K9999 2002
Used by
N.E.S.T.S as of now, Angel (close ally), Diana, Foxy, Igniz (formerly, deceased) clone Zero (formerly, deceased) fellow Kyo clones (formerly, all deceased, such as Kyo-1, Kyo-2, and Kyo-3) and K' clones (formerly, all deceased), original Zero, Nameless, Krizalid
N.E.S.T.S (formerly), K', Kula Diamond, Kusanagi
Human (clone)
16 (when introduced), 19 currently
N.E.S.T.S, the King of Fighters

K9999 (pronounced K Four Nine, also called Kyo-9999) is a video game character introduced in The King of Fighters series, also apart of SNK. He is used by Gojiran.

Front Information

The young man known as K9999 is the official and last Kyo Kusanagi clone in the lineage with his other thousands of brothers. Unlike the thousands of said brothers however, K9999 was designed to be a unique, special and the ultimate Kyo clone (although due to his beta status, that title unfortunately went to Krizalid). As such, the last Kyo clone was thought up to be not wasted upon; and the clone was modified. In both appearance, and power. However, K9999 unfortunately turned into hiatus and was an incomplete project when the end of N.E.S.T.S was right around the corner. They had to pause him but their dreams of releasing him were believed to be gone due to their doom. After the neutralization of Kyo clones and K' clones, defeat of Igniz and N.E.S.T.S as a whole, every one finally went back to peace. However, there was only one project or clone left: K9999. Surprisingly, this clone managed to survive the neutralization of both the thousands of Kyo and K' clones and the N.E.S.T.S facility. The capsule itself opened after a specified date to be finished and K9999 was born. Angel was one of the first people met, however these two later on went to go against N.E.S.T.S. The remaining N.E.S.T.S members trying to convince them with their plans, they ultimately accepted and join with N.E.S.T.S then on.


He's a man not to tampered with, having a short tamper K9999 will easily be driven off to violence. He hates many with a burning passion, especially K'.. K9999, aligned with his anger is also a bit mentally insane; this proving to be in one of his moves. N.E.S.T.S is the only group of people he considers allies, albeit Angel appears to be surprisingly his closest ally than N.E.S.T.S as a whole. He doesn't seem to show any of his happy side or at least tries to. When confronted that K9999 was truly a clone, he surprisingly showed an extreme sorrow and despair in that manner. Eventually, he was able to overcome this. He's also quite ignorant.


K9999 is a highly modified clone of Kyo Kusanagi, although K9999 still has similarities to him; his face, his eyes, and his body as a whole. His hair, formerly brown and exactly in shape like Kyo's has been changed to blue and was pulled back to the near end of his head. He also has blue eyebrows and eyes. K9999 wears some sort of a special N.E.S.T.S suit; most notably here is the blue/black glove given to his left hand. This glove helps him prevent and sustain his shapeshifting powers from going out of control. He appears to be skinnier than Kyo and stands at 5'6'', much shorter than Kyo.


  • Limited manipulation of Kusanagi pyrokinesis -- Since K9999 is a clone of Kyo, he has but limited control of the sacred Kusanagi flame, due to the fact that K9999 is incomplete. In fact, his flame possession is severely limited. Such as in comparison to Kyo and Iori, K' and even Nameless, his is the most severely weakened. He can't use special techniques like igniting his body on fire or running at fast speeds with flames.
  • Limited Shapeshifting -- Once again due to being incomplete, K9999 has limited shapeshifting. Unlike those for say like Mamizou or Neo Geegus, he can only contain at least 75 pure bodies for shapeshifting. Anything else minor like hair and skin aren't limited. He also transform any part of his body into weapons, such as him using his right arm to transform it into a drill.
  • Shield Manipulation -- K9999 has full control over shield manipulation; summoning psychic shields in any shape of form or technique.


  • K9999 has a possible state that he could be removed from KoF and SNK as a whole. His character and appearance is believed to be copyrighted by Eolith, though SNK has expressed public disfavor toward the character due to the explicitness of his tribute; Tetsuo Shima from the 199 animated film Akira and it's unlikely he will continue on any further on KoF games.

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