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Alien Endeal
Ultraman Zearth
Space Rock Monster
Ultraman Character
Uhh...we're monsters. We don't care what you think. „ 

— Jiorugon

Jiorugon (ジオルゴン Jiorugon) is a giant rock alien monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Jiorugon is a typical dumb brute, loud, big, dumb and evil, however, he's smart enough to know who he's dealing with and does show some respect for his enemies.


Debut: Sapporo Beatdown

Jiorugon along with his first appearance at Sapporo along with his partner Alien Endeal. Jiorugon flew down there as a group of flying rocks, before transforming into what he is. Jiorugon and Alien Endeal wasted no time on their attack, and they immediately began to destroy the city. However, Ultraman Zearth then came in to stop them. Jiorugon and Alien Endeal challenged Ultraman Zearth; to which Ultraman Zearth accepted. Alien Endeal started off the attack by firing his Electro Poison attack against Zearth.

Ultraman Zearth dodged the attack and then flew up and performed his Ultra Heel Drop against Alen Endeal, sending Alien Endeal down to the ground. Jiorugon then lashed out a chain and lashed it at Ultraman Zearth, tangling him up. As Ultraman Zearth struggled to break free from the chain, Jiorugon then used the chain to bash Ultraman Zearth against a few buildings. Alien Endeal got back up and slashes his claws against Ultraman Zearth, hitting Zearth hard; Alien Endeal and Jiorugon regrouped with each other so that they could both pummel Zearth together.

Ultraman Zearth got really tired of this. Jiorugon then lashed out his chain again at Ultraman Zearth, but this time Ultraman Zearth grabbed the chain and sent Jiorugon crashing against a few buildings. Alien Endeal then flew up and fired some poisonous thorny projectiles at Ultraman Zearth, to which Ultraman Zearth flew away from as far as he could. Ultraman Zearth the flew back down and punched Alien Endeal in the eye, causing Alien Endeal to fall down and roll over against the ground hard. Enraged, both Jiorugon and Alien Endeal charged at Ultraman Zearth, but at opposite directions. Ultraman Zearth stood there until they closed in, to which he then flew up in the air, making the two monsters collide into each other instead.

Ultraman Zearth then flew back down and performed a powerful version of his Zearth KO Punch against Jiorugon and Alien Endeal, sending the two kaiju flying away and defeating them.




  • Gorgonium Rock: Jiorugon can turn himself into smaller stones as means of flight. This ability also allows him to reconstitute after being destroyed.
  • Gorgon Destruction: A rush attack performed by his durable body.
  • Chain: Jiorugon wields a length of chain as a melee weapon.


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