portal and then disappearing.

Chicago Chaos II: Booker vs. Inconnu

Main article: Chicago Chaos II: Booker vs. Inconnu.

Passenger of the Plague

In his own dimension, Inconnu layed down, resting and curling his tail while his Naruton guards stood by and Burning Dragon was perched on his shoulder. Inconnu, wanting to get back at Booker for defeating him a while ago, stopping him from killing Sevengar and TripGoji, then decided to let lose a plague onto Earth by summoning one of his beasts, one being a giant rat monster, to go forth and wreak havoc on Chicago. Inconnu walked over and then summoned Harinezura, Inconnu then granted Harinezura powers from his eye beams, specifically, the ability to control rats. Inconnu assigned Harinezura to act out the mission; to which Harinezura accepted. A portal then opened up and Harinezura then entered inside of it, then heading out to Chicago. Inconnu then went back to his lair, letting Harinezura act out his mission.


Inconnu made another appearance where he looked from his dimension and saw Budapest. Feeling in the mood to wreck the city, Inconnu summoned Goreilla there to get rid of thousands of human lives. Goreilla accepted and arrived to Budapest, but before he could attack further, Komi arrived to stop him. Inconnu then headed back to his dimension and allowed Goreilla to do the rest of his work.

Athens Ambush

Inconnu made a brief appearance in Athens, Greece where he appeared from out of one of his portals. He took a liking to the city, but he nonetheless sent out one of his beasts to attack the city anyways. Inconnu then created a rune in the ground and then summoned the Hydra to attack. Inconnu watched the Hydra devastate Athens some more, before then taking off, heading back to his dimension.

Powered Gyaos

Inconnu made a brief appearance in the RP where he summoned out his newest creation, Powered Gyaos to attack Nagoya along with Harinezura. Inconnu commanded Powered Gyaos to attack, which then Powered Gyaos flew into Nagoya and fired down it's Powered Sonic Cutter down at some buildings. Harinezura then also appeared to assist the hybrid kaiju. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake as a monster suddenly bursts forth out of the ground and smashes into Harinezura's side; Gomora had arrived. Powered Gyaos then flew towards Gomora and and blasted icy breath at him. Gomora moved out of the way and charges forward, smashing head first into the monster. Inconnu would then watch the rest of the fight.

Following Powered Gyaos's and Harinezura's defeat, Inconnu eyes then turned black and then he faded aways, taking off for now.

Re-Awakening of the Ancient God

Some loud rumblings and earthquakes then began to occur lately in Inconnu's dimension. As Inconnu soon found out, Neo Orochi had come and challenged him. Inconnu then went down to his base to find a monster that he could use to summon to fight against Neo Orochi. Inconnu then looked around his barrier, which Gandora, Biodorah, Psycho Destoroyah, Hydra, Harinezura, Goreilla, [[[Powered Gyaos]] and King Godzilla. Inconnu then went with King Godzilla and the two headed out to New York City to combat his forces.

As Inconnu introduced himself to Neo Orochi, Inconnu then summoned a monster out from the clouds; wings could be heard flapping and then lighting and thunder can be heard, summoning down a giant monster, which then comes landing down, making a heavy thud, roaring from all of his heads, shaking the place a bit. He then fires out his Gravity Atomic Breath into the air and then beats his chest with his arms, roaring loudly to announce his presence. Then out from a portal, another new challenged arrived, ready to fight King Godzilla; it was MiraiGoji. Inconnu watched the fight between King Godzilla and MiraiGoji for a while, up until King Godzilla was slain by MiraiGoji.

Enraged, Inconnu then leaped and tackled Neo Orochi, only to be then thrown down to the ground by the eight-headed serpent. Not wanting further trouble with the beast, Inconnu then teleported aways, taking King Godzilla's energy with him and retreating.

Desu vs. Inconnu

Desu soon appeared in Inconnu's dimension where he came to fight him off and force him to surrender. Inconnu then floated upwards, blasting his Death-Force Beam at Desu, to which Desu then charged at Inconnu at incredible speeds. Desu then hurled his crystal katana at Inconnu, to which Inconnu then bashed his tail against it. Desu then reappeared and sliced his crystal katana against Inconnu's chest. Inconnu's eyes glowed red still, then slashes his claws at Desu; Desu then trapped Inconnu in some giant crystals, then blasting his corona beams at the crystals with Inconnu.

Inconnu was hit by the corona beams and then teleported outside of the crystals, summoning Hydra to fight off Desu. Following Hydra's quick defeat and losing one of his scutes to Desu, Inconnu then teleported aways, retreating into a different dimension so that Desu wouldn't follow him at.

Nemesis vs. Gokidon's Army

Inconnu made an appearance towards the end of the RP where he teleported Gokidon into his dimension. Inconnu asked how his mission went, to which Gokidon reported to him that he and all of his monsters had been beaten by Nemesis and Baron Bloodsport. Inconnu was not impressed on the fact that he had been given six monsters and was armed with a bazooka, but still failed to take down a single kaiju who was armed with nothing but the basics (according to Inconnu himself anyways). Gokidon stated that she was not as simple as he sounded, to which Inconnu then suggested then in that case, he should send Mechanical Raban to fight her and to do the next mission. Mechanical Raban then appeared, getting ready for combat.

As punishment for his failure, Inconnu then sentenced Gokidon to spend sometime down at the Monster Graveyard. King Godzilla then appeared and flew over, taking Gokidon away and then ripping open a portal, dragging him to the Monster Graveyard. King Godzilla then dropped Gokidon down below the Monster Graveyard, where Gokidon was greeted by several undead kaiju (of the many monsters killed in the past) and then ran for his life, screaming. As he saw Gokidon getting dropped down to the Monster Graveyard, Mechanical Raban told Inconnu that that seemed a bit extreme as they were just supposed to scare him, but Inconnu felt he was scared enough. Mechanical Raban then flew off, heading out to do his assigned mission. Inconnu and Burning Dragon then watched as Gokidon suffered some more within the Monster Graveyard before then leaving as well.

Desu vs. Inconnu Round 2

Inconnu later decided to go to the Monster Graveyard, this time to resurrect a monster that he felt that he could use for himself. In order to do this, Inconnu then summoned forth Mazaron Man and offered him to side with him; as he would be able to give him back an army and revive Mazarius. Mazaron Man agreed to do so, and then Inconny resurrected Mazarius. Inconnu then sent both Mazaron Man and Mazarius to Nara, Japan, where the two began to cause much terror. When Desu came back to fight back Inconnu's forces. During the battle, Inconnu then jumped in to the fight, kicking at Desu and then whipping his tail at him, followed up by firing his eye lasers down at Desu. Desu then got the upperhand and fought off Inconnu for a while, even beating down Mazarius and Mazaron Man along with.

Soon Desu transformed into his demon form and Inconnu teleported Mazaron Man and Mazarius away for later and then began to transform himself...Inconnu's eyes then flashed bright red, and Inconnu's belly and arms then widen, before then transforming into something else completely, with tendrils coming out everywhere and head largening, jaws looking more powerful. He begins to change more and more; Inconnu had become Divin Inconnu. Divin Inconnu slammed his tentacles at Desu, to which Desu then summoned out some giant red crystals towards Divin Inconnu to trap him. Divin Inconnu slammed his tentacles at the crystals, smashing them. A battle between the two broke out, with Desu kept summoning some crystals and Divin Inconnu to plow through them, until Divin Inconnu then summoned out his tentacles from underground and grappled at Desu.

Divin Inconnu then blasted his Divin Death-Force Beam while Desu was flying up in the air, but Desu then managed to fly out of the way just in time. Desu then fired an even more powerful beam, it literally pierces the other beam and nearly wipes out half of the city, the beam pierces a giant hole in Divin Inconnu's chest. Divin Inconnu regenerate the hole in his chest and continued to fight on, then Desu and Inconnu tore and slashed at each other, with Desu biting of a piece of Divin Inconnu's chest and Divin Inconnu tearing at Desu with his tentacles. Divin Inconnu then brought down his jaws on Desu and then fired his organic missiles. Desu however, then stabbed at through his back with a giant crystal, causing Divin Inconnu to explode from the inside. Divin Inconnu then fell over, making a big explosion and leaving a crater behind. Desu survived, as did Inconnu, who retreated into his dimension as a bunch of energy spores.

KyojinDesu vs. Psycho Destoroyah

Inconnu appeared briefly towards the end of the RP where he watched as KyojinDesu defeated Psycho Destoroyah and then his eyes turned jet black and fled the scene.


  • Genius Intellect: Inconnu is highly intelligent and logical, being capable of devising new, complex plans in case one fails and seemingly can never run out of plan.
  • Regeneration: Inconnu can quickly regenerate lost body parts, such as his arm, legs and eyes. Even if he is to be burnt to ashes or disintegrated, he manages to regenerate back into one piece. Interestingly enough, while regenerating tendrils will briefly come in and take their place before finishing regeneration and will lash against others like whips.
  • Death-Force Beam: Inconnu can fire a bloody-red beam from his mouth (similar to a Gojiran's atomic breath) that has a skull-like appearance and can cause major damage.
    • Death-Force Bolts: Inconnu can also fire out death-force energy balls from his mouth like fireballs and can be fired rapidly.
  • Eye Lasers: Inconnu can shoot lasers from his eyes, though they instead merely "punch" at foes in a more concussive attack instead of cutting.
  • Claws: Though Inconnu isn't much of a physical fighter; Inconnu has very sharp dark-colored claws on his fingertips that he can also extend to become like very sharp knives.
  • Shape-Shifting: Inconnu can shapeshift and alter his appearance at will.
  • Invisibility: Inconnu appears to be invisible to most, as he appears to be unseen by everyone, with the only exceptions being the Godzillans, Emperor Tazarus and his own crew.
  • Telepathy: Inconnu is capable of speaking though telepathically, even being able to speak to others from long distances.
  • Teleportation: Inconnu is capable of teleporting, being able to cross places over long distances and a very short amount of time. Whenever he does this, his eyes will turn pitch-black and then he will disappear.
  • Dimensional Travel: Inconnu can create dimensional holes in order to travel long distances.
  • Energy Consumption: Inconnu is able to absorb/devour energy and is main source of food.
  • Black Magic: Inconnu is capable of using the dark arts and can use it to levitate, create weapons, projecting force-fields or summon/conjure up monsters and entities such as his Naruton army and demons and send them into battle.
    • Force Fields: Inconnu can project red force-fields to shield himself from some attacks.
    • Power Granting: Inconnu can grant his monsters their own powers. Sometimes he can simply conjure up weapons to give them or shoot eye beams from his eyes and shoot these eye beams at his monsters, granting them their new powers.
    • Revival Wave: Inconnu can resurrect the dead. However this power isn't used much.
    • Monster Creation: Inconnu can conjure/create monsters.
    • Monster Summon: Inconnu also summon monsters via by creating runes on the ground. The runes will glow red when indicating a monster is coming and open up portals so that the monster can enter. These runes will disappear soon after the monster leaves the portal though, sometimes lasting a few minutes or a few seconds upon exiting.
    • Red Smoke: Inconnu can conjure up thick clouds of red mist to cover him up. This is not much of a weapon and is really more of a smokescreen.
  • Burning Dragon: Inconnu can summon in his pet flame dragon, Burning Dragon to defend him. Burning Dragon can send out powerful streams of fire and fly at high speeds.
  • Crawling: Inconnu is an excellent climber and can crawl on walls, buildings, other tall structures and mountains with ease.
  • Illusions: Inconnu can create several illusion duplicates of himself to be confuse his enemies. They can be taken down easily however and upon defeat they will vanish.
  • Levitation: Inconnu appears to be able to levitate and float in the air.
  • Heat Immunity: Inconnu appears to be immune to heat sources such as fire or lava; as he is able to have Burning Dragon perch on his shoulders and suffer no pain. However, he is still capable of taking some kind of damage from it.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Inconnu has enhanced endurance.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Inconnu has enhanced stamina.
  • Enhanced Vision: Inconnu has enhanced vision; being able to see from very long distances.
  • Enhanced Durability: Inconnu has enhanced durability. Despite his low physical combat skills, Inconnu is pretty durable and can take on some heavy hits.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Inconnu can jump up to very high lengths.
  • Enhanced Agility: Inconnu has enhanced agility; being very athletic.
  • Transformation: Inconnu can transform into his Divin Inconnu form at will.

Divin Inconnu

Divin Inconnu

  • Divin Death-Force Beam: Divin Inconnu can fire a more powerful version of his Death-Force Beam from his mouth and can destroy entire cities quickly and kill other monsters in only a few shots. It takes up a lot of energy to use however and as such, it can quickly drain Divin Inconnu of his energy, meaning that he wouldn't be able to use the form much longer and lessens his time in battle.
  • Enhanced Strength: Divin Inconnu is much more stronger than his normal for, being able to toss around many kaiju and break through giant crystal towers with ease.
  • Enhanced Durability: Divin Inconnu is more durable than his normal form and can take in many hard hits.
  • Telepathy: Divin Inconnu is still capable of using telepathy in this form.
  • Tentacles: Divin Inconnu has many tentacles all over around his body, which he can use to bash or strangle his enemies or constrict at them from far lengths aways.
    • Organic Missiles: Divin Inconnu can fire dark energy missiles from his tentacles. They are very explosive and can create powerful explosions that can send other kaiju flying miles aways.
  • Remote Teleportation: Divin Inconnu can teleport others away at will.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Divin Inconnu has even faster regeneration in this form, being able to quickly grow back missing limbs and blood.
  • Massive Jaws: Divin Inconnu has giant, massive jaws that he can devour three whole kaiju in his mouth with. He can also use his jaws to pick up other kaiju or bite.
  • Energy Spores: Similar to Biollante, Divin Inconnu whenever brutally beaten or severly injured can transform into a bunch of energy spores to fly into the air and escape.
  • Transformation: Divin Inconnu can transform back into his normal form at will.
  • More to be added...


  • Strength: Inconnu is not that strong of a physical fighter. His physical fighting skills are not that impressive, with his punches and kicks being not doing much and he often relies on his dark magic powers, long-range beam attacks and his henchmen to do most of the damage. 
  • Bright Lights: Inconnu cannot stand bright lights.
  • Slow Movement: In his Divin Inconnu form, Divin Inconnu is much more slower, to the point of being immobile.
  • Back: In his Divin Inconnu form, Divin Inconnu is sensitive in the back area.


Mhmmmm. „ 

— Inconnu

He's here... „ 

— Inconnu about Manto.

You have outlived your usefulness. From now on, I lead. „ 

— Inconnu to Tazarus.

Garbage Monster was a fool, and nothing more but a literal walking sack of garbage. He was not fit to lead an army. „ 

— Inconnu on Garbage Monster.

My Burning Dragon can't hold them off forever. „ 

— Inconnu convincing Gekido-jin to attack for the first time.

We should send in one of the most dangerous, feared, cunning, manipulative, foul, vulgar, savage and hated thing alive in this galaxy to help out our forces AND boost up our victories! I'm of course talking about the dreaded cloaked demon himself----Manto. „ 

— Inconnu speaking about Manto for the first time.

The gang's all here. „ 

— Inconnu

Now all you need to do is make a contract with me, that way you shall truly be one of my assassins. „ 

— Inconnu to Ash.

Nice try Kunin, but you'll have to try better next time. Oh wait, there will be no next time. „ 

— Inconnu to Kunin.

Enjoy this last hour you have while I summon this demon, Kunin. There's a reason I kept you around, as you see, I didn't want you to miss this. „ 

— Inconnu mocking Kunin during the summoning of Manto.

So you have a bazooka and six monsters with you; and you were defeated by one simple monster whose only weapons were the most basic tools of teeth and claws? „ 

— Inconnu to Gokidon.

He's scared enough. „ 

— Inconnu to Mechanical Raban, after being asked that Gokidon's punishment at the Monster Graveyeard was too much.


  • Originally Inconnu's character was far more simple and was not going to be have been a major character. Initially he would have been an evil clone of Zilla Jr. simply known as "Evil Zilla Jr. Clone" and would have been loyal to Emperor Tazarus (which was something that almost stick.) However, it was then decided by Gallibon the Destroyer that Inconnu would instead become a much more darker and serious villain.
    • Also originally the idea of him being the treacherous second-in-command was originally going to go to another character named Overseer the Great, but the Evil Zilla Jr. Clone idea and him were soon merged and later made into Inconnu.
  • His name in French means "unknown person or thing" or "stranger" in French. This is fitting, given his mysterious nature.
    • Amusingly enough, Inconnu is also the name of a breed of fish, which is ironic, considering that Jirans diet consists of fish.
  • Originally his name was not going to be Inconnu, but Gallibon the Destroyer could not think of any other names for him, so Inconnu was chosen instead.
  • He may possibly may not be a true Jiran, due to his bizarre behavior and abilities which are far different from the usual Jiran. What his true species could be however is unknown for the time being.
  • Inconnu was originally going to appear in the "TripGoji in Heck" and "Escape from Heck" RP plots, but he was cut out from both, as it was felt that he would have gave away too much and it wouldn't have made any sense for him to be there.
  • Inconnu's mouth never moves when he's talking. He uses telepathy (or a few characters have referred it to "thought speak") to talk to others. His mouth does move however when eating or drinking or firing his beam.
  • Inconnu has a low opinion on Ghidorahs, believing them to be nothing more than utter tools that are only useful for destroying cities or worlds. He believes that Ghidorahs on their own are stupid dragons who need to be controlled in order to be a serious threat.
    • Interestingly enough, he himself owns a Ghidorah-like beast, Biodorah. Whether he thinks the same on this monster is unknown. It should also be of note he was absent for Grand King Ghidorah's tenure with the Viledrodes.
  • Inconnu seems to walk on all fours most of the time, which is unusual, as Jirans tends to walk on two legs Though they can go on all fours, Inconnu's is more akin to a cat's.
  • Interestingly enough, most of Inconnu's monsters that he creates or deploys are either from mangas or comics.
  • Inconnu seems unwilling to swim or burrow, preferring to use dimensional holes as means of travel.


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