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Whip, Kula Diamond, Vanessa, Ramon, Maxima, Benimaru Nikaido, Shingo Yabuki, Heidern, (and the rest of the Ikari team, like Leona) Ling, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami (rivals), Chizuru Kagura, Ken Masters (rival), FlamingoMask
Krizalid K9999, Shion, Magaki, Botan, Mukai, Kyo clones and K' clones, original Zero, Kusanagi, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami (rivals)
The King of Fighters, Hero Team
Go bleed out and suck it up. There's no point in fighting if you know you're going to lose. „ 

— K'

K' (ケイ・ダッシュ, Kei Dasshu, "K Dash"), sometimes known as "K Prime", is a character within SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters series. He is used by Gojiran103.

Front Information

K' is a fighter who has Kusanagi DNA into his bloodstream which heavily impacts on his life but given its sacred ability. Throughout his life he wants to find out the truth of his early life as just a normal boy since his memories when infused with Kusanagi DNA were erased, as NESTS created only a memory that he was a directly copied clone from Krizalid, which it is actually the other way around. With this goal, he wants to reconstruct his life along with someone who's dealing with the same situation, Kula Diamond.


K', his true name remaining unknown, was a boy who lived happily with his family and sister Seirah. Some time ago, the boy is captured by NESTS agents who dealt with advanced drugs, robotics, genetics, and biotechnology. This boy was kept under the NESTS facility for some time separated away from his family and his sister Seirah. At some point hearing his family branched away and his sister, Seirah, had now died, the young boy was devastated, but had a vengeance to make. In 1998, in his teenage years, K' was the first subject to ever participate in the Kyo Kusanagi DNA program (which means, K', is the first subject to have Kusanagi DNA put into his bloodstream). Through what implies to have been through massive pain as the Kusanagi DNA had successfully been infused within his body, K' now physically different than before as he donned similar looks to Kyo Kusanagi and had the ability to hold, but limited, Kusanagi flame. All of his memories were also erased and was believed that he is directly copied from a future clone, Krizalid. K' was ordered by NESTS to go in the next King of Fighters tournament to join his ally Krizalid, but after hearing from his other assigned ally Maxima who was pretending to follow NESTS orders, Maxima told K' what he may really be and both work together to betray NESTS and compete in the KoF tournament.

The following year the next King of Fighters tournament arrives and many teams have entered the ring. Behind of it all, Krizalid, the unseen watcher of the tournament has prepared the 9,999 Kyo and K' clones to conquer the world right after the tournament ends, and would join K' and his allies to release the clones as well. In the finals, he faces Kyo Kusanagi who Kyo accuses him of stealing clan's flame and furiously fights him, which K' has no idea what he's talking about. K', surprisingly, wins, but 'cheated' by taking his glove off to control his unstable flames and it efforslessly defeats Kyo and the team. Kyo is out for vengeance with K' and his team the next tournament. Now, the team makes it to Krizalid's dwelling where Krizalid prepare sto release the several Kyo and K' clones across the world. K' completely shocked, but brave, he screams at Krizalid and reveals that he's betraying NESTS and will fight Krizalid to prevent the world from pure annihilation. Krizalid is shocked and is caught off guard, thinking they were allies and NESTS also finds this out. NESTS orders Krizalid to defeat K' and his team and they do so, but K' is also joined by the previous team they faced, with Kyo Kusanagi and his student Shingo on their side. As Kyo still promises to "beat the hell" out of K' for stealing his flame, he joins his team to defeat Krizalid. Accepting, Krizalid fights the K' and Japan Team, and the two fight for saving the world.

In the end, both teams succeed in defeating Krizalid and the cloned Zero arrives where all teams also arrive and watch Krizalid be brutally murdered. The cloned Zero kills Krizalid by crushing his head with a rock and levels the NESTS facility along with the Kyo and K' clones, saving the entire world from all hell. K' leaves, taking one last glance at Kyo, who, at his side, with Shingo and the others who is celebrating at the dark victory, Kyo leaves Shingo with only him at the tournament, and K' just turns his back and continues on his way. However, he is ambushed by the Ikari Squad and is kidnapped along with his members, but learns that they're actually trying to help him reconstruct his life.

At multiple points of his life, K' works with the Ikari team and drops out joining in a KoF tournament to save the world from being obliterated by the Zero Cannon, who Kula interrupts and guards helps in. They become allies rather than enemies as Kula was assigned to be Ks assassin. After the KoF XIII tournament, K' is seen leaving on his own but Kula catches him and requests to buy a lolypop. Doing so, an unexpected encounter is faced by Kyo as in oppose to his vicious encounter, surprisingly, they make quite a positive encounter until Kyo teases that Kula thinks that's his girlfriend. Which results in K' fighting Kyo. Kyo laughs while fighting and Kula watches the fight with Iori Yagami watching a glimpse from above and a quiet watch from Kyo's student, Shingo Yabuki who still loves to learn from his master.


K' has a very serious personality but is very easy to enrage due to his more high-strung and dark side. He is starting to treat Whip as a big sister and Kula as a little sister. He often calls Maxima names -like "stupid", "idiot", ect.- but he actually trusts his partner's reliability. He is hardly polite and is always gruff, even to those close to him. Because K' usually expresses his concerns in a "tough guy" manner, Maxima jokingly calls him dishonest or stiff. He sees Kyo as a rival and wants to prove he is better than him, not as only a clone.

In KOF XIII, several fighters often point out K's rather immature personality ("whiny", lazy, anti-social and constantly rude to others) in their pre-fight dialogues against him. It is also pointed out he feels trapped in his life and is also rather very lazy and hates involving himself in most things he finds trivial, making him not unlike Iori Yagami in terms of nihilistic mindset (and the two ironically very much hate each other and are prone to nasty dialogue between one another for little reason). He of course, despite his laziness to partake in the KOF tournaments, at times often boasts about his abilities to take on anyone anytime, anywhere, which is something not quite far off from his capabilities as he also finds engaging in tasks with expected results to be yet another chore. K' is also dark due to the obvious Kusanagi DNA impacting on his life.


K' wears something similar to a biker outfit. His skin color is a chocolate brown and has pure white, Kyo-like spiky hair and a and can frequently appear with bright orange or red sunglasses. K' also wears a red glove that was made to control him from going out of control with the unstable Kusanagi flames.


Since K' has been infused with Kyo's DNA, K' has the ability to control the Kusanagi flame. Although, this sacred power is limited due to that the assumption of half-DNA-invested subjects could not master control of the Kusanagi flame since it is a clan-heritage ability. So he wears a specialized red metal glove given to him by NESTS that helps contain his flames. He could briefly swipe it off and use the true power of the Kusanagi flame, but he would have to make sure to not keep it too long while controlling the flames, since doing so would dangerously lead to the flames overpowering him and he'd burn up alive. K' fights in a violent fighting style, but interestingly enough they are very similar to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Additionally, K' has been shown few times to translocate in his special attacks. Therefor proving K' has limited teleportation/translocation.



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