Izilbolgia is a fanon RP character used by Lord Ghetsis


Izilbolgia is a powerful demon spawned from the depths of Malebolgia's hell (Alternate hell) .


Izilbolgia revels in destruction and death though his motives for this are unknown. He has a habit of playing around with his opponents in a sadistic manner before going in for the kill.


Being a demon, Izilbolgia can shapeshift into immense Kaiju sized monstrous forms. Sometimes he takes on a many-eyed monster with many mouths and tentacles (like an Eldritch abomination).




Barbed tentacle attacks

Acid spit

Hellish abilities

Demonic energy beams

Can generate demonic shields

Can summon lesser demons occasionally

Limited energy absorption


Immunity to status effects

Blood related attacks (He can use his blood to form blades)

Weather manipulation

Small meteor shower

Can generate a portal to hell

Shadow blasts and powers

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