Jumborg 9
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Used by
Jumborg Ace
Demon Go-Ne
Emerald Aliens, Humanity
Tokusatsu Hero, Robot, Mecha

Jumborg 9 is a character formerly used by M4174, and is now currently in use by Cdrzillafanon.


Jumborg 9 is another robot created by the Emerald Aliens, although for what purpose is unknown. He once appeared briefly to aid Jumborg Ace against Demon Go-Ne, but has seldom been seen since.

It is also worth noting that the robot Jean-Nine shares many physical similarities to Jumborg 9.


  • Boomerang Cut: 9 throws the Cross Cutter on his head at his enemy.
  • Golden Leather: Beams similar to Jumborg Ace's Golden Rays
  • Handy Operating Flasher: Destruction Rays from his hand outstretched in front.
    • Miracle Flasher: A stronger version of the Handy Operating Fhasher
  • Suwanee Beam: A beam from his mouth, it was once called 'Miracle Flasher'
  • Dynamite Power: 9 wraps his body in an aura and tackles his enemy destroying them. It is not used often due to the high energy costs.
  • Cross Power: A beam from his buckle, shot when 9's arms are crossed.
  • Energy Beam: Beams from 9's eyes.
  • Nine Killer Leather: A material decomposition beam from 9's buckle.
  • Cross Shot: A series of boomerang shaped light bullets, it is performed in the same way as Mirrorman's Silver Cross.
  • Jum Barrier: 9 creates a wall of light to protect himself.
  • Repair Function: 9 can repair any damage done to Jumborg Ace by touching the sight of his injury.
  • Teleport Light: 9 fires beams from his eyes to transport Naoki into his cockpit.
  • Restore Ray: A beam used to restore children turned into dolls by Satangone. It was also used to a parent and child from a mirror prison.
  • Jum Kick: An intense kick form high up in the air.
  • Machine Gun Kick: A continuous serious of kicks while 9 is hovering.


  • This character was given to Cdrzillafanon in the same fashion as Jumborg Ace.
  • The user previously using this character apparently thought Jumborg 9 was some sort of anti-hero. The user felt this was nonsense, so they changed his alignment.

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