Jumborg Ace
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Jumborg Ace is a mecha built by the Emerald Aliens. Upon appearing on Earth in 1973, he became a defender of the Earth.



Young air delivery boy Naoki Tachibana is out to deliver a package for his grumpy boss Daisaku Banno, when his older brother Shin'ya (Toshiaki Amada), who commanded the defense force, Protective Attacking Team (PAT), was killed in an attack by a giant monster called King Jyglus (which was sent by the evil alien Anti Go-Ne of the planet Groth). When PAT retaliates against a second attack by the monster, Naoki, in retaliation for his brother's death, suicidally tries to ram his air delivery Cessna into the monster, to their shock. When the monster downs the plane, Naoki and his plane are teleported into an energy dimension by an Ultraman-like alien from the Emerald Star.

The Emerald Alien has instantly used his technology to completely modify the plane, as well as Naoki's wristwatch. He suddenly finds himself back in his cessna's cockpit in the real world, but he hears the Emerald Alien's voice, telling him to activate his wristwatch, and upon shouting the command "Jum-Fight!!!", his jet transforms into the giant cyborg, Jumborg Ace, with Naoki, in a VR movement-control suit, piloting the robot from inside the head with his own physical movements! He fights with King Jyglas, eventually destroying the monster. But his battle against the Groth Aliens has only just begun.

Afterwords, Jumborg Ace continued to defend the Earth from various threats for the duration of his series.

This page will be updated as the character appears in roleplays.


Jumborg Ace has a vast array powers, including a sword coming from his stomach, missiles, and energy beams. He can cut enemies heads off with a kick or change his body into a slicing machine. He can also transfer energy from his eyes if Jumborg 9 is out of power.

  • Beam Emerald: Energy beam from the forehead, can kill a monster in one shot.
  • Heading Killer: Plunges at the enemy with the Jum Cutter blade on his head which is made of Emerald Alloy.
  • Hunting Flasher: Generic energy bullets from the hand.
  • Golden Leather: Energy beam from the hand, more powerful than the Emerald Beam.
  • Windmill-Deadly: A technique that rotated Jumborg in to the air while he is covered in a prismatic aura. Slices opponents apart.
  • Jum Saber: A red sword ejected out of the pocket in the stomach.
  • Jum Knife: A sai blade taken out of the jum pocket.
  • Jum Cannon: A missile taken out of jum pocket.
  • Jum Shower: Extinguishing liquid from the finger tips.
  • Jum Flash: A flash of light from the chest, used to escape an execution squad.
  • Leather Buckle: Energy Beam emitted from the Energy Lamp on the Belt
  • Flasher Love: Heat Rays emitted from the eyes.
  • Hand Operating Slicer: Continuous shuriken shaped light bullets.
  • Emerald Hurricane: A vortex beam to separate an Alien from whatever it is possessing.
  • Sans Flasher: Heat ray using solar radiation.
  • Hurricane Screw: Jumps and rotates the body while deadly energy rays are emitted from the hands.
  • Teleport Beam: Naoki can be transported from the cockpit via beams from the eyes.


  • This character was formerly in use by User M4174, but is now used by Cdrzillafanon with permission from Gallibon The Destroyer.


JUMBORG ACE THEME SONG /ジャンボーグA OP cover by atsuki03:09

JUMBORG ACE THEME SONG /ジャンボーグA OP cover by atsuki

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