Jazz Gigan
Jazz Gigan
Used by
Blues Megalon (partner)
Garbage Monster, Armor Jack, Wangmagwi
TripGoji, Narutons, Living Sunerian Statue, Denomon, Moaigan, Rarigonika, Rudongo
Not known
65 meters
95 meters
Manga Kaiju

— Jazz Gigan

Oh yeah, sick burn. „ 

— Jazz Gigan being sarcastic.

Jazz Gigan (ジャズ ガイガン, Jazu Gaigan) is an alien cyborg kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Jazz Gigan is a dumb and violent monster. He's obsessed with violence and loves destruction, but at the same time is somewhat of a coward, willing to abandon others for his own survival. He's also pretty unlucky.


Debut: Welcome to Heck

Jazz Gigan first appeared when he rose up from the sand where he was hiding, waiting to ambush somebody. He popped second after his comrade Blues Megalon rose up first. After questioning TripGoji, he then turned his attention to Garbage Monster, whom he and Blues Megalon got into an argument with.

While they were arguing, TripGoji then slipped away, left a sarcastic letter for the space monsters and flew off. It didn't take long for Jazz Gigan, Blues Megalon or Garbage Monster to find out that they had been tricked though. Enraged, he and Blues Megalon flew off to go hunt down TripGoji, while Garbage Monster walked on foot to go get him.

Jazz Gigan was the first to catch up with TripGoji, toppling down on him and slashing at him a few times with his twin hook-blades. TripGoji had a few tricks up his sleeve though and he threw his pet ghost cat at Jazz Gigan; temporarily defeating Jazz Gigan.

Jazz Gigan got back up right when Garbage Monster was beating up TripGoji and was about to join in the pummeling with him, but he along with Blues Megalon and Garbage Monster then saw a horde of angry Narutons coming up ahead and decided to retreat to escape their wrath. Jazz Gigan was the first to take off and flew far away fast.

Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 1

Jazz Gigan (along with Blues Megalon) eventually met back up with Garbage Monster and traveled with him to the "Graveyard", as they were told to go there by a certain figure known as Guard Master. As Jazz Gigan, Blues Megalon and Garbage Monster made their way to the Graveyard, there they ran into Kunin, TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar. The two groups then fought each other, with Jazz Gigan fighting off TripGoji.

TripGoji summoned a glass of wine and through it at Jazz Gigan, which hit him. Jazz Gigan was hurt much by the attack though and he then fired his Ball and Chain attack against TripGoji, hitting TripGoji and sending him against the ground. TripGoji then fired a Giant Wall of Text at Jazz Gigan, covering Jazz Gigan in, well, a giant wall of text.

As Guard Master pointed out that Kunin's group and Garbage Monster's group both had to stop fighting and work together to accomplish their same goal, everybody stopped fighting; however Jazz Gigan continued to flail around, trying to get the giant wall of text off of him...even though there was no longer any text on him. 

As the Naruton horde came out, Jazz Gigan joined in the attack against them. He then flew up in the air and joined his comrade Blues Megalon and the Godzillan TripGoji in bombarding them with their aerial attacks.

Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 2

Things got worse as the Living Sunerian Statue rose up from the ground and began to attack everyone on the battlefield. When it came to suggestions on how to defeat it, Jazz Gigan suggested that they should attack the statue by hitting it with a brick, but his idea was quickly scrapped. In the end, Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon decided to bombard the giant staute as much as they could would work.

After the end of the battle, Majin Tuol's reawakening and the destruction of the Living Sunerian Statue, both Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon realized that Garbage Monster wasn't back yet. With that, Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon flew up in the air and began to search for him.

Showdown! The Armored Monster vs. The Trash Warrior

Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon continued on their journey to find Garbage Monster, a search that had went on for a week now, but they still weren't going to give up. After Blues Megalon suggested that they could both use a break and should get themselves a drink, Jazz Gigan eagerly agreed and flew down with him.

As Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon were on break, there they met up with Pea-san. After some conversation with Pea-san however, they were then ambushed by a group of Narutons. Jazz Gigan (as well as Blues Megalon) easily made quick work of them and got rid of them....or so they thought. As it turned out, an army of Narutons soon made their way there, led by the King Naruton, to punish them. The King Naruton then decided to punish both Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon by summoning the dreaded Denomon.

Denomon beat up Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon with relative ease, kicking them around, bashing them with his club and setting them on fire with his flames. As Pea-san tried to escape the ordeal, Denomon slammed his club against Pea-san, sending Pea-san flying away from the battlefield and knocking him out unconscious. Denomon then went back to beating Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon, laughing hysterically. The Narutons cheered on Denomon, chanting him to finish the two monsters off.

Denomon then raised up his club, preparing to strike down the downed kaiju, but something then blasted Denomon with dirt. The Naruton crowd went silent. Denomon looked around to faced who shot him. Denomon was then hit by two more blasts if dirt, angering him. Denomon then turned around and then found his opponent: Garbage Monster.

Denomon then went in and fought against Garbage Monster instead. Denomon and Garbage Monster's duel began. Jazz Gigan cheered on for Garbage Monster during the fight. After Denomon was defeated, the Narutons retreated and Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon were freed. Jazz Gigan along with Blues Megalon then went back to Garbage Monster and took off.

Midnight Mayhem IV

As the three space monsters settled down once more, soon Jazz Gigan wandered around and began to explore the area some more. A rock then hit Jazz Gigan in the head, causing him to stumble backwards. As Jazz Gigan regained consciousness, he spotted a statue that said that if he smashed it with his head, he'd get free candy. Jazz Gigan then did so, breaking the statue. Out from the statue came out Ultraman Caelum, who had been trapped in the statue for quite some time.

Jazz Gigan looked around and then found the candy, and ate them off the floor, commenting that it wouldn't have been any better if he ate them with his hands either. After finishing up eating the candy, Jazz Gigan then found a strange arm laying around nearby. Jazz Gigan then picked up the arm to show it to Garbage Monster and Blues Megalon. What he did not expect though is that he was being followed.

As Jazz Gigan returned back to them, they were suddenly ambushed by three mutant monsters known as Moaigan, Rarigonika and Rudongo. The three mutant monsters then attacked. Jazz Gigan defended himself using the arm as club against Rudongo, but Rudongo put up a feisty fight against Jazz Gigan. Ultraman Caelum then came in and helped Jazz Gigan by beating and chasing Rudongo away, saving Jazz Gigan. Jazz Gigan briefly participated in the fight against Moaigan, but it was short, as he then had to duck from Moaigan's machine gun bullets flying everywhere.

After Moaigan's defeat, Jazz Gigan returned Armor Jack's left arm back to him and carried on.

To Heck with Wangmagwi


Oh Clique! The Reptil Rises


Heck's Last Battle!



  • Hooked Appendages: Jazz Gigan has a pair of large metal scythe-hands that he can use to batter and slash at his foes.
  • Flight: Jazz Gigan can fly at Mach 6.
  • Buzzsaw Chest
  • Eye Laser: Jazz Gigan can shoot out a crimson laser from his eye.
  • Flamethrower: Jazz Gigan can spew flames from his mouth.
  • Ball and Chain: Jazz Gigan's most unique ability; Jazz Gigan shoot out a "ball and chain" type weapon from his right arm and can use it to fire at his opponents.



— Jazz Gigan about to attack TripGoji.


— Jazz Gigan announcing his Ball and Chain attack.


— Jazz Gigan when he was covered in text.


— Jazz Gigan's idea to attack the Living Sunerian Statue.

Hey? Who are you? What are you? Some kind of living rainbow stacking ring thing? „ 

— Jazz Gigan to Pea-san.


  • His original name was "Neo Gigan" from the Kodansya Manga, but his name was changed to "Jazz Gigan" to avoid confusion with another Neo Gigan.
  • Much likes his comrade Blues Megalon, Jazz Gigan's first part of his name comes from the music genre of the same name.
  • His "ball and chain" ability is an homage to the Showa Gigan's scrapped ability from the also scrapped Showa film "The Return of King Ghidorah (1972)".
  • In an interesting diversion; it's Jazz Gigan whose the dumber one of the duo and Blues Megalon whose the smarter one. Though this isn't really saying much still.

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