Itazuran Attacks
Used by
Helicobacter (formerly)
Garbage Monster, Sevengar
Crypto 140, Pox, Nexos, Rainbow Nexo, Ultraman Noa, RadoGoji, Kunin
?? meters
?? meters
Kawaii! JeNny Character
Yeah! It's the best! „ 

— Itazuran

Hello there! I'm ready to kick your butt! „ 

— Itazuran threatening RadoGoji.

Itazuran (イタズラン, Itazuran) is a prankster mecha kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Itazuran, while mainly being a piloted mech, does in fact have a some kind of personality. He's a prankster, is very playful and doesn't cause destruction, as he was not programmed to do that, but instead vandalizes buildings. However he will start rampaging if other monsters attack him, but only if of them attacks him first.



Itazuran was first constructed by Sister B, who used him to carry out her rather petty schemes to vandalize the city and to attack the Sweet Angels. However, the Sweet Angels did the best they could to protect the city and to fight back against Sister B's wrath, destroying Itazuran in the process.

Itazuran was then soon rebuilt as Itazuran II and assisted Garbage Monster in taking down Giant Slalom, but Itazuran II was once again destroyed by Kashima C, once again getting rid of the mechanical terror.

Itazuran would be left alone for many years later until a certain Furon scientist got a hold of his remains and decided to use in case he would be needed someday....

Debut: Helicobacter vs. the Nexos

Helicobacter had planned to get back at Emperor Tazarus for firing him, so he decided to attack one of his allies, bases, the Nexos, in hope to destroy them and cut them off from the Viledrodes. Itazuran was built during a long period of time and was later used by Helicobacter to attack Las Paradiso. He destroyed many buildings, but was stopped by Pox in the saucer and by Crypto 140. After taking so much damage, Helicobacter and Itazuran retreated, swearing that he'd be back again.

Helicobacter's Last Stand: Bay City Showdown

Itazuran showed up again for a rematch against Crypto in Bay City, however he mainly fought off Rainbow Nexo. He was then destroyed by Rainbow Nexo halfway towards the end of the battle. Afterwards, his remains were then hurled into the sea, but not before he was picked up by Hitodah, who had plans to use him. 

Service to the Viledrodes

Itazuran was then rebuilt by Cameron Winter to be fully loyal to the Viledrodes and twice more aggressive than before. Garbage Monster found the newly rebuilt Itazuran amusing and quickly became allies with him.

Assault on Indonesia

Itazuran participated in the Viledrodes attack on Indonesia (because he was friendly with Garbage Monster) but failed to capture the land with his comrades.

Assault on Malaysia

He also participated in the fight of Malaysia, but history repeats itself as once again Itazuran was defeated with ease.

Ambushing the Godzillans

Inconnu sent out both Itazuran and Sevengar to go to attack the Godzillans (Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji) to serve as a distraction so that way the Mutant Godzilla Clones could attack Busan, South Korea. However, Sevengar and Itazuran failed to properly ambush, and were both beaten up by Go G Zedus. As Sevengar spilled the beans about the plan, Itazuran and Sevengar took off.

The Summoning of Manto

During the summoning of Manto and Super Kunin's rampage, Itazuran was sent in to deal with Super Kunin along with several other monsters. Itazuran used his bombs and bubble gun at Super Kunin, but it was no use as Super Kunin defeated Itazuran swiftly in it's rage, swinging him across the ground; Itazuran was defeated. After Manto was finally summoned, Itazuran along with most of the other Viledrode monsters then retreated.


  • Prankster Scribble: A paint-brush like object that allows Itazuran to deface a buildings. 

    Itazuran using one of his Bombs.

  • Exhaust Gas: Itazuran can emit gas at high speeds from exhaust vents on its back
  • Punishment Beam: Itazuran can fire pink laser beams from his eyes.
  • Bubble Gun: Itazuran can materialize a giant bubble gun from thin air which is used to "bubble" its enemies.
  • Bombs: Itazuran can materialize bombs. However, Itazuran only has a limited time to use them.
  • Flight: Itazuran is capable of flight. 

    Itazuran vandalizes a few buildings.


  • Despite being controlled by Sister B and Helicobacter during his tenure as piloted mech, Itazuran seemed to have his own consciousness.
  • Itazuran was first monster to be fought in Kawaii! JeNny.
  • His name is a play on the Japanese word for "prank".


The Offspring - Original Prankster03:41

The Offspring - Original Prankster

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