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WolfMask, Birthgoji, Coyote Tango, PS4 Battra, Jay, Crystalleon, Obsidian, Cyber-Drakon, Komi, Neo Zardoris, Bloodvolk, Garbage Monster, Hangyolas, Gokidon, Kaijumancer Upgraded Gigan, Stuffing, Ottoman
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— Inferno DesGhidorah

Inferno DesGhidorah is a Role-Play Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Usually, DSG is a ruthless and sadistic pyromaniac. He's extremely aggressive and only has a bloodthirsty lust for destruction. Nothing but death will stop Inferno from doing what he does best; burning cities to the ground.

However, after his subsequent double-defeat and being shown mercy both times, Inferno DesGhidorah has become more doubtful of his actions. Maybe one day he'll finally be able to do the world some good, and not by dying, either.


Path of Destruction

A Rocky Start

DSG's backstory is unknown. Sometime, he joined Unleashed Spacegodzilla's army. He was present at the meeting between SpaceGodzilla and Zbrush SpaceGodzilla, and soon enough became a commander of SpaceGodzilla's armies.

Debut: The Battle of Osaka

Soon after, Inferno DesGhidorah participated in his first battle. After obliterating Nagoya and leaving it a smoldering ruin, Inferno moved on to Osaka and began to attack that city as well. However, the jaeger known as Coyote Tango appeared in Osaka as well, ready to kill the Ghidorah and protect Osaka.

Inferno DesGhidorah spat out a fireball at Coyote Tango, who caught it in his AT Field and threw it right back. but Inferno only seemed to be strengthened by it. Laughing, Inferno DesGhidorah bombarded Coyote Tango with three Lava Gout Energy Bolts. As Coyote tried to plunge his plasma blade into the Ghidorah's center head, Inferno flew upwards to avoid it and took to the air, flying about Osaka.

Inferno DesGhidorah sent hurricane winds at Coyote Tango, but the Australian jaeger stood his ground and bombarded Inferno with mortar rounds. Being damaged, the hellish Ghidorah spat Hell's Flame on Coyote Tango. Flying up through the flames, the jaeger was shoved back by a miniature tornado that Inferno had sent, only for it to be dispersed by a slash of his plasma blade. Inferno DesGhidorah next tried to pelt Coyote Tango with fireballs, but the giant mech blocked them all with his sword.

Inferno DesGhidorah launched three more lava balls at Coyote Tango, who cut through two and reflected the third back at the infernal Ghidorah with his AT Field. Strengthened by the reflected blast, Inferno DesGhidorah engulfed himself in flames and rushed at Coyote Tango, ready to burn the jaeger to scrap.

As the two rammed into eachother, two plasma blades buried themselves in Inferno DesGhidorah's necks. Using a Shock Pulse to remove the blades, Inferno bit Coyote with all three heads before sending a Red Electric Surge through them. Making a shockwave that knocked Coyote Tango back, Inferno DesGhidorah landed, ready continue the fight.

Inferno DesGhidorah picked up the pagoda and threw it at Coyote Tango, who cut it in half with his plasma blades. As Coyote Tango used a finishing move, magma erupted through the ground and engulfed both himself and the rival jaeger. After a short underground brawl, Inferno once again engulfed himself in flames before doing a fly-by attack on Coyote.

As Coyote slashed Inferno, the Ghidorah threw an ineffective building at the jaeger. Coyote used his finishing move, the Soul-Tearing Spirit Break: his plasma blades turned into four swords of AT energy. As Coyote stabbed Inferno, lava broke through the ground. Inferno DesGhidorah laughed and began to absorb it all.

Inferno DesGhidorah didn't realize his mistake until it was too late. The energy built up and imploded inside of him, making a huge explosion that leveled Osaka. Somehow, Inferno survived and fled Osaka.


Eventually, Inferno DesGhidorah reappeared. When Mima and Mugendramon attacked the city of Kyoto, Inferno DSG appeared to set the city ablaze. Eventually the three destroyed Kyoto, reducing the city to a pile of ash. He then flew to Yokohama, destroying the city in a matter of minutes, thanks to him setting himself on fire and barreling through the city at top speeds. He then quickly moved on to Osaka, destroying it with the two who had helped him before. After this, he was promoted to Armada Commander.

Milwaukee Showdown

Later, he battled PS4 Battra in Milwaukee along with ROE Orga. It started off easy enough, but then PS4 Battra went Celestial. Still confident, Inferno blasted Celestial Battra with fireballs, only to be scorched by a swarm of white energy bolts by the angelic moth. However, DesGhidorah was able to dodge, and blasted Celestial Battra with Hell's Flame.

Celestial Battra launched a white beam from his horn at Inferno DesGhidorah again, this time hitting his mark and knocking him out of the sky. Biting Celestial Battra, Inferno channeled a Red Electric Surge through his teeth before passing the moth towards ROE Orga. As ROE Orga pummeled Celestial Battra, the moth let out a white energy that sent Inferno flying right through a building and into the ground.

Celestial Battra pelted Inferno DesGhidorah with energy beams, causing him to scream in pain. Slamming his front legs into the ground, Inferno made Celestial Battra disappear in a fountain of lava with his Pyre Road attack. Meanwhile, Mecha-King Ghidorah had appeared, and started to battle intensely with ROE Orga.

As the two battled, Inferno DesGhidorah's body was flung over the two's heads. Slowly getting up, he began to battle with Mecha-King Ghidorah as ROE Orga switched targets to Celestial Battra. Eventually Inferno knocked out Mecha-King Ghidorah's right head, before taking down the left with Lava Gout Energy Bolts.

Mecha-King Ghidorah managed to drain Inferno's energy with a taser. As ROE Orga tried to take MKG down, Celestial Battra jumped in front, sacrificing himself. Mecha-King Ghidorah used his mechanical hand to electrocute Inferno DesGhidorah, but he managed to break free. Ready to flee, Inferno grabbed the unconscious ROE Orga and flew off, letting ZSG take care of the two opponents remaining in Milwaukee.

The Neo Empire

After this, his boss's army joined with Trahir, Crystalleon, and Obsidian to form the Neo Empire. He soon appeared in many NE battles, including when he blew up half of Monster Island during its invasion, and battling Jay when they took over America.

Soon however, the Empire was suddenly defeated many times after victories in Gensokyo, Japan (which he took a small part in), and China. Even after Trahir went berserk, however, he still stayed loyal to the Empire unlike his leader to get as much destruction as possible.

The Battle of Washington D.C.

As the Neo Empire crumbled, the good kaiju finally decided to take back the United States. As the entirety of it was quickly liberated, only one city remained under Neo Empire control: Washington, D.C. Powered down crystals were scattered across the city, abandoned by their former master, The Crystal Cavalier.

As a large group of good kaiju came to liberate the city from the Neo Empire, a commander known as Powerful appeared. He was very Powerful. The heroes fought him for some time without much interruption until two more villains appeared. The first was Big Dick, sending out white blasts of energy from his Machine Gun's head. Meanwhile, the crystals powered up again and glowed with energy as Commander Inferno DesGhidorah swooped in from above, laughing and raining down Lava Gout Energy Bolts and Hell's Flame from the sky.

As Neo Spacegodzilla appeared and fired a Corona Ray, Commander Inferno DesGhidorah unleashed his Fire crystal energy surge, dodging the beam and flying over the Kamen Riders who were battling against Powerful and Big Dick. As he rained down flames onto them from the air, Neo Zardoris jumped up and kicked (Fire!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah in the face. However, because of it knocking him back, a sword attached to a chain that was thrown at (Fire!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah from behind missed him and flew at Neo Zardoris instead.

As Neo Zardoris sent a beam of energy from his chest at (Fire!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah, the hellish enemy sent out a powerful stream of Hell's Flame from his maws that countered it. Suddenly, (Fire!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah stopped his beam, flying under his foe's energy blast and slamming into Neo Zardoris with incredible force.

As Neo Zardoris stood back up, punching (Fire!) Inferno DesGhidorah and slashing him with his forearm blades, an atomic beam also slammed into the Ghidorah from behind. Turning, the Neo Empire commander found himself face-to-face with BirthGoji. Both kaiju had a flashback at that point: BirthGoji finding a note attached to Inferno's torn off wing; Zbrush SpaceGodzilla strapping him to a table, saying how it won't hurt a bit; The Crystal Cavalier saying "You just need to convince them". As the flashback ended, (Fire!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah let out a fiery Shock Pulse that knocked both Neo Zardoris and BirthGoji backwards.


— Bloodvolk to (Fire!) Commander DesGhidorah

Distracted by BirthGoji's appearance, (Fire!) Commander DesGhidorah didn't see the sword-chain combo coming at him again until it stabbed itself into his side. Bloodvolk pulled (Fire!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah towards him, but the hellish villain used the momentum to is advantage, smashing into Bloodvolk and unleashing a massive blast of flames point-blank onto Okami M.U.T.O.'s son.

As Bloodvolk crashed into a building, another new arrival by the name of Cyber-Drakon launched a barrage of missiles at the crystal-powered Ghidorah. Suddenly, Commander Inferno DesGhidorah changed from orange to yellow as he blew up the missiles with Hell's Flame, unleashing his Electric Energy Surge. As Cyber-Drakon tried to burn him with lasers, (Electrical!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah sent it back with a strong electricity beam.

Next, (Electrical!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah rolled in mid-air to avoid the lasers and slashed Cyber-Drakon with electrified claws. Cyber-Drakon tried to counter with his electric-blades, but the energy was only absorbed. However, (Electrical!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah was suddenly knocked over as Komi appeared and hit him hard from behind with a Kangaroo Kick, surprising the Ghidorah. As the Kangaroo Kick connected, a hairpin crack appeared in (Electrical!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah's spine as he fell.

Meanwhile, the other two commanders had transformed, becoming the great and might Powerful Big Dick. But back to (Electrical!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah, who was now being assaulted while he was down. Bloodvolk launched darkness beams at him, Neo Zardoris slashed at him, it was a slaughter. Suddenly, roaring in rage and pain, (Electrical!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah let out a massive electric shockwave that knocked all of his opponents back.

Now, back to Powerful Big Dick. He exploded and died. Back to Cyber-Drakon and Komi. Cyber-Drakon now realized that he had found his mother at last. Stopping his bombardment of Inferno with missiles, Cyber-Drakon and Komi began to have a reunion, ignoring their foe.


My child?!


— A family reunion

However, Commander Inferno DesGhidorah wasn't near finished yet. Growling, the evil Ghidorah commander stood alone in this sea of heroes, and flickered with blue sparks of energy as he used his Speed Energy Surge next. Bloodvolk seemed to be the only one that noticed that Commander Inferno DesGhidorah still existed, blasting him with a Lunar Ray.

Sorry to interrupt! „ 

— (Speed!) Commander Inferno DSG to Cyber-Drakon and Komi

It all happened in a few seconds. (Speed!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah slashed across Komi's chest with fiery claws, leaped over her and slammed into Cyber-Drakon and turned, blasting Bloodvolk with Hell's Flame. As Komi tried to slash him, (Speed!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah was able to avoid most of them, grabbing Cyber-Drakon's mother and slamming her into a wall. As Cyber-Drakon charged with his electric blade, (Speed!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah grappled Komi again and hurled her right into it.

By the time I'm done, your son's going to need his whole body replaced with met- „ 

— (Speed!) Commander Inferno DSG to Komi

Bloodvolk's hooked blade stabbed into (Speed!) Commander DesGhidorah, splattering blood on the walls and buildings. As Bloodvolk pulled him in, the Neo Empire commander grabbed Cyber-Drakon and dragged him across the ground until he himself was sent back to the dirt when Bloodvolk did a vertical slash with darkness-infused claws. As Bloodvolk tried to dive-bomb him, (Speed!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah sent out a pulse of energy that slowed him down, rolling out of the way and letting Bloodvolk slam into the ground.

Suddenly, as the Ghidorah unleashed his Darkness Energy Surge, he was seized by telekinesis and thrown into a black chain that slammed him into the ground. Crystalleon and Obsidian, his former allies, had come to fight him. (Dark!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah enveloped the area in darkness as Obsidian made lava burst from the ground, avoiding an attack sent at him from BirthGoji and flying behind Crystalleon to slash him with flaming claws. As Birth sent a spiral ray at him, (Dark!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah ducked under it, letting another projectile hit the ray.

Meanwhile, two people aimed at (Dark!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah, both able to see in the darkness but unaware of each other. A massive projectile slammed into the Ghidorah's back, and immediately afterward another projectile, a bullet, slammed into the exact same spot as the larger projectile. As he staggered back from the projectiles, (Dark!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah was launched through the wall by Komi as she used her Stalingrad Fury, a move where Komi punches and kicks the enemy in their weak spots with amazing precision and power.

As Commander Inferno DesGhidorah was broken by the barrage of attacks, the darkness cleared as his Energy Surge wore off. As BirthGoji advanced on Commander Inferno DesGhidorah with a Spiral Ray and Komi used her Stalingrad Fury once again, the first figure jumped down and revealed himself as WolfMask, now in his White Shade form. However, a second shadowblood jumped down as well. WolfMask was shocked to realize it was another of his kind, this time being the graceful and prideful LionMask!

As Obsidian, Bloodvolk, and Cyber-Drakon tried to finish off Commander Inferno DesGhidorah, the crystals scattered throughout Washington, D.C. suddenly exploded, scattering their energy before flying into him. Roaring, Commander Inferno DesGhidorah let out a huge explosion that made a cloud of smoke, interrupting LionMask and White Shade WolfMask's introductions. Emerging from the cloud, (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah roared in rage.

As BirthGoji charged, (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah rammed into him with incredible force. As BirthGoji burned the Ghidorah with his red nuclear pulse, his foe burned BirthGoji right back with his own energy shockwave. His eyes turning red and bursting into flames, this new form of BirthGoji slammed his tail into one of (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah's heads, making a domino effect.

Meanwhile, LionMask charged in from the side, slashing (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah with his greatsword. Focusing on BirthGoji, (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah slashed New-Form BirthGoji with flaming claws and unleashed a massive blast of fire point-blank, leaving him open to other enemy attacks in the process. Taking advantage of this, LionMask did a flip-kick off of the Neo Empire commander's head, aiming his pistol at the Ghidorah's neck as he landed. Firing, the bullet went through all three of (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah's necks.

Meanwhile, New-Form BirthGoji's scutes turned bright crimson as he roared to the skies. LionMask distracted (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah this time by slashing with his greatsword, making the powerful enemy slash him with flaming claws and slam his tails into New-Form BirthGoji as he turned. Roaring in fury, Birth slashed his crimson claws across the hellish Ghidorah's face. As he unleashed his most powerful attack, the Crimson Spiral Ray, onto the opponents middle head, (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah picked up LionMask and tried to crush the shadowblood in his jaws.

However, Cyber-Drakon was able to knock the shadowblood out of his mouth. Obsidian and Bloodvolk's chains began to wrap around (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah as Cyber-Drakon used his lasers to make a hole. Next, Crystalleon used his crystals to make a cage that trapped (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah inside. As New-Form BirthGoji tried to send his Crimson Spiral Ray into the hole, Crystalleon grabbed and squeezed his throat from behind, preventing it from coming out.

Show your opponent some mercy. If you do not show them any, who says they will show any to you? „ 

— Crystalleon to BirthGoji

LionMask took out his pistol and shot it into (Critical Mass!) Commander Inferno DesGhidorah's jaw before backing off. White Shade WolfMask scorched the Ghidorah's back with a bright white beam, only to realize that he was already neutralized and returned to talk to LionMask. Commander Inferno DesGhidorah soon transformed back to normal, his powers gone and his crystals destroyed. Washington, D.C. was liberated at last.

The Comeback

In Northwest Australia, the kaiju Garbage Monster, Hangyolas, and Gokidon were all beamed down to cause some chaos. Kaijumancer Upgraded Gigan had also appeared and began to fight them. After a while, however, Inferno DesGhidorah arrived for his big comeback, setting himself ablaze and slamming into Garbage Monster.

Inferno DesGhidorah looked different from his last battle: his middle head and right wing were now crystallized, and a large shoulder crystal was sticking out of his left shoulder. Suddenly, a new challenger appeared: BirthGoji. His eyes narrowing, Inferno DesGhidorah roared as his shoulder crystal crackled with energy and the hydra blasted BirthGoji with Hell's Flame. As this happened, two more challengers, Kamen Rider Agito and Crocasaur, also appeared to defend Australia from the attacking monsters.

Roaring in fury, Inferno DesGhidorah sent fireballs BirthGoji and Garbage Monster's way. As Garbage Monster barely dodged, the hell-born Ghidorah slashed him with his claws. At the same time, Hetzer joined the fight and Zu-Gumun-Bas began to swarm in, only to perish as Agito went into burning form.

As Inferno DesGhidorah continued to claw into Garbage Monster, Burning Agito transformed into Shining Burning form. More Zu-Gumum-Bas appeared with Gormins as Garbage Monster blasted Inferno DesGhidorah with missiles, making him roar in annoyance and knock his opponent back towards Kaijumancer Upgraded Gigan with a Shock Pulse attack.

Meanwhile, Cyber-Zilla also appeared to do battle. Kaijumancer Upgraded Gigan kicked Garbage Monster towards Inferno DesGhidorah, who kicked him back towards the sender. However, Inferno DesGhidorah roared in pain as Hangyolas and Garbage Monster hit him with Debris Spit and Flame Breath. As Gokidon threw a boulder at him, however, Inferno DesGhidorah caught it and threw it right back.

Smashing Garbage Monster into a building, Inferno DesGhidorah got ganged up on by Hangyolas and Gokidon as well. Focusing on Garbage Monster, the evil Ghidorah flew past his two other opponents and threw the mecha into another building. Divebombing Garbage Monster, Inferno DesGhidorah laughed and flew past him, leaving to torch the rest of the cities they had been battling in.

Cliff-Top Rumble: Inferno Vs BirthGoji

On the edge of a cliff, BirthGoji watched the sky slowly move, waiting for something. As the sky darkened, BirthGoji found what he was waiting for as Inferno DesGhidorah soared towards him in the distance. As the Ghidorah landed behind him, BirthGoji's mouth flamed, ready to end this rivalry. Beginning the battle, BirthGoji sent atomic breath at Inferno DesGhidorah, who countered the blast with his Lava Gout Energy Bolts.

As the beams collided, atomic energy and fire were sent flying everywhere as the two energy attacks cancelled each other out. BirthGoji charged the hydra and bit into his shoulder, but Inferno DesGhidorah Shock Pulsed him off. Roaring, Inferno DesGhidorah bit into BirthGoji's arm and channeled a Red Electric Surge through it. Roaring in pain, BirthGoji slashed Inferno DesGhidorah across the face and kicked him away.

As Inferno DesGhidorah made the ground under BirthGoji split open and fill with magma, his opponent jumped forward and tackled the demonic hydra. Inferno DesGhidorah kicked him off and sent BirthGoji skidding off the side of the cliff, only to cling onto the edge. Roaring, BirthGoji fired his atomic breath right through the cliff to where Inferno DesGhidorah was standing, making the mountain crumble and burying them both in the rubble.

Snarling, Inferno DesGhidorah flew out of the rubble. BirthGoji soon emerged as well, jumping up and biting into the Ghidorah's middle, crystallized neck. As his opponent buried his claws into his shoulder, Inferno DesGhidorah bit BirthGoji's own neck with his left and right heads, channeling a Red Electric Surge through them. Snarling in pain, BirthGoji dug his claws into Inferno DesGhidorah's left head, only for Inferno to engulf himself in flames to burn BirthGoji and rake his claws down the Gojiran's chest.

His scutes glowing, BirthGoji made a nuclear pulse at the same time Inferno DesGhidorah unleashed a shockwave, knocking both kaiju back a good distance. Still standing, Inferno DesGhidorah skidded backwards as BirthGoji crashed into a building, progressing the battle to the city below. Sending his atomic breath at Inferno DesGhidorah, BirthGoji tried to sweep it to the hydra's wings, only for him to dodge and coat Birth in Hell's Flame.

Bursting out from the hellish flames, BirthGoji slammed his atomic breath into Inferno DesGhidorah's chest, hitting the hydra this time and knocking him onto his back. Moving in, BirthGoji slammed his massive foot into Inferno DesGhidorah's face before being sent flying back by a Shock Pulse. As BirthGoji charged, Inferno DesGhidorah triple-headbutted the Gojiran hero and assaulted him point-blank with Lava Gout Energy Bolts.

Roaring in pain and rage, BirthGoji punched Inferno DesGhidorah in the face and slammed his tail into the hydra's left head, dazing him for a bit. Continuing his attack, BirthGoji grabbed the hellish dragon's middle head and slammed him into the ground. Inferno DesGhidorah got up and blasted BirthGoji with Hell's Flame, now showing some visible wounds.

His face charred black, BirthGoji charged Inferno DesGhidorah, slashing the three-headed dragon's face with his claws and biting into his middle head. Taking this to his advantage, Inferno DesGhidorah flew up and divebombed, slamming BirthGoji into the ground. Getting up, a loud crack came from BirthGoji and his ribs began to heal. As he regenerated, BirthGoji was rammed into by Inferno DesGhidorah, making him skid back and bleed from the mouth.

Charging forward, BirthGoji raked his claws down Inferno DesGhidorah's middle head and kicked him hard in the chest. As he roared in pain, the demonic hydra grabbed BirthGoji with his tails and flew towards the cliff face. BirthGoji blasted Inferno DesGhidorah with atomic breath, but that was just what he wanted; BirthGoji was sent flying head-first into the cliff face, burying the Gojiran in rubble.

Cult To Follow - Leave It All Behind HD-1

Cult To Follow - Leave It All Behind HD-1

BirthGoji's Ascent

As Inferno DesGhidorah flew up, cracks appeared in the rubble and a Spiral Ray blasted out of it, slamming into the Ghidorah's wing. As he fell, Inferno DesGhidorah tried to use the momentum to slam into BirthGoji, but he dodged it. His claws igniting in red flames, BirthGoji raked them down Inferno DesGhidorah's side and kicked the evil three-headed dragon hard in the face.

Roaring in pure fury, BirthGoji sent Inferno DesGhidorah flying into the cliff face with a red Spiral Ray. As the powered-up Gojiran advanced on him, Inferno DesGhidorah's crystal began to glow. Hidden to BirthGoji, Inferno DesGhidorah had doubts about continuing the fight, remembering how the Gojiran had shown him mercy in the battle of Washington, D.C. However, he had to use the crystals he had gained to his advantage if he had to, and it didn't seem like BirthGoji was going to let up.

Flying out of the way of another Spiral Ray, Inferno DesGhidorah's wounds from the slashes began to be replaced by crystals. As the crystallized parts of his body and shoulder crystal surged with electricity as he used his Electric Energy Surge, Inferno DesGhidorah's eyes changed colors. Unknown by BirthGoji, The Crystal Cavalier had been watching the battle, and had finally been able to take control of Inferno DesGhidorah once he used his Energy Surge. The Crystal Cavalier knew what he had to do to defeat BirthGoji, and by controlling Inferno DesGhidorah he would be killing two birds with one stone.

As this happened, BirthGoji also transformed. His scutes burst into flame, his eyes turned from red to blue, and patches of red and blue covered his body. His rage off the charts, Atomic Flame BirthGoji charged (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah. The electrical hydra jumped over Atomic Flame BirthGoji, sweeping a strong electrical beam over him, and stopped the Gojiran's nuclear pulse with his own shockwave of electric energy.

The two pulses combined, blasting both combatants back. Skidding backwards, Atomic Flame BirthGoji sent a red Spiral Ray at (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah, who countered it with a beam of strengthened Hell's Flame and electrical energy. The two beams collided, making a shockwave. Atomic BirthGoji pushed his beam forward, trying to get dominance, but (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah pushed it back with his own willpower.

Atomic Flame BirthGoji's scutes blazed as he pushed the beam a bit farther, but (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah's shoulder crystal overloaded to push his own beam forwards toward the Gojiran once again. The flames around Atomic Flame BirthGoji suddenly formed his father, and the energy flowed into him, pushing the beam a great deal forward. However, (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah's eyes went completely white as The Crystal Cavalier took full control over him, and his corona ray was added to the mix to keep Atomic Flame BirthGoji's beam stationary.

The beams suddenly exploded, unable to handle this amount of energy at once, making a massive shockwave energy burst. (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah was blasted right through the cliff by the explosion, as did Atomic Flame BirthGoji. Both kaiju burst out of the rubble to resume the fight, with (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah glowing with white energy and his wounds being replaced with crystals.

Barfing up blood, Atomic Flame BirthGoji began to channel everything into a Spiral Ray; his dorsal scutes flashed red, blue, purple before ending at a bright pure white. As he fired his Born In Flames beam into (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah's own red, yellow, and white beam, he almost immediately reverted back into his normal form from how much energy he had put into the Spiral Ray.

(Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah could only hold it back for so long. The cliff breaking apart, BirthGoji's Born In Flames beam pushed forward and slammed into (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah. As (Electric!) Inferno DesGhidorah was hit by the beam, the entire cliff broke apart and burst into flames, collapsing in on itself and falling on both the demonic hydra as well as BirthGoji.

Ignoring the pain in his ribs and leg, Inferno DesGhidorah regained flight, almost as if he were making himself a target. Just to prove this, BirthGoji suddenly popped up, slamming Inferno DesGhidorah hard into the ground. With his claws at the hydra's throat, rage was all that controlled BirthGoji, ready to finish the Ghidorah off. Uncharacteristically, Inferno DesGhidorah didn't fight back, waiting for BirthGoji to finish him off.

This was where The Crystal Cavalier's plan came in. He knew that just trying to kill BirthGoji was too tedious, but he did know that if his rage got the better of him, he would be as good as dead in The Crystal Cavalier's eyes. Still in control of Inferno DesGhidorah, The Crystal Cavalier waiting, hoping for BirthGoji to murder the hydra.

But he didn't. BirthGoji calmed down, remembering what Crystalleon had told him back in the battle of Washington, D.C. Walking back, BirthGoji told Inferno DesGhidorah to rethink his life before wading back into the ocean. At this, Inferno DesGhidorah regained control of his body, his eyes turning back to yellow and blinking.

Back in his headquarters, The Crystal Cavalier turned off his monitor, the scowl on his face turning into a grin as he picked up his crimson-red blade and obsidian-black shield.

Path of Obliteration

Thansgiving Dinner

the turkey named Stuffing backtracked deep into the Ottoman Empire, his tribe now dead thanks to Mightyena. With everyone he knew gone, he had one goal left: to murder the rival turkey, Ottoman. Thankfully, Stuffing decided that Ottoman would be in his homeland and traveled there, guessing right and finding the realistic turkey waiting. This was it. The final (AKA second) duel. Little did they know, a Ghidorah was flying up high, watching them.

Stuffing pulled out his Cornucopia and sent a giant watermelon at Ottoman, who just roasted it with his flame breath. Ottoman flew at Stuffing, clawing into him. In response, Stuffing slashed Ottoman as well. The two then just brutally slashed each other for a while. In their ferocious combat, neither of the turkeys noticed a third opponent sneaking up from behind...

Hell's Flame roasted both Ottoman and Stuffing, knocking the two turkeys back. As they looked in awe, they found themselves face-to-face with Inferno DesGhidorah! Neither knew who he was, but they did know that he was not someone to mess with. They knew that because Inferno DesGhidorah then made a Fiery Pyre Road, making the ground beneath them split open and burst with magma.

Ottoman threw Stuffing into Inferno DesGhidorah, who blasted him with Lava Gout Energy Bolts. However, Ottoman wasn't safe either: Inferno DesGhidorah flew after the realistic turkey as he tried to run and grabbed hold of him, biting into Ottoman. As Stuffing got up, he was faced with a decision: save Ottoman, or run and save himself. Ottoman was facing the greatest humiliation of being eaten as Thanksgiving Dinner...

Stuffing made the decision and left both Ottoman and his time as a good being. Alone, Ottoman didn't stand a chance: Inferno DesGhidorah roasted and burned him to death. Stuffing's rival was dead, but in turn he had become just as bad as Ottoman.


  • Lava Gout Energy Bolts - Inferno DesGhidorah can spit Lava Gout Energy Bolts from all of his heads. These red energy bolts do regular energy damage, but can knock foes back a good distance.
  • Shock Pulse - Inferno DesGhidorah has the ability to emit a shock pulse of red energy. This doesn't deal much damage, but knocks back enemies a far distance, making it good for getting Inferno out of bad melee situations or being ganged up on.
  • Fiery Pyre Road - Inferno DesGhidorah is able to do a Fiery Prye Road by causing the ground to split open and release flames from within the earth.
  • Flame Absorbtion - Inferno DesGhidorah can absorb all fire and magma energy to increase his strength.
  • Hurricane Winds - Inferno DesGhidorah can create hurricanes and tornadoes by flying at high speeds.
  • Flight - Inferno DesGhidorah is able to fly at high speeds of up to Mach 12.
  • Shockwave - Inferno DesGhidorah can unleash a Powerful Shockwave released from all over his body. This attack doesn't launch enemies as far back as the Shock Pulse does, but it deals much more damage
  • Red Electric Surge - Inferno DesGhidorah can send a Red Electric Surge through his bites to deal energy damage as well as piercing damage.
  • Earth Manipulation - Inferno DesGhidorah can manipulate the earth around him and the magma inside of it.
  • Hell's Flame - Inferno DesGhidorah can spit Hell's Flame from his maw. This attack deals the most damage out of any of Inferno's regular attacks.
  • Resistance - Inferno DesGhidorah can make his scales more resistant to damage at the cost of his speed.
  • Crystal Energy - Inferno DesGhidorah has a large crystal on his shoulder that provides him with the abilities of the Power Surge crystals.
  • Crystallization - Inferno DesGhidorah's middle head, right wing, and part of his main body are encased with crystals, making them more resistant to energy attacks.

More to be revealed...


  • DSG can be overloaded if he absorbs too much energy.
  • It is assumed that DSG will lose his power if his shoulder crystal is destroyed, just like other kaiju with them do.