Inspector Cypher
Used by
Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider OOO
SquidMask (archenemy)
FlamingoMask, Densetsu, Plissken, Drunkatron, Beachcomber, Harigojira, Carnage, Vizel, Shungushin Genji, Venom
7'6" (Normal)
65 meters (Kaiju)
Space Police
Halt! You're under arrest! „ 

— Inspector Cypher


— Inspector Cypher declaring his determination to hunt down and arrest SquidMask.

You...your going downtown. „ 

— Inspector Cypher

Inspector Cypher (インスペクタサイファー, Insupekutasaifā) is a veteran intergalactic detective and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Inspector Cypher is a very well known and respected Viledrode officer who takes full dedication to his job; he takes his job very seriously but is also bumbling and can be a bit impulsive at times; most likely due to his high sense of honor. He is also highly offended when somebody tries to bribe him. He has a very intense dislike towards criminals and is very eager to arrest them, but he is not to go so far as killing them, as he finds killing to immoral, only unless if a criminal is very, very depraved. 


Debut: Inspector Cypher vs. SquidMask

After the deal with Grand King Ghidorah was made, Emperor Tazarus contacted Inspector Cypher to meet up with him shortly. Two weeks later, Inspector Cypher finally showed up to Tazarus. Tazarus assigned Inspector Cypher to arrest the Shadowblood known as SquidMask, as he had infiltrated their homeworld and hijacked one of their ships (little did they know it was actually Nui disguised as SquidMask but they don't know that.) Inspector Cypher gladly accepted Emperor Tazarus's offer to arrest SquidMask and quickly went to work on the case.

While SquidMask was attending to his lifestyle at home, he was then intercepted by a group of Viledrodes. The leader of this group turned out to be Inspector Cypher himself. As Inspector Cypher was about to arrest SquidMask, a group of minotaurs that SquidMask owned came out to try to attack. Startled, Cypher ordered his men to shoot at the minotaurs. However as it turned out, the minotaurs were actually a ruse as for they were actually holograms, giving SquidMask enough time to escape.

Enraged, Inspector Cypher ordered his men to open fire at SquidMask but to not kill him. SquidMask then took off onto their spaceship but once they got up to him, they too found it he was actually just a hologram and escaped from them. The SquidMask hologram then exploded on some of the Viledrodes, blasting some away. Inspector Cypher vowed that he would soon capture SquidMask and he would not rest until he did so. Inspector Cypher then walked off to cool down.

Hunt for SquidMask

From Out of Nowhere

Inspector Cypher continued his quest to hunt down and arrest SquidMask the next day when he had found SquidMask with Quet at a town in New Mexico. He ordered his men to beat up both SquidMask and Quet, but it was there he had found out what SquidMask also was part Fangire (or at least, so he had been told). After all his men had been defeated, he opted to go fight SquidMask himself. He also claimed to be prepared for such occasion to fight a "Fangire" by his methods: a garlic necklace, wooden stakes and a bottle of holy water.

These were proven to be not only the wrong ways, but also ineffective. As Cypher dueled SquidMask some more, he was then intercepted by Tulak and then kicked into another building. As Cypher got back up, SquidMask had already taken off. He was then also briefly intercepted by Dimentio, but he manged to escape. Afterwards Cypher went back to his ship (which resembles a futuristic hovering police car) and took off. However there was a not on the steering wheel written by SquidMask that had said that the steering wheel was now covered in glue. Angered, Inspector Cypher cursed and then continued to take off.

Brief Interception 

After his second attempt of capturing SquidMask failed, Cypher then head off to Australia to investigate the whereabouts on a suspicious damaged convoy. He brought along with him a group of Viledrodes to investigate the convoy and inside had found "Den". There, Cypher and the Viledrodes fought of "Den", but "Den" put up one hell of a fight, taking down all of the Viledrodes sans Cypher head on. As Cypher got ready to combat "Den" again, Graniel showed up causing "Den" to leave.

Graniel then left as quickly as he came. Inspector Cypher then muttered to himself and ordered the remaining Viledrodes to pick the mess. Inspector Cypher then left.


Inspector Cypher resumed his chase with SquidMask, starting off with one of his briefest chases with SquidMask yet. While a naked SquidMask ran away from an exploding car, Inspector Cypher and a few of his fellow Viledrode officers found him in an alleyway and tried to capture him. Inspector Cypher also said that it was him that caused that exploding car to chase SquidMask as a distraction. However SquidMask managed to get pass through the guards and set down an explosive and vanished away with a smoke bomb. Cypher and his men were able to escape, but they were unable to capture SquidMask again.

Close Call At Victoria, BC

Inspector Cypher awaited at a bar in Vicotria, BC, scanning through his notes on SquidMask some more, when the door to the bar was kicked open. Out of the broken door was Plissken, a notorious terrorist. Though he seemed to find Plissken's presence odd, he seemed unfazed by him all. There at the bar though, he found SquidMask once again, but this time, he had discovered SquidMask's weakness" women's shoes! After Plissken through the shoe at SquidMask, SquidMask was knocked out cold. Cypher then rushed towards SquidMask and cuffed him. Right when Cypher began to gloat, Lawyer SquidMask showed up to demand the release of his client.

Both Cypher and Plissken brought up that SquidMask had been involved in many crimes and illegal activities. But then the unexpected happened: SquidMask had sawed off his own hand from the cuffs to escape! Cypher than lost his cool and ordered to the Viledrodes (who were disguised as bar patrons) to go after him. After a brief chase though, SquidMask then swam away in the sea making his escape. Cypher and the Viledrodes were now unable to catch him and Cypher screamed out in rage. Cypher then ordered the rest of them to swim back to shore and leave.

A Tale of Two Kongs

Sometime later, Inspector Cypher was given two of his very own "kaiju" straight from Japan given to him by some Viledrodes. Once the two kajin were released from their crates he discovered that they were two gorillas---EdoKong and WaseiKong. Inspector Cypher was hoping for something more but figured that they would do nonetheless. Inspector Cypher ordered the two Kongs to go find SquidMask and capture him so he could finally arrest him; and he promsed them that if the two Kongs were to succeed in capturing SquidMask, they would be greatly rewarded. The two Kongs then took off to find SquidMask. However, SquidMask appeared near behind Cypher and tied his shoes together, causing Cypher to trip and fall over. Cypher then ordered his group of Viledrodes to chase after him (SquidMask.)

After finally getting his shoes undone, Cypher went outside to help out EdoKong and WaseiKong, only for the flying Kongs to fall and land on top of him. Once the two Kongs got back up, they took Cypher away with them, retreating. 

A Typical Chase

Inspector Cypher showed up along with Copdrodes in a city to take down Plissken. He searched everywhere for the criminal, but also ran into SquidMask, his mortal enemy who tried to screw around with his shoes again, but this time Cypher had come prepared as he wore zipper-type shoes instead. Cypher then ranted on why he though SquidMask was a terrible person and he was initially going to arrest SquidMask for only 5 years, but beings SquidMask had killed some of his men and pulled even more illegal actions during then, he then wanted to send him prison for 25 years.

SquidMask and Cypher then got into a duel, which ended up SquidMask winning though, as he bashed Cypher repeatedly with a building. Cypher survived the ordeal though and then managed to walk his way into his vehicle and clumsily flew away. He swore he'd be back.

New York Duel

Inspector Cypher arrived in New York to arrest both two Cybertronians named Drunkatron and Beachcomber because of drunk driving, selling illegal crysmag and generally disturbing the peace. Inspector Cypher then ordered the two to be sent to Mini-Con Prison for a month (as the main Autobot/Decepticon Prison was full), much to Drunkatron and Beachcomber's displeasure. 

As Cypher was driving away though; he spotted SquidMask outside and drove on after him. Inspector Cypher then stepped out his vehicle and attacked SquidMask, intending to battle him and afterwards arrest him. He fought against SquidMask valiantly, but he was soon defeated by SquidMask's Ultimate Drill attack, that sent Inspector Cypher flying away, defeating him. Cypher then crawled aways, badly damaged.

The Wrath of Harigojira

Months later, Inspector Cypher went under new upgrades and enhancements in order to better combat against criminals such as SquidMask. Cypher spent some alone time in a darkly lit room, a record player began playing from the other side of the room as he was drinking wine. Inspector Cypher then gradually got his gear ready to go; as he was then ready to go out and head to Fukuoka; as trouble was brewing there. Cypher then got on his futuristic motorcycle and then drove off.

On his way to Fukuoka though, he was then met by another motorcycle that was coming close to him. The motorcycle appeared to be the Wolf Hybrider, WolfMask's motorcycle. Inspector Cypher then hit the brakes and then turned his motorcycle around to face the newcomer; it was WolfMask. WolfMask stopped his vehicle and then got up and walked towards Inspector Cypher; as he had a few questions to ask him. WolfMask asked if Cypher if he was the a hero who protected the innocent and punished the evil; to which Cypher said yes he was.

After a few more talk; WolfMask then asked Inspector Cypher if he chose or if he was accepted to be good; as Cypher had previously stated he was built to be an officer. Cypher then said he chose to be a Copdrode, which had left WolfMask in awe; he was glad to hear that he (Cypher) chose to be good. Cypher agreed, but then said he had to go as a criminal monster known as Harigojira A.K.A The Needle Hell Monster had crash-landed at Fukuoka. WolfMask asked if he could help, but Cypher said that he could take care of it. WolfMask understood and then drove off, also saying that if he ever needed him, he would always be available. As WolfMask drove off, Cypher then got back onto his motorcycle and then drove off to Fukuoka.

Inspector Cypher then arrived to Fukuoka on his motorcycle and joined in on the madness, then growing into kaiju size to combat against Harigojira. With Inspector Cypher now joining in on the madness, he began to list off Harigojira's crimes and pulled out his Impulse Magnums, FlamingoMask then turned towards the two. Inspector Cypher looked at FlamingoMask and recognized him from the past and then told off FlamingoMask that he was under arrest to; for assisting a major criminal like SquidMask and for trying to crush him that day with the two Kongs. FlamingoMask tried to explain himself, but it was no use.

Before FlamingoMask and Inspector Cypher could carry on with their conversation though; Harigojira then shot his am cannon at Cypher, enraging Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then got out his Impulse Magnums and opened fire on Harigojira. Harigojira was able to endure the Impulse Magnums's fire though and shot back at Cypher and FlamingoMask with his arm cannon, sending needles flying all over the area. FlamingoMask then got up and swung his Wrecking Flail and used it to deflect Harigojira's needles back at him. Harigojira in retaliation then leaped up and tackled at FlamingoMask, slashing at his left shoulder, causing FlamingoMask to bleed shadows on his right shoulder.

Inspector Cypher then got back up and then fired his visor beam at Harigojira; but Harigojira acted quickly and grabbed FlamingoMask and used him as a shield, causing FlamingoMask to get hit by Cypher's visor beam instead. Harigojira then tossed FlamingoMask aside and then threw him at Cypher, causing them both to collide. As Cypher and Harigojira continued to battle each other, FlamingoMask then got back up and then concentrated, gathering up some light energy and then performing a flying kick at Harigojira, performing his "Flamingo Kick" against him. Harigojira was then defeated by FlamingoMask's attacks and then was cuffed and arrested by Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then after finishing arresting Harigojira then turned around to face FlamingoMask, only to realize that FlamingoMask wasn't there anymore; he had escaped.

FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and then flew off quickly, now in a hurry to escape as he was already suffering some bad injuries from Harigojira and did not want to get caught by Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then reverted back to normal size also and quickly joined pursuit to chase after FlamingoMask. After much chasing even through a tunnel, FlamingoMask then flew high in the air and managed to escape from Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher attempted to chase him some more, but ended up driving off a cliff and then dived into a passing garbage truck.

Inspector Cypher vs. Carnage

Sometime later, Inspector Cypher went down to someplace in North Dakota to stop the rampage of the murderous symbiote Carnage. Inspector Cypher drove in and stopped Carnage from axing a boy's head off, but now Carnage was pissed off that he (Cypher) had ruined his kill. Carnage then rambled on that he was some sot of chaos incarnate and that Cypher couldn't stand a chance against him. Inspector Cypher heard enough of it and then got out his Impulse Magnums, opening fire at the symbiote.

Carnage dodged the rounds and then performed a kick against Cypher's back, sending Cypher flinging back against a wall. Cypher got back up and threw a brick against Carnage; only for Carnage to reflect the brick with his arm, shoving his elbow deep into his chest. Cypher was not amused and in retaliation fired his Visor Beam at Carnage, causing Carnage to fall down, steam emitting from his face. Cypher then shot another Visor Beam at Caranage but this time Carnage jumped over it elegantly, immediately smashing his fist into Cypher's face, proceeding by punching him upwards.

Carnage then roared frighteningly, his mouth wide open, about to land as he prepares to kill Cypher if he doesn't roll over. Cypher then rolled over fast, firing his Impulse Magnums at Carnage's mouth; Carnage screamed, holding his mouth. Carnage extended his arm, impacting into Cypher as he crashes through several stores in a row. Cypher was sent flinging back, smashing against glass windows and through those stores. Carnage then leaped forwards in an extremely high speed at Cypher, followed up by kicking him (Cypher) against another wall. Carnage was enjoying his beatdown against Cypher.

Inspector Cypher then leaped up and performed a flying kick against Carnage; sending Carnage to impact against a pole. Even as he was hurt, Carnage laughed disturbingly. Cypher ran up and then bashed his nightstick against Carnage over and over. A red glow emitted from Carnage's cheek, as the symbiotic biomass squealed very lightly, before it reforms around his cheek. Carnage spoke about how great it was to feel the pain; which Cypher was where found him to be more insane than he initially thought he was. Carnage just laughed and laughed...

Inspector Cypher then crouched down and fired his Detainment Ray at Carnage. As the Detainment Ray was reaching Carnage, Carnage then leaped up away from the beam, disappearing from the scene. It seemed that Carnage had left...up until Carnage then reappeared growing giant grows giant, roaring and laughing to the entire city.

You've become a boring nuisance, cop! I'll just mow right over you! „ 

— Carnage

Inspector Cypher then grew to giant size as well, in order to defeat Carnage. Cypher walked up to Carnage; Carnage was growing bored of Cypher's presence and wanted to kill him already, so he shapeshifted his right arm to an axe, slams it down to Cypher's face. However Cypher grabbed the axe with both arms, kicking at Carnage's stomach. As Carnage landed down to the ground, he suddenly sat up, clenching his fists as his arms fly up in the air, as gigantic tentacles start swarming the city and harming it, literally going everywhere.

Inspector Cypher fired a strong blast of Visor Beam at Carnage, sweeping it at his tentacles. Carnage roared angrily, the tentacles all swarmed at Cypher, hitting him. Cypher was attacked by the tentacles bad, but he didn't want to go down without taking down Carnage. Cypher managed to get out one of his Impulse Magnums and repeatedly shot at Carnage with his gun. Carnage screamed loudly, as the beam hits him repeatedly; Carnage suddenly minimized, as the tentacles went away. Debris and damage filled everywhere, Carnage was nowhere to be seen.

Cypher then changed back into normal size, seeing that Carnage was taken care of. As Cypher was making his way though, the echoing words... "Death, death, death, death" could heard coming from the background. Suspicious, Cypher looked around to see where they were coming from, only then all of a sudden Cypher was trapped in a headlock. Carnage appeared one last time to give Cypher a warning while he shapeshifted his right arm into a jagged blade, pressing it at Cypher's neck. Cypher struggled to break free and beat up Carnage, Carnage then threw Cypher against a brick wall and then ran away, changing back into his human form and escaping. Cypher got back up and tried to chase him, but then found he out he got away. Cypher then walked aways and got back onto his motorcycle, driving away.

The Arrival of Vizel

Inspector Cypher returned back to Japan in Yokohama to combat against a space criminal known as Vizel who had arrived there to wreak havoc and fight a warrior from Earth. Cypher arrived onto the scene riding on his police motorcycle and then leaped down, drawing out his Impulse Magnums in case. Vizel then introduced himself to Cypher and went on for a while on saying why he had arrived to Earth and how fearsome of an opponent he was. Cypher quickly found Vizel to be very arrogant and somewhat full of it, but nonetheless he accepted Vizel's challenge. Cypher then got into battle position; prepared to fight against Vizel.

Cypher then charged at Vizel, punching at his chest; however Vizel saw this attack coming and then flew back, skidding back from the attack unharmed. Cypher then leaped at Vizel, punching and kicking against him. Vizel was hit, but then flipped upwards and bashed his foot against Cypher's head. Cypher then turned around and then fired his Visor Beam at Vizel, hitting Vizel full-force. Cypher took out his Impulse Magnums and then opened fire at Vizel; but Vizel thought ahead and shot multiple finger beams of moon energy at Cypher.

Cypher leaped away from the beams, but then Vizel suddenly flashed forward, elbowing Cypher in the face, twice the amount of his former elbow attack, as if he just got stronger. Cypher got back up and then fired a stronger version of his Visor Beam at Vizel, however this time Vizel just absorbed energy, to which Cypher thought to himself that admittedly wasn't a good idea for him to do. Vizel and Cypher then both leaped at each other, punching and kicking at one another, their assaults creating small ripples.

Cypher performed a spinning kick against Vizel, but Vizel then used his super speed to avoid the incoming kick, appearing again and impacting his knee into Cypher in the back. Irritated, Cypher then blasted his Detainment Ray at Vizel. However, Vizel got out of the way of the Detainment Ray and then reappeared next to Cypher and blasted a wave of lunar energy at Cypher, sending Cypher crashing against a wall.

Having taken a lot of damage, things were looking bad for Cypher, but he still refused to give up. Cypher got back up and then fired a powerful Detainment Ray at Vizel and creating a massive explosion. At first it seemed like Vizel was done before, but then Vizel reappeared, much to Cypher's displeasure. Vizel's body glowed white and electrical, as Vizel glows a massive amount of lunar energy into his body. Vizel then performed his last attack, the Lunar Kick, against Cypher, badly damaging Cypher. Vizel admitted that Cypher put up a good fight and then left Cypher be, heading back to his aircraft and then taking off. Cypher rolled over and sighed, his visor briefly flashed bright red. Cypher later took off and went elsewhere...

Cypher and the Two Kamen Riders vs. the Robot Oni


The Symbiotic Darkness vs. The Intergalactic Cop of Justice: Determination Unleashed


Abilities & Arsenal

  • Electrokinesis: A standard Viledrode ability.
  • Enhanced Strength: Inspector Cypher is very strong.
  • Enhanced Durability: Inspector Cypher is very durable.
  • Martial Arts: Inspector Cypher is highly skilled in martial arts.
  • Size-Shifting: Inspector Cypher can grow into kaiju size to combat against larger scale threats.
  • Visor Beam: Inspector Cypher can fire out a beam of hot plasma from his visor.
  • Impulse Magnums: A pair of laser pistols and Inspector Cypher's preferred weapon of choice.
  • Nightstick: Inspector Cypher's main melee combat weapon, a nightstick made up of solar energy used to bash against his foes.
  • Detainment Ray: A Specium Ray-esque attack that can be used to detain enemy monsters. It is used to defeat criminals and monsters.
  • Energy Cuffs: Inspector Cypher's most used device, the Energy Cuffs. They are used to cuff and detain any criminals. They glow in a bright green hue and appear to be able to stretch out and they are often also used for long ranged attacks.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Arresting criminals
  • Doing his job
  • Snow
  • Coffee


  • SquidMask
  • Criminals
  • People trying to bribe him
  • Vandalism 
  • Theft 
  • People breaking the law in general


I've taken down plenty of criminals and alien freaks like you, you don't need to tell me what to do. „ 

— Inspector Cypher to SquidMask.

Indeed it is. Now begone demon. „ 

— Inspector Cypher's answer to SquidMask's "Is that garlic" and before he sprays SquidMask with holy water.


— Pretty much when everytime Cypher fails to capture SquidMask.

You two! Find SquidMask and bring him to me! But no killing, please. „ 

— Inspector Cypher ordering WaseiKong and EdoKong.

If you want to fight, I'll give you a fight. „ 

— Inspector Cypher

Halt in the name of the law! „ 

— Inspector Cypher


  • Originally Inspector Cypher was supposed to be an assassin who would have been hired to eliminate SquidMask, but he was changed to be a detective instead.
  • Inspector Cypher was also originally going to have a "mouth" but it was scrapped as it looked to surreal.
  • His visor is not actually his real eyes. What his real eyes look like have yet to be seen.

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