The Infant Island Clash was a battle that took place on July 3, 2014 on Infant Island.



Outcome: Tie. Shadowstorm, Haruka, and FoxMask leave the fight.

Ssurocard appears and challenges FoxMask to battle. Before FoxMask can respond, Ssurocard is stabbed. He falls down, and Okami Muto stands behind him, challenging FoxMask. AnonReaper and Shadowstorm tag with Okami, and Dracoruss and Haruka tag with FoxMask.

Okami fights with Haruka, Dracoruss battles Shadowstorm, and FoxMask clashes with AnonReaper.

Okami flirts with Haruka while fighting her, and they seem to be evenly matched. Dracoruss and Shadowstorm clash on Volcania.  AnonReaper and FoxMask battle in the sky, and the two are evenly matched also. Okami Muto later grabs Haruka and throws her in a lake. Haruka emerges, furious. She slashes Okami Muto with her whips, cutting his scar open again. She then slashes at Anon and Okami with her strongest ability, and Okami tackles Anon into a lake. Anon is furious at Okami Muto for dumping him in water, as he is weak to it, but continues fighting. FoxMask and Haruka later leave the fight and go into their base. Shadowstorm does the same.

Important events

  • Okami Muto returns.
  • AnonReaper's weakness is discovered.
  • Haruka is introduced.