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Anthropomorphic Cat
6'2/88 meters
8'9/127 meters
Wings of the Black Sun
Original Character

"I don't." *plunges sword into Heart Eater*


— Heart Eater and Jay, Chaos in California

Jay is an Original Character, anthropomorthic cat, and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Jay is mostly serious when in battle, but has a lighter attitude outside of it, and is a fun person if you get to know him. However, this is shown little as he spends his free time living on a remote island with his family, giving little interaction with others. Jay is also very intelligent, but is very suspicious of others and can be pretty paranoid at times. Because of his love for his relatives, Jay constantly goes across the world to take out kaiju threats and keep them safe, and will never give up to save his loved ones. This can be a weakness, however, as his family can be used to make him do things. Interestingly, despite being half-cat, Jay is quite fine with eating meat, and is actually pretty good at cooking meals for his family and others.


Early Battles

Debut: Battle with Plunderbird

Jay first appeared in the RPVerse when Plunderbird came across the remote island that he and his family lived on after the bird kaiju's battle and defeat to Gomora. Appearing in a puff of smoke to defend his territory, Jay started out by hitting Plunderbird hard with a fireball's shockwave, a pointed spire of ice, and a horde of ice. With his vicious offense, Jay had gained the advantage, but soon the tables were turned as Plunderbird let out a sonic screech.

Due to his sensitive ears, Jay was heavily affected by this and was stunned for a bit. Using this opportunity, Plunderbird rose and dived at supersonic speeds towards Jay. However, the anthropomorphic cat used this to his advantage, making a wall of ice. Plunderbird smashed into it, knocking Jay back but stunning Plunderbird.

At this point, Jay's eyes turned into orbs of black as he enveloped the countryside in darkness. Then, the darkness was lit as Jay pulled out a flaming sword and slashed Plunderbird with it. This caused Plunderbird to surrender and leave Jay's island, giving the cat the win.

The Hellish War

Only 3 days after his debut, he was called into battle again, this time in the city of Tokyo. In the once-beautiful city, the forces of Hell led by an unknown leader (A demon spawn with horns, flaming wings, a long tail, and a blade coated in hellfire) were facing off against the lone defender known as HellGoji, and on top of that The Crystal Cavalier had appeared to cause even more mayhem. At the moment, Tokyo's fate lied in the paws of Jay.

At the same time he revealed himself, Superman, who had been clearing out the waves of demons, turned his attention to the demon leader as well. As HellGoji and the Crystal Cavalier fought, Jay suddenly assaulted CC with a storm of slashes with his sword. It seemed that the tables had turned on the forces of evil.

But the Archdevil and The Crystal Cavalier wouldn't give up just yet. Although the latter seemed evenly matched against HellGoji and Jay, an extremely loud shriek from the Archdevil stunned both Superman and Jay for a time due to their sensitive ears. This gave The Crystal Cavalier time to sink his blade telekinetically into Jay's chest. Shortly after this, HellGoji was defeated by a wave of corona rays from The Crystal Cavalier.

But Jay wasn't going to let evil win out this time. Blocking another shriek with a wall of ice, Jay pulled out The Crystal Cavalier's sword as he eyes turned black, surging with energy. The Crystal Cavalier had been so busy finishing off HellGoji that he didn't see Jay charging up until it was too late.

A gray pulse of energy was let out as time stopped. Jay hurled CC's sword at the Archdevil and slashed CC's shoulder crystals multiple times with his flaming sword. Time flowed again. There was a pause until The Crystal Cavalier's shoulder crystal cracked, then shattered spectacularly.

Meanwhile, HellGoji had re-entered the fight. CC slashed Jay with his sword, but he withstood it and made a multitude of illusions that surrounded CC. As the Archdevil and Superman made a massive explosion, all the illusions assaulted CC before being engulfed as the real Jay strained himself to stop time again and escape the blast radius. The Crystal Cavalier retreated, the Archdevil was defeated. Tokyo was safe. Just kidding, it was all burned rubble by that point.

Trilogod, Trahir, and BirthGoji

Meanwhile, a storm was brewing on Monster Island. Gyaos blotted out the sun and Trilopods littered the grounds. The heroes of the world, including Jay, came to stop this from happening. After a long and brutal battle against the horde the cost many lives, Monster Island was saved, thanks to them.

More recently, he helped other kaiju defend Gensokyo from the Neo Empire by combating their forces. After a very fierce battle, the Neo Empire retreated, turning the tide of the War. Shortly after the battle, Jay and the others who had fought at Gensokyo like FoxMask formed The Wings of the Black Sun.

After this, California was evil's next target and Jay's next location to defend. BirthGoji, in a berserk rage, was destroying the state. Gamoni, Hardshell, and Breakdown had arrived in California too along with Kujak. Jay, unknowing of Birth's madness, came to California only to intercept the three villains, only to find them, Kujak, Omnia, Obsidian, and Neo Titanosaurus all defending it from BirthGoji instead.

Confused, Jay waited until he knew who was - or wasn't - on his side. Soon enough, he got his answer when the villain Hetzer appeared alongside Garbage Monster and the mysterious Heart Eater. At the same time, however, BirthGoji came to his senses and realized what he had done just in time to stop the villains. As you can imagine, this turned into absolute and utter chaos.

Absolute and Utter Chaos

BirthGoji engaged Heart Eater. Jay attacked Garbage Monster with his flaming sword, but the mecha responded by clashing with Jay with his Trash Blade. Hetzer tag-teamed Birth with Heart Eater. They all clashed in a chaotic rumble until a girl with a horn on her forehead changed in size until she dwarfed them all. This Oni, Kyodai, joined the side of good and fought the evil forces as well. As Garbage Monster fell back to assist Hetzer, Jay turned to Heart Eater and attacked her with BirthGoji.

Heart Eater blocked Jay's attacks long enough for Hetzer to come in and attack BirthGoji. Heart Eater and Jay dueled one-on-one for a bit, with him slashing her and Heart Eater hitting him with a building. As Hetzer struggled to combat Kyodai, Heart Eater destroyed a wall of ice Jay had put up in defense, dodging his response fireball and sending scatter mines in his direction. Jay hit on her on the head and scorched her with flames.

As the battle raged on, hopes grew darker as a new enemy, Tulák, appeared in his Eldritch Bosquito form. Meanwhile, Hetzer hit Jay on the head from behind, stunning him for a few moments and letting the villains regroup. Eldritch Tulák and Hetzer began to team up on BirthGoji, and Garbage Monster began to approach as well...

Suddenly, a kaiju burst through a skyscraper and dropkicked Garbage Monster, sending him flying into a building!

It was Gomora! Suddenly the odds were evened into a Four V Four! Hetzer tried to freeze Kyodai in ice, but only succeeded in freezing the ground. As Heart Eater skated along the ice, Jay conjured a wall of fire in front of her that she ran through, and Gomora blasted her with his Oscilllatory Wave. As Jay impaled Heart Eater with his flaming sword, Hetzer tried to help her and fight Jay, only for Kyodai to throw the evil mecha up into the air and punch him hard back down. As Kyodai pummeled Hetzer, Gomora appeared and helped Jay assault Garbage Monster and Heart Eater, causing them both to retreat. It seemed that the battle was almost won.

However, Eldritch Tulák hadn't taken a single hit yet. Catching Jay off-guard, Tulák kicked the anthro-cat in the face and slammed him into the ground. Eldritch Tulák and Gomora traded blows until an Oscillitory Wave blew a chunk of Tulák's foot off. Meanwhile, Hetzer escaped Kyodai's grasp and used fire to make mud for him to slide on, heading towards the downed Jay and turning himself into a drill.

Hetzer leaped on Jay and drilled into him, with Jay slashing Hetzer off of him. Being attacked from multiple fronts, Jay was the most damaged and had to switch to the defensive. Gomora, meanwhile, was on the offensive, tackling and punching Tulák multiple times. Kyodai was moving in on the two remaining villains, and they knew they had to do something. Hetzer knew that retreat was instant failure. He wouldn't leave like Heart Eater and Garbage Monster did. And Tulák knew that too.

With a snap of his fingers, Eldritch Tulák sent Hetzer to Limbo before retreating as well. After a long and hard fought battle, Jay, Kyodai, and Gomora had emerged victorious, with surprisingly low collateral damage to California as well.

The Genocide-Men and the Thunder God

Only two days afterwards, a new threat arose, this time in Nagoya. The giant kaiju Hangyolas was attacking. Fortunately, the heroic Gojiran known as Makia showed up to challenge him and Garbage Monster, who had also appeared. As Jay appeared to assist Makia, an unknown figure watched from the shadows, judging them.

As the four strangely started a conversation, storm clouds rolled in as it began to rain, blotting out the sun and allowing the four to fight in the shade. As the fight broke out, a lightning bolt struck dangerously close to Jay, and the four began to wonder about the fierce thunderstorm. At that moment, the cause introduced himself.

He was Raigeki, the god of storms and lightning. He challenged Makia to a duel, and he accepted. But then, Makia attacked Garbage Monster, and Hangyolas blew fire at Jay. More confused than injured, Jay was stunned for a few seconds as Raigeki became a spectator. And so the battle finally commenced.

Hangyolas threw a building at Jay, but he burned through it with a blast of fire. Jay hit Hangyolas with a spike of ice and slashed at him with his blazing blade, catching a thrown building and throwing it back, forcing Hangyolas to headbutt it and destroy it. As Garbage Monster and Makia traded blows, Hangyolas dodged Jay's attacks and responded with tail swipes and punches.

Makia turned the tables on Garbage Monster, and Jay slashed Hangyolas and burned him. This wasn't what made the two retreat, though. Black jets filled the stormy skies and bombarded the two, doing massive damage and making the two villains run away.

As the jets focused on Makia, Jay helped the gojiran destroy some, until Makia wiped them out with a nuclear pulse. With the city safe, the two left, unknowing that those jets were forces of the Kill Godzilla Movement.

Monster Island: Part 2

Surely enough, the Gyaos came for revenge. In The Third Monster Island War, Gyaos and Trilopods stormed not only Monster Island, but New York City as well. Jay helped fight on the New York side of things, destroying Gyaos with flames, cutting Trilopods in half, and destroying ships attacking the city. As more and more troops appeared, Jay fought harder, setting an Onibaba's head ablaze and impaling a Gomora Trilopod fighting Godzilla 1991.

However, the fight got more and more vicious as stronger enemies appeared. As the all-powerful and colossal Neo Magita appeared in New York, Godzilla 1992 fell unconscious and was carried off by Trilopods that were killed by Jay. He was attacked by more, fighting them off but losing G92.

The battle gruelingly drew on. Jay was stabbed in the shoulder by a trilopod before it was killed. Neo Gigan was attacked by a Trespasser Clone that Jay blew to smithereens with a ball of fire. In the chaos, he eventually turned to the massive Neo Magita.

Freezing Neo Magita's legs, Jay barely dodged a beam from the massive insect and slashed one of its legs. Jay climbed on top of Neo Magita, puncturing her skin with ice spikes, only to be seriously damaged by her Nuclear Pulse. Eventually he got off, and she transformed into Ultimate Neo Magita. This was it, the final battle. Other kaiju like Trahir, FoxMask, Marisa Kirisame, IguanaGoji, and Kunin were all here to help.

As WolfMask arrived, Jay climbed onto Ultimate Neo Magita and sweeped flames across her body. Eventually she was almost dead. Jay imbued massive fire/ice energy into his blade and sank it into her head. Unfortunately, Ultimate Neo Magita exploded spectacularly, and he was immediately engulfed by the explosion. He very, very barely survived, but Monster Island was saved for the third and final time.

Slash and Burn

After that horrific battle, Jay was immediately called to San Francisco. While the War had been going on, El Gusano Gigante and Goliath had been sent to San Fran by the Tachyons to destroy it. Winter Flurry had arrived first, but was outnumbered, especially when Pulgasari joined in as a Wild Card under control of the Vortaak.

As Winter Flurry was pounded, the heroic cat appeared to defend San Francisco. As he attacked El Gusano and Goliath with a blast of dark energy and Winter Flurry bombarded them too, Pulgarasi turned on him with radioactive fire, suddenly allying with the Vortaak kaiju. As well as this, Vortaak UFOs and Walkers appeared to assist, which Winter Flurry attacked.

As the UFOs dropped like flies and Goliath was recalled, Jay sent an ice spike and ball of fire at El Gusano Gigante. Pulgarasi hit Jay with a lava ball and El Gusano responded with a toxic blast. Jay slashed El Gusano with his flaming sword, causing him to retreat underground. Pulgarasi left too, and the UFOs and Walkers were beamed away, giving Jay and the heavily damaged Winter Flurry the win.

The Trouble with Tachyons

Eventually and inevitably, Cameroon was the target of an attack that Jay was sent to stop. At first, the orange goo monster Amalgamate flooded the city. Then Gelatinous Cube joined in. As LV! Togera watched, Tachyon Leviathan ships flooded the city too. LV! Togera tried to defend it, which is about when Jay showed up to help, as well as FoxMask. Reptilians flooded out of the ship and attacked Togera and Jay. The two killed many until IrisuGame showed up, killing even more with his powerful plasma fireballs.

Jay then turned his gaze to the Leviathans, blasting one with fire and slashing it in half to destroy it. BirthGoji appeared in Cameroon to help defend the city from the Tachyons as well. Using the powers of ice, Jay made a column that slammed two Leviathans together. As two Cryptocledius attacked BirthGoji, Jay slashed one from behind. As Jay attacked with sword and flame, the Cryptocledius fought back, and his ally turned and attacked too.

Meanwhile, FoxMask had killed Amalgamate, and was now dealing with Gelatinous Cube. As UFOs under control of The Geonosians arrived to cause havoc, Jay continued to slash and use dark energy on the second Cryptocledius, while being attacked by both. He slashed, they slammed. Eventually he got them really pissed. They attacked him ruthlessly, but died when he roasted them with a giant fireball.

Jay continued to destroy Tachyon ships until one Leviathan remained. As it monologued, he rolled his eyes and speared it with an ice spike. As the Leviathan hit Jay with lasers, he jumped out of the way as it exploded, doing massive damage. The Tachyons were dealt with for now, but they would be back.

Fall of the Tachyons

Jay's final battle took place in the city of Reykjavik. The Tachyons were cornered. They were fighting the Vortaak's Visitor, and launched the powerful Triple Tricephalon, but were up against Neo SuperMechaGodzilla, Zilla Jr. (Lostverse), Hetzer, and Go G SMG as well. This was when Jay arrived.

Jay first attacked the Triple Tricephalon with cold energy. It sent lasers at Jay, only to be counterattacked by a sphere of dark energy. Hitting him with fire and ice, Jay dodged the Triple Tricephalon's tail swipe and slashed him with his fire sword. At this point, all the Leviathans were destroyed: only the leader's warship and the Triple Tricephalon remained. The Vortaak Visitor began to fight the good kaiju too now; he was a wild card.

The Vortaak beamed down their Grand King Ghidorah too as the Tachyon Warship devastated the city and the Triple Tricephalon sent lasers at everyone. Jay blasted him with fire and sent a sphere of dark energy at him that exploded into flames. As ZJR joined in, the Triple Tricephalon took flight, only for Jay to slash its wings and ground it.

At this point, Neo Spacegodzilla had appeared as well to battle the Tachyons. Being bombarded by the Tachyon Warship's missiles, pounded by the Triple Tricephalon, and smacked by Vortaak Grand King Ghidorah's tails, Jay was sent flying into a building. However, he got back up, slamming the Triple Tricephalon with fire and darkness.

Eventually, Jay was able to defeat the Triple Tricephalon and destroy the leader's warship, getting rid of the Tachyons once and for all.

New Developments

The City of Smog

After the fall of the Tachyons, Jay disappeared for a while and was not seen again until nearly a year later, when the dual pollution monsters PS3 Hedorah and Redorah attacked the city of Osaka, Japan. He and fellow earth defender LionMask, who had also been gone for a long while, both appeared at the same time to battle the two smog monsters. While Jay dealt with Redorah, LionMask went for PS3 Hedorah.

Redorah shot ret eye lasers at Jay, only for him to dodge. Jay used a beam of ice to freeze part of Redorah solid before cleaving him in half. Reforming, Redorah slung red-hot sludge at Jay, who blocked it with a wall of ice that melted on impact. Next, Redorah turned into his flying form and dodged Jay's fireball and beam attacks.

At this point, Jay surrounded Redorah in darkness, confusing him. This let Jay cleave him in half with his flaming sword again and blast him with a fireball. At this point, Jay realized that drying out the pollution monsters were the best way to defeat them, and immediately bombarded Redorah with fire attacks.

Scared, Redorah ran off towards PS3 Hedorah. Redorah charged at LionMask, who dodged, while PS3 Hedorah flung sludge at the shadowblood. Blasting back Redorah with a beam of shadow energy, LionMask fought him as Jay turned to PS3 Hedorah. At this point, Jay wasn't sure if Hedorah and Redorah were the same species, so he didn't immediately attack with fire.

Freezing PS3 Hedorah in ice, the pollution monster broke out and hit Jay with his eye lasers. Jay sent an ice pillar that uppercutted PS3 Hedorah, before the anthro cat hero slashed him mid-air with his sword. Smashing PS3 Hedorah into the ground with his foot, Jay blasted PS3 Hedorah with fireballs, with the evil pollution kaiju gurgling in pain and turning into his flying form.

At this point, Jay realized that Redorah and PS3 Hedorah were virtually the same, and began to dry out PS3 Hedorah with fire attacks. Eventually, PS3 Hedorah was almost completely solid, at which point Jay obliterated him with a huge fireball. Meanwhile, LionMask had been able to force Redorah to flee. The two parted their ways, Osaka being saved from the city's pollution problem.

The Mysterious Orbs

In the city of Taipei, the giant kaiju known as Century-Keizer Ghidorah attacked, beginning to destroy the city. After a while, another kaiju, Protean, appeared. However, Protean was just as evil as Century-Keizer Ghidorah, still destroying the city but merely battling the three-headed dragon along the way. With nobody else coming to save them, it was up to Jay to save the city of Taipei from the unpredictable Protean and evil Century-Keizer Ghidorah.

As Century-Keizer Ghidorah dragged Protean into the Taipei City Hall, Jay sent a fireball hurtling towards the two kaiju. As both kaiju were hit and hurt by the attack, Jay revealed himself to the villains. As Century-Keizer Ghidorah let out a mighty roar at Jay, the heroic anthro pulled out his greatsword. Then, it did something never seen before; the eye in the hilt turned into a fiery orange orb, and Jay transformed.

Coated in embers himself, Jay's sword was affected too: it turned into an Odachi made entirely out of flames. As the military exhausted their arsenal upon the three, (Flame Orb!) Jay unleashed a massive fireball at Century-Keizer Ghidorah. He blocked it with a building, which was incinerated on impact. Next (Flame Orb!) Jay turned to Protean, setting the chameleon kaiju ablaze with a slash from his sword.

At this point Protean turned blue and unleashed a tidal wave of water upon (Flame Orb!) Jay. Concentrating, the sword's eye then became light blue, and once again Jay transformed. His ember coat was replaced with shining armor of ice, and his flaming Odachi was now an icy scimitar. The newly transformed (Ice Orb!) Jay froze the entire tidal wave solid, much to Protean's horror. Meanwhile, Century-Keizer Ghidorah tried to lift up the 500-meter Taipei 101, but was unable to because of its sheer size.

(Ice Orb!) Jay sent a strong wave of cold energy at Century-Keizer Ghidorah and Protean. As both were hit with the wave, Century-Keizer Ghidorah gave up trying to throw the Taipei 101 and instead blasted Protean backwards with Gravity Beams. Turning purple, Protean fired a psychic beam at Century-Keizer Ghidorah next, only for it to be countered by the demonic dragon's Gravity Beams.

At this point, (Ice Orb!) Jay interrupted the two's fight once again by slashing into Century Keizer-Ghidorah with his ice scimitar. As he bled and roared in pain, Century-Keizer Ghidorah grabbed (Ice Orb!) Jay using Gravity Beams and hurled the anthropomorphic hero straight into the Taipei 101. The 509-meter skyscraper then seemed to fall on (Ice Orb!) Jay, crushing him to death. Century-Keizer Ghidorah watched the rubble of the Taipei 101 that had crushed Jay and several tanks. When nothing moved, Century-Keizer Ghidorah roared in victory.

I'm not going down that easily! „ 

— Jay to Century-Keizer Ghidorah

Suddenly, a katana slashed a huge gash in Century-Keizer Ghidorah's back. Jay had stopped time before the Taipei 101 had crushed him and snuck up from behind Century Keizer-Ghidorah! At the slash, the devilish three-headed dragon roared and screamed in agony. Enraged, Century-Keizer Ghidorah used his Gravity Beams to send (Darkness Orb!) Jay into another, smaller building, damaging the cat hero.

Protean then re-entered the fight, turning red and blasting both Century-Keizer Ghidorah and (Darkness Orb!) Jay with a wave of flames. (Darkness Orb!) Jay got out of the rubble, bleeding and scathed, before sending a strong beam of darkness energy at Century-Keizer Ghidorah. While the evil three-headed kaiju dodged, Protean wasn't so lucky as the beam was swept into him; the chameleon kaiju shrieked in pain and ran out of Taipei, retreating. With Protean out of the way, the finale could begin at last: Jay Vs Century-Keizer Ghidorah.

(Darkness Orb!) Jay quickly ran up and slashed Century-Keizer Ghidorah with his new blade, a shadow katana. Before Century-Keizer Ghidorah could respond, (Darkness Orb!) Jay then blasted the three-headed demon's heads with a darkness ray point-blank, causing him to roar in pain. Now it was Century-Keizer Ghidorah's turn: blasting (Darkness Orb!) Jay with Gravity Beams, the evil dragon kaiju picked up the anthropomorphic cat and dropped him into a building, severely damaging him.

Ready to finish the fight, the eye in Jay's sword finally changed, now switching to a dark purple color. (Acid Orb!) Jay had arrived. (Acid Orb Jay!) slashed Century-Keizer Ghidorah with his new weapon, an acid-covered curved blade, making the ghidorah shriek in pain as his skin was slowly sizzled by the acid.

(Acid Orb!) Jay sent a wave of corrosive acid from his blade at Century-Keizer Ghidorah. The evil kaiju blocked it with a building, which immediately melted. After one more slash with his acidic curved blade, Century-Keizer Ghidorah retreated from Taipei. Exhausted, Jay left too, having successfully defended the city.

Twilight Trouble

In Vichy, France, a battle brewed. As twilight approached, so did a multiple of evil kaiju. Along with it came a group of good kaiju, ready to defend Vichy. As a cold chill swept through the french city, Female Muto arrived with Jay on the defending side of this chaotic battle royale throughout the city.

Slashing the flying breach kaiju Otachi with his greatsword, Jay began to change form. Goldspin's eye turned into an electro ball as Jay himself surged with sparks. (Electric Orb!) Jay sent a darkness beam at Century-Keizer Ghidorah, who he had just fought in Taipei. Running up to the evil three-headed dragon, Jay stabbed an electric rapier into Century-Keizer Ghidorah, causing the triple-headed dragon to roar out in pain.

As Century-Keizer Ghidorah battled the two breach kaiju, (Electric Orb!) Jay stepped in by leaping over Century-Keizer and hitting Otachi hard with an overhead slash with Goldspin. However, Otachi was able to dodge out of the way, cackling. As Century-Keizer Ghidorah pounded on the rookie jaeger known as Shameless Fox, (Electric Orb!) Jay sent an electric beam at the three-headed abomination, distracting him from Shameless Fox by making him block the attack.

Suddenly, a new breach kaiju appeared, roaring. As he sent a ball of electricity flying at Leatherback, (Electric Orb!) Jay turned around to see the arrival of Omega PRGoji. Something about this kaiju just made Jay snap inside, like a horrible memory of this kaiju had surfaced into his brain.

Reverting back to normal form, Jay stared for a few seconds, casually blocking Century-Keizer Ghidorah's gravity beams with a wall of ice. Glowing with dark energy, Jay's eyes and Goldspin's eye both turned into pitch-black orbs as he transformed. Growing in muscle, Jay's claws became much more sharp as Goldspin disappeared and its energy flew into them. Jay's mouth became a snout and his fur thickened, ripping out of the back of his shirt. Jay had gone Aspect of the Wolf, and he was not going to let Omega PRGoji get away.

Completely ignoring Leatherback's shockwave, Aspect of the Wolf Jay ran up and slashed a wide arc across Omega PRGoji's chest with his claws. Cutting through Omega PRGoji several more times, Aspect of the Wolf Jay sank his claws into the breach-born Gojiran before unleashing a massive blast of darkness on him point-blank, although the latter was blocked by the Godzilla's tail. As Otachi tried to ram into Aspect of the Wolf Jay from the side, the latter simply blasted him away with darkness energy before turning back to Omega PRGoji, slashing through the breach Gojiran's hide like hot butter.

Jay's main ally, BirthGoji, knocked Omega PRGoji into the ocean. As Aspect of the Wolf Jay prepared to follow, he realized that the REAL evil was somewhere in Vichy. Turning, he found that his new target, DemonGoji, had arrived with his ally DemonJira. Roaring in rage, Aspect of the Wolf Jay smashed DemonGoji through several buildings. Being blasted by purple hellfire, Aspect of the Wolf Jay went into a frenzy and tore into DemonGoji's left shoulder with his sharper, wolf-like teeth.

Jay slashed the air with his claws, blasting DemonGoji back with waves of energy. CenturyMegaguirus came up behind him and stabbed her stinger into his back. However, CenturyMegaguirus only got a few seconds of draining, for soon enough Aspect of the Wolf Jay had nearly torn her stinger off with his teeth.

DemonGoji interrupted the two by blasting CenturyMegaguirus with his red atomic breath, smashing her through a building and into Shameless Fox. Enraged, Aspect of the Wolf Jay slashed DemonGoji with his claws, making a pillar of darkness around the gojiran that began to incinerate him. As it disappeared, DemonGoji was gone too, but Jay knew he wasn't dead; DemonGoji would be back, and Jay would be right there to get revenge.

Triple Team

Two kaiju came upon the city of Chennai, India. The first two, Neosaurus, rose out of the Marina Beach and began to wreak havoc. At that point, the second invader known as Dinosaur Tank rolled in and unleashed missiles all across the city, demolishing the San Thome Basilica. Third and lastly was Bemular, who flew in as a glowing ball of energy before reforming into kaiju form. Bemular and Neosaurus were about to fight, but realized that they were here for the same reason and decided to work together. At that same moment, however, Dinosaur Tank's body suddenly slammed into Neosaurus, flooring him. As Bemular turned, he saw the attacker as Jay, who had seen them coming long before they had gotten to Chennai.

Roaring in rage, Bemular charged at Jay, who sidestepped and scorched the alien with a blast of fire. Next, Bemular got up and sent a barrage of Energy Blasts from his mouth at Jay, only for him to block them with a wall of ice. Suddenly, Neosaurus smashed into Jay, sending him crashing through the ice wall. Turning, Jay jumped up and slashed Neosaurus with his blade, and as Dinosaur Tank sent a swarm of missiles at him, used the blue-and-orange kaiju as a meatshield.

As he did that, Bemular hit Jay full-force with a Hyper Pale Heat Wave. Neosaurus took advantage of this and backed up, hitting Jay with his spikes. Crying out in rage, Jay blasted Neosaurus away with a ball of fire, and just like that, the Flame Orb replaced the eye in Goldspin's hilt. Jay became wreathed in flames, and his eyes turned a fiery orange.

(Flame Orb!) Jay charged at Dinosaur Tank. Ignoring the lasers sent at him, the blazing anthropomorphic cat slashed Dinosaur Tank with his flaming Odachi, setting it on fire and making it screech out. Turning, Dinosaur Tank smashed (Flame Orb!) Jay away with his tail, sending him right into Bemular. Plunging him flame Odachi right into Bemular's stomach, (Flame Orb!) Jay jumped up just as Neosaurus sent his tail down at him, making the tail slam into Bemular instead and plunge the blade even deeper.

Pulling out the Odachi from Bemular, (Flame Orb!) Jay ducked under a punch from Neosaurus and slashed him with the blade, only to be bombarded from behind by Dinosaur Tank's missiles. Roaring in rage, (Flame Orb!) Jay charged up a ball of flames in his hands, leaping over Bemular as he charged and kicking the kaiju in the back of the head to knock him down. Next, the feline hero ran at Dinosaur Tank, jumping around the yellow lasers and missiles sent at him. Finally, once he right in front of the enemy, (Flame Orb!) Jay unleashed the giant charged fireball onto Dinosaur Tank's head, destroying it in a massive explosion.

However, right after this, Neosaurus blasted (Flame Orb!) Jay from behind with his Helix Beam, knocking him into the Kapaleeswarar Temple and taking him out of his Flame Orb mode. Getting up, Jay sent dual blasts of cold energy at Neosaurus, but he charged right through it and rammed into Jay, sending him back. As Jay slashed Neosaurus once, twice, three times with Goldspin, Bemular came up from behind and punched Jay in the back of the head. Knocked down, Jay saw someone coming up from behind and blasted the two with darkness energy, sending them towards the unknown challenger and enveloping the area in darkness at the same time.

Go to sleep. „ 

— A new arrival.

The new challenger said this in the darkness, and suddenly Neosaurus screamed out in pain as he was stabbed multiple times by a giant kitchen knife. Blasting the attacker back with a Helix Beam, Neosaurus stumbled in the darkness, calling for Bemular but only hearing his screams as he was stabbed next. Coming up from behind, Jay infused Goldspin in flames and slashes it across Neosaurus' back, lighting up the darkness in Chennai and revealing the new arrival as Jeff Jaguar The Killer!

Deciding that Jeff Jaguar The Killer might be an ally, Jay decided to ignore him and focus on Neosaurus, slashing him again with the blazing Goldspin. Neosaurus swiped Jay with his tail and sent a Helix Beam at him, blasting him back. Bemular sent a Hyper Pale Heat Wave at Jeff Jaguar The Killer, but the murderer charged right through it, stabbing Bemular multiple times. Next, Jay came in from the side and blasted Bemular away with a ball of fire. This wasn't done just as an attack: Jay was giving Bemular a chance to flee, which he did by turning into a glowing ball of energy and flying away.

Neosaurus, seeing that he was outnumbered now, sent another Helix Beam at Jay, hindering him from chasing the kaiju. Neosaurus tried to run, but Jeff Jaguar The Killer threw his kitchen knife into Neosaurus' neck, wounding him. As Jeff Jaguar The Killer ran up, pulled it out, and prepared to stab again, Jay came up from behind and stood in the way, letting Neosaurus flee into Edward Elliot's Beach. As Jay asked what he was doing here, Jeff Jaguar The Killer explained he saw the cat in trouble and wanted to help. Jay wasn't so sure, seeing as how he had ruthlessly stabbed the enemy kaiju and laughed in glee while doing it, but let Jeff Jaguar The Killer off easy and accepted him as a new ally, remembering that he had helped Jay save Chennai.


Jay is relatively tall and stocky. Obviously, the thing that stands out the most about Jay is that he's an anthropomorphic cat. Jay's thin, soft fur is a light shade of gray. With small whiskers, Jay has a tuft of fur that stands straight at the top of his head. His large, oval-shaped eyes are a clear light hue of blue and lack any pupils.

Jay's eyes, while at a default color of light blue, will change color based on Jay's emotions, a unique feature of his species. His light blue eyes reflect the default stoic and determined demeanor or Jay, his eyes will turn orange when a battle gets intense or when he's especially angry, and his eyes will turn into large, black orbs when he is full of fear, sadness, or other negative feelings. It can be assumed there is another eye color for when Jay is happy, but as of yet it has never been shown.

Jay has a long, bushy tail with a tipped end. His legs and tail have ornate markings of black fur on them that are unique to him. Jay wears a large, red hoodie, which in his abilities section, is shown to not just be for show. Sometimes in battle at night he will have his hood worn over his head, his blue (or orange) eyes glowing and gazing at his opponent through the darkness of the hood. Sometimes Jay will have his golden greatsword out as well, strapped onto his back, while other times it will be stored away in his pockets.

Jay's appearance might change based on what form his blade takes. For example, in Flame Orb mode Jay will become wreathed in beautiful flames. In Ice Orb mode, Jay will become encased in thick, shiny armor made up of ice, and in his Darkness Orb mode he will become surrounded in darkness and shadows.


Power Grid









Energy Skills


Fighting Skills




Fighting Style

Jay is known to be a powerful fighter, as proved by his battles, although he has had multiple near-death experiences. His great track record is no coincidence, either: Jay is a major player in most of the battles he takes part in, and still is able to outlast and defeat most of his opponents in the end.

Jay's style of fighting is highly aggressive: he'll attack the opponent with fast and somewhat strong attacks to confuse and panic them, giving him even more of an advantage. As darkness is one of his main elements, Jay prefers surprise attacks to lower enemy morale and get easy early-battle damage off. Despite this, Jay can still fight defensively if he needs to using his Umbrakinesis and Cryokinesis. However, despite this, Jay rarely, if ever, uses this strategy, preferring offense over defense.

Jay is especially hard to take down in combat. While his aggressive combat style can cause trouble for some defensive opponents, even those focused on offense will have trouble. The combination of his high reflexes and durability lets him both dodge most attacks and tank through those that do hit him, making him quite difficult to actually put down.

Jay is also very versatile in combat. His fighting styles will change based on what form the eye of his blade is in. For example, his Flame Orb form is much more offensive, while his Ice Orb mode is more defense-oriented. He also gains the resistances and weaknesses of the elements he used. Because of this, Jay will end up being hard to find a weakness to, although his Hydrokinesis and Sonic weaknesses stay through all of his forms (the only exception being Hydrokinesis in his Ice Orb form.)

Speaking of his forms, Jay will often use them to focus on his enemy's weaknesses. Sometimes, however, he will stay in his normal form to get a good spread of attacks and balanced skills: his forms will increase the strengths of whatever he is using, but the weaknesses will either increase or be introduced as well. In battle, his blade and appearance will also depend on what form he uses, which is covered later.

Despite all these good attributes, Jay still has shortcomings. Jay has strong weaknesses to sonic attacks and hydrokinesis, the former being reasonably common in the RPVerse. Even though he's adaptable to enemy styles, it can take a while to adjust to them, meaning that enemies that can change their styles just as quickly can easily overwhelm him. As well as this, despite his offensive style, Jay doesn't actually deal too much damage if not in one of his specific forms, and because of his attributes fitting a defensive style better than offense, Jay isn't specifically amazing at either style. However, Jay's adaptability and being decent at both styles is a strength to him as well, and overall he's still a powerful fighter.

Weapons and Armor

  • Goldspin - This is Jay's most basic weapon. A simple golden greatsword, this blade can be turned on fire if it needs to. This sentient sword levitates and can return to Jay as well, and in addition can sense when and where a kaiju is attacking an area in the world so that Jay can stop them.
  • Pockets of Holding - This shirt, taken as a family heirloom, isn't just for show; it is magical. With this shirt, Jay can put an infinite number of items of any size inside them and can just as easily get them out.
  • Orb of Fire - This orb is light orange, and has flames raging inside of it. When put into the slot of Jay's sword, Goldspin, it will glow and transform Jay and his weapon into their Flame Orb versions.
  • Orb of Ice - This orb is colored teal, and inside is clear, although you can sometimes see a blizzard inside. When put into the slot of Jay's sword, Goldspin, it will glow and transform Jay and his weapon into their Ice Orb versions.
  • Orb of Darkness - This orb is completely pitch black dark, and always seems to get darker when you stare at it. When put into the slot of Jay's sword, Goldspin, it will glow and transform Jay and his weapon into their Darkness Orb versions.
  • Orb of Acid - This orb is lime green, and lets off a malicious feeling when near it. When put into the slot of Jay's sword, Goldspin, it will glow and transform Jay and his weapon into their Acid Orb versions.
  • Orb of Electricity - This orb is perfectly yellow, and sparks with surges of shocks when you look at it. When put in the slot of Goldspin, it will glow yellow and transform Jay and his weapon into their Electricity Orb versions.


  • Enhanced Strength - Jay is physically strong, able to do good damage with his physical attacks and increase the power of Goldspin's slashes.
  • Enhanced Speed - Jay is a very fast character, and he can move at a fast speed while fighting to confuse opponents and quickly attack or launch surprise attacks.
  • Enhanced Stamina - One of Jay's best abilities is his stamina. Surprisingly, Jay can fight for a long while before having to retreat or getting tired.
  • Enhanced Agility - Jay has very high agility because of him being part-cat. He can jump long distances and control his speed well, and can even land on two feet when falling from most distances.
  • Enhanced Reflexes - Jay has very good, cat-like reflexes. This lets him dodge most attacks that come his way, and can counter some too if they're slow enough.
  • Enhanced Durability - Unexpectedly, Jay's best strength is his durability. If using ice armor, his protection will greatly be increased, but even then, Jay's regular body is very tough; his fur is able to slow down melee attacks that hit, and Jay has trained himself to tank ranged energy attacks without going down too fast.
  • Darkvision - Jay can see perfectly in the dark. Because of this, Jay can use his darkness abilities to his maximum potential.
  • Enhanced Hearing/Smell - Jay, once again, gains more from his cat ancestry. He has a very high sense of hearing and smell, which can let him know early when more kaiju are coming or when there is someone stalking around if they're not stealthy.
  • Power Infusement - Jay can infuse any of his three main elements (fire, ice, or darkness) into his weapons, such as Goldspin, to deal extra damage of that to the opponent when it hits them.
  • Pyric-Mystokinesis - Jay has full control over fire from magic. This lets him use for uses such as hurling fireballs at opponents, making Goldspin a flaming sword, or create walls of fire to use as obstacles.
  • Pyrokinetic-Assimilation - Jay is resistant to fire attacks and attacks made with fire energy.
  • Cryokinesis - Jay has full control over ice and snow. This ability has various utility uses besides making cold energy attacks. Jay can use it to make giant snowballs, create constructs, conjure ice armor or weapons, or cause a blizzard to lower vision in the area.
  • Cryokinetic-Assimilation - Jay is resistant to cold attacks and attacks made with cold energy.
  • Umbrakinesis - Jay had full control over darkness or dark energy. This gives him detrimental uses against enemies, like obscuring areas in darkness or turning invisible in the shadows.
  • Umbrakinetic-Assimilation - Jay is resistant to dark energy attacks and attacks made with dark energy.
  • Illusions - Jay had also used his Umbrakinetic abilities to somehow be able to create illusions of himself. While these illusions can do damage by themselves, it isn't much, and they disappear after one attack hits them.
  • Oxykinesis - Jay has control over acid. This is used to spew corrosive acid at foes or make plumes of gas. Jay can also infuse this strong acid into Goldspin to get a greatly increased damaged output.
  • Limited Time Control - By using most of his energy, Jay can stop time for a short while. This has multiple uses: for defense, retreating or dodging a particularly deadly attack, and for offense, attacking a foe multiple times before the flow of time starts again.

Goldspin's Orbs

Goldspin, Jay's sword, has recently unlocked a new ability: if the eye in its hilt is replaced by a certain orb, it will transform and modify itself. This will apply to Jay as well, giving him a new and specialized form. These forms and their abilities are listed below:

Flame Orb

The flame orb is the most basic of Jay's orb modes. While it gets rid of his Oxykinesis and Cryokinesis abilities, it also gives him a ridiculous power boost and a small speed boost. While in Flame Orb form, Jay's fighting style becomes completely aggressive, attacking full-force and not caring about the risks. Stats Effected: Strength +4, Speed +4, Durability -8

  • Enhanced Pyric-Mystokinesis - In Flame Orb mode, Jay's fire abilities skyrocket. His flames increase tremendously in temperature and therefore damage, and his fireballs and other fire attacks do more damage and are harder to dodge.
  • Improved Fire Resistance - In Flame Orb form, Jay can absorb fire attacks and use them to strengthen his own.
  • Goldspin - When in Flame Orb mode, Goldspin turns into an Odachi that is entirely made up of flames. This blade does more damage, but is slow in its attacks.
  • Flame Body - When using the Flame Orb, Jay becomes consumed by embers and blazes with flames.
  • Flight - The Flame Orb is the only one that gives Jay the ability to fly, albeit at a reasonably slow speed of Mach 0.5.
  • Water Weakness - If Jay is using his Flame Orb, he'll gain an ever greater weakness to water and hydrokinesis.

Ice Orb

The Ice Orb is the second of Jay's main elemental orbs. While it is active it gets rid of his Pyric-Mystokinesis, but skyrockets his defenses and a small speed boost. When in Ice Orb form, Jay's fighting style becomes more defense-oriented, wearing down the opponent with his defenses and durability. Stats Effected: Durability +8, Speed +2, Strength -7, Fighting Skills -3

  • Enhanced Cryokinesis - In Ice Orb mode, Jay becomes much more powerful with ice. He can use it to make more powerful constructs and weapons, and can temporarily freeze opponents with his cold energy attacks.
  • Improved Cold Resistance - In Ice Orb form, Jay can absorb cold or ice attacks and use them to strengthen his own.
  • Goldspin - When in Ice Orb mode, Goldspin turns into an a frost-covered scimitar. On a hit, this weapon will now deal cold damage and slow down the opponent temporarily, at the cost of less damage.
  • Ice Armor - When using the Ice Orb, Jay gains a full suit of frost armor. This armor is very protected, taking minimal damage from piercing and slashing attacks while having a resistance to bludgeoning attacks.
  • Fire Weakness - In Ice Orb form, Jay loses his resistance to fire and instead takes normal damage from it.

Darkness Orb

The Darkness Orb is the third and last of Jay's main orbs. While active, it removes his Oxykinesis but increases his Umbrakinetic abilities. Jay's fighting style changes while in Darkness Orb mode to suit his new abilities, hiding in the shadows and striking from behind. Stats Effected: Strength +3, Speed +1, Fighting Skills +2, Durability -6

  • Enhanced Umbrakinesis - In Darkness Orb mode, Jay becomes more efficient with his use of dark energy. With it he can shroud larger areas in deeper darkness and can stun opponents with his darkness beams.
  • Improved Darkness Resistance - In Darkness Orb form, Jay can absorb dark energy attacks and use them to strengthen his own.
  • Goldspin - When in Darkness Orb mode, Goldspin turns into a shadow-covered katana. While it slows down speed, it can stun or blind foes with darkness if it cuts into them.
  • Shadow Travel - When using the Darkness Orb, Jay gains the ability to travel through shadows. He can use them to seemingly teleport from place to place, greatly increasing his mobility. However, this can only be used in shaded areas or at night.
  • Light Weakness - In Darkness Orb form, Jay gains a weakness to light energy, taking more damage than usual from it.

Acid Orb

The Acid Orb is the first secondary orb used by Jay. While it limits his three other elemental abilities, it boosts up his acid control greatly. The Acid Orb also happens to increase his speed and damage. As such, in combat Acid Orb Jay uses his speed and strength to dodge attacks and retaliate with very strong attacks. Stats Effected: Strength +2, Speed +2, Fighting Skills +1, Energy Skills -2, Durability -3

  • Enhanced Oxykinesis - In Acid Orb mode, Jay becomes more efficient with his use of acid. His acid now can melt through metal and weak armor from being more corrosive, which also considerably increases the damage it does.
  • Oxykinetic-Assimilation - Jay is resistant to acid attacks and attacks made with acidic energy.
  • Goldspin - When in Acid Orb mode, Goldspin turns into an acidic curved blade. This weapon can use the acid to burn through armor and greatly increases the damage that is done from it.

Electric Orb

The Electric Orb is the 2nd secondary orb used by Jay, and is the one he used in Twilight Trouble. While this gets rid of Jay's Oxykinesis, it trades it out for the ability of Electrokinesis. As well as this, the Electric Orb also enhances Jay's speed greatly. While in Electric Orb form, Jay uses hit-and-run tactics to wear opponents down before finishing them off with quick, strong attacks. Stats Effected: Fighting Skills +1, Energy Skills +1, Speed +4, Strength -2, Durability -4

  • Electrokinesis - While using the Electric Orb, Jay has full control over electricity. His can call lightning from the sky, send out bolts of electricity, or surge with sparks to electrocute opponents with melee attacks.
  • Electrokinetic-Assimilation - In Electric Orb form, Jay is resistant to electric damage and attacks made with electric energy.
  • Increased Speed - When using his Electric Orb, Jay becomes much faster, at the cost of much less durability. This leads to his hit-and-run tactics while using this orb.
  • Goldspin - Electric Orb Jay has a transformed version of Goldspin. This version is a rapier that surges with electricity. While increasing speed of slashes, the overall damage is decreased by this orb.

Primal Aspects

Jay has one other power that he has only recently revealed: Primal Aspects. These powers only come out when Jay is experiencing an overwhelming sense of the emotion each of his forms is related too, or when he is very close to death. These forms not only severely change Jay's appearance and increase his powers greatly, but also change his personality to an extent as well. Because of this, Jay doesn't often use his Primal Aspects unless his emotions force him to or if he ever needs to.

Aspect of the Wolf


The Aspect of the Wolf is Jay's first revealed Primal Aspect. This new form comes out when Jay feels an overwhelming sense of malice towards someone: in his most recent case, DemonGoji. When using the Aspect of the Wolf, Jay's form greatly changes: his tail grows more bushy, his back fur breaks out of the back of his shirt, and his face becomes more wolf-like. In Aspect of the Wolf form, Jay completely gets rid of his Mystic-Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and Oxykinesis for a massive boost in his Umbrakinetic capabilities and a great boost in melee power. However, in this form Jay also becomes immersed in a berserker fury that won't stop until either his opponent is dead or he comes out of the form. Stats Effected: Strength +6, Speed +6, Fighting Skills +4, Durability -6, Intelligence -4

  • Umbrakinetic Focus - When Jay is in Aspect of the Wolf form, his Umbrakinetic powers get multiplied at the cost of his Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and Oxykinesis. As such, his darkness attacks deal way more damage, and can even bypass some resistances/immunities to darkness attacks.
  • Claws - When using the Aspect of the Wolf, Jay's claws become much sharper, at the cost of losing Goldspin. However, his claw attacks are not only faster than Goldspin, but deal equal damage for each claw and deal large darkness damage as well.
  • Teeth - In Aspect of the Wolf form, Jay's mouth turns into a wolf-like snout. This gives him the chance for bite attacks that are fast, deadly, and can even do a bit of darkness damage as well.
  • Strength/Speed - Jay's strength and speed become much higher when in Aspect of the Wolf form, making him hit both harder and faster.
  • Moonbeam - When in Aspect of the Wolf form, Jay can send out a beam of light with moon energy when it is night out. This Moonbeam attack can deal massive light energy damage.
  • Nocturnal - For one reason, Jay only uses his Aspect of the Wolf form at night: his power in that form becomes halved when the moon isn't up.


  • Sonic Attacks - Because of his enhanced hearing, Jay also has sensitive ears. This means that he can be stunned and damaged more effectively by sonic attacks.
  • Hydrokinesis - Jay is relatively weak to water-based attacks. Therefore, Hydrokinesis is an especially good ability to have while facing Jay.
  • Grounded - Surprisingly, Jay is one of the few characters unable to fly. This can give him a large weakness to flying characters, although his Flame Orb does give him flight when he's using it.


Great. Perfect timing, storm gods. „ 

— Jay in Nagoya, before the arrival of Raigeki the storm god


  • Jay is Fr0stfur's first completely original OC.
  • Some of Jays qualities, such as him living on a remote island, were inspired by user DrGodzilla120.
  • The default color of Jay's eyes is blue.
  • Jay's appearance and name are inspired by Jayfeather from the Warriors series.
  • Garbage Monster is unofficially Jay's main rival, as they have fought each other twice in three days before.
  • Jay debuted on December 3rd, 2015.

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