Used by
FlamingoMask, Gamoni
Three-Faced Space Statue Mage
60 meters
Ultraman Character
We were going to come down here and turn this city into gold to add to our collection...but we also think we could go for owning a golden statue of whatever you are as well. „ 

— Jasyuline

Arrogant bird, how dare you try to toss aside the likes of Jasyuline! „ 

— Jasyuline

Jasyuline (ジャシュライン Jashurain) is an alien statue monster with 3 faces and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Jasyuline in general is haughty, sophisticated and well-mannered, despite being his aggressive and barbaric combat skills. He views his ability to create golden statues as an art form, and thinks he's a brilliant artist as well. Jasyuline often refers itself as "we" do to the three faces and will even bicker with each other on what they should do next.


Debut: Good as Gold

Jasyuline made his appearance when he soared through outer space, heading towards to Earth, looking for his next target to make gold statues out of. Upon landing down to Earth, he went to Yokohama and quickly go to work. As Jasyuline entered Yokohama, he was met up with FlamingoMask who then changed into kaiju size to speak with him better.

As FlamingoMask met up with Jasyuline, Jasyuline revealed to FlamingoMask that he had planned to take the city for himself and adding it to his collection, as he had always wanted a golden city before. After Jasyuline demonstrated his ability to coat objects with his gold coating ray, FlamingoMask and Jasyuline then got into battle.

FlamingoMask fired his light beam at Jasyuline, but Jasyuline simply deflected the attack by using his psychic powers, hitting FlamingoMask back hard. Jasyuline then used his boomerang against FlamingoMask, sending him down to the ground. Jasyuline then fired his Gold Coating Ray at FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask managed to leap out of the way in time. Jasyuline then rushed over and then summoned his boomerang weapon again, this time thwacking it against FlamingoMask, using it like a club. FlamingoMask was sent flying up in the air, and then actually took flight and then rammed against Jasyuline, sending the three-faced statue monster down.

As Jasyuline got back up, FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Chop against him, but all this resulted in was him hurting his hand. Jasyuline then used his gold coating ray on a building, turning it into solid gold and then threw it at FlamingoMask, sending him down hard. Seemingly downed, Jasyuline then gathered up energy, ready to turn FlamingoMask into a gold statue. However, before he could do so, Jasyuline was then attacked by the female Gamoran warrior Gamoni. Gamoni then joined in the fight against Jasyuline and assisted FlamingoMask.

After some more hard hits from Jasyuline, FlamingoMask then fired his light beam at Jasyuline together with Gamoni's plasma beam, sending Jasyuline back and setting off flares around him. Jasyuline fought back with his boomerang weapon, to which FlamingoMask and Gamoni retaliated by swinging both their Wrecking Flail and Dark Energy Mace at him. FlamingoMask and Gamoni then defeated Jasyuline together by Gamoni firing her green fireballs together with FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick, causing Jasyuline to be kicked off flying into a different area and crashing down. With that, Jasyuline then retreated.


  • Gold Coating Ray: By charging the energy in all of his heads, Jasyuline can fire a gold ray from the wing-like structure on the top of his head. When it strikes it's target, it encases it in solid gold.
  • Psychic Powers: Jasyuline has limited psychic capabilities that allow him to catch and/or redirect any incoming attacks.
  • Boomerang: Jasyuline can materialize a boomerang-type object and to use as improvised hammer.
  • Burrowing: By spinning his body around rapidly, Jasyuline can burrow himself like a drill at high speeds.


  • Jasyuline is one of Gallibon the Destroyer's favorite Ultra kaiju.

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