— Iori-B, screaming.

Blood Clone I
Used by
Kyo-B, more unknown
Human (clone)

Iori-B (イオリB, Iori B, full name Iori Dash Blood, Iori Type Blood, or Iori Blood) is a Iori Yagami clone that hails from an alternate KOF timeline. He is made from M.U.G.E.N. He is used by Gojiran.

Front Information

Iori-B is a extremely powerful and unique Iori Yagami clone from an alternate KOF timeline, who is created by Gustab Manchausen, the leader of his own NESTS-like organization. He was created at the same time that Kyo-B was made, who was a clone of Kyo Kusanagi, and was just like Iori-B. These two clones are known as the Blood Clones, as the two clones were organized in a clone category of themselves that Gustab had made. The two clones were meant to be strong allies and of course, under Gustab's wing, but they developed a strong hate for each other and quickly became complete enemies, unlike the original Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami.

This led to Kyo-B and Iori-B disobeying Gustab's orders, and sought out on their own, alone. Like Kyo-B, Iori-B appears in rather mysterious, shady and unknown places in the KOF universe, with intents unknown. But he is highly mysterious and most of his recent history is unknown, so there's not enough to know about him completely.



At some point, the villainous Gustab Manchausen, with his clone monopoly going on, decided to create two unique Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami clones each. Gustab Manchausen knew the existence of Nameless, who was the 9,999th K' clone, as well as the final K' clone. While he wanted nothing to do with him, Nameless' altered fire was inspiration for creating both Kyo-B and Iori-B. Gustab examined his fire, which was blood-red. Gustab then gathered the DNA for his Iori Yagami clones, and created a Iori Yagami clone soon after. He modified the clone's attire, all except for the white-colored areas and his black shoes to be a youthful scarlet.

Gustab, lastly, modified the Iori clones' flames. As with all the Iori Yagami clones, Iori-B's flames were somewhat difficult to change, since he still had the infected Yasakani-flames and Yagami bloodline in him, that hailed from Orochi. However, Gustab simply followed his usual formula for modifying Iori clones, and successfully changed the flames without any relation to the Yasakani changes to the Yagami clan, and Orochi. After Iori-B's memories and behavior of Iori Yagami were erased, Gustab released Iori-B as well as Kyo-B. As the two were finished, they became one of Gustab's "special fighters", and the two did become allies. However, as mentioned before, Iori-B and Kyo-B developed a rivalry for each other because they were so similar, and were essentially counterparts. It started as light, then intermediate, and then intense - before it got so bad that they became complete enemies. Iori-B and Kyo-B fought each other various times, with their last battle resulting in the two seriously injured. Iori-B and Kyo-B left Gustab's base, which made the two no longer consider Gustab their master and parted ways.

Current Whereabouts

Like Kyo-B, Iori-B sought out on his own alone to shady and unknown places in Japan. Few fighters have encountered him to prove his existence that there is a special "Iori Yagami" clone around. It lead to Iori Yagami hearing the existence of this clone, saying that he may find the clone himself and end him, as he is sick of clones of him existing in the first place. If the clone encounters him, then he says he will end him right there. As mentioned before Iori-B lurks in shady and unknown places in Japan, and doesn't appear to be in regular places at all - unlike Kyo-B, who can rarely lurk in regular areas.


Iori-B stands at 6'0. His hair is a slightly darkened scarlet, and has a slightly different hairstyle than Iori Yagami's, appearing to be slightly longer and thicker. The hair causes him to have a black shadow on his forehead, and has glowing red eyes seeping through the darkness of his forehead. His skin color is noticeably darker than Iori Yagami's, appearing slightly chocolate.

Iori-B wears Iori Yagami's usual attire, before KOF XII-XIV. All of the areas, except for the white, yellow, and black areas on his body have been changed to a slightly dark scarlet.


Like Kyo-B, Iori-B has a very shady and mysterious personality. He was a villain under Gustab's wing, and still seems to suggest so. Unlike Kyo-B, he purposely looks for other fighters (which leads in hopes of finding Kyo-B) so that he can battle them and kill them out of pure pleasure and enjoyment, something the original Iori Yagami wouldn't do. Like Kyo-B, Iori-B is willing to kill anyone or anything if they bother him in the slightest of ways. When he considered himself no longer allied to Gustab and his forces, he felt that he was free to do anything he pleases and couldn't give a care if Gustab or his forces thought otherwise. He is eager to look for Kyo-B, as he has fantasies of murdering him, ridding him completely once and for all.

Iori-B also seems to suggest a sadistic side to his personality. He loves giving pain and discomfort to anyone, and is willing to pull it to the extremes. Iori-B is more insane than Kyo-B is, screaming consistently in battle. It's almost to the point that he can't contain his sanity.

Iori-B is less aware of the fact that he is a Iori Yagami clone, as there were not enough Iori clones for Iori-B to consider himself a clone. However, even if he is, he has no problem accepting the fact that he is a clone. Even if he is a clone, unlike Kyo-B, Iori-B is not interested in establishing himself as Iori Yagami, believing that he is simply himself, and no one else.


Fighting Style

Iori-B adopts his own fighting style. It is oddly similar to Iori Yagami's fighting style, unlike Kyo-B. His fighting style has even more of a violent nature than Kyo-B's has, and it relies on pure instinct.


  • Combat - Iori-B is capable of combat.
  • Custom Fighting Style - Iori-B has his own fighting style.
  • Supernatural Strength - Iori-B has the lowest form of supernatural strength. He is strong enough to lift trucks, buses, and large boulders.
  • Enhanced Speed - Iori-B can move at very high speeds, far faster than the finest human athlete.
  • Enhanced Yasakani Pyrokinesis (Scarlet) - Because of his blood, Iori-B has full control over an altered Yasakani/Yagami fire. Modified by Gustab, his fire has no relation to the Yasakani-Yagami change and Orochi. His fire is a blood red instead of a natural orange, and the strength of the fire is more powerful than Iori Yagami's or any member of the Yagami clan's intensity of the fire.
  • Blood Empowerment - Programmed into his body by Gustab, Iori-B can become permanently stronger when his skin comes contact with blood, including his own.
    • Blood Empowerment-Absorption - Iori-B can absorb an opponent's blood when it is released, and can empower himself with it.
  • Healing Factor - Programmed into his body by Gustab, Iori-B has a healing factor.
  • Razor Hand - Iori-B's nails are applied with so much force that it can be used to pierce or slash an opponent.
  • Normal Lifespan - Because the inducement of Orochi was removed from his blood, unlike male members of the Yagami clan, Iori-B has a normal human lifespan.

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