Space Ninja Kabuton
Used by
Dart, Surgeon General, Fenrir
Sailor Fighter No. 5, IceLord, Ash
Mechanical Beetle Ninja
2.5 meters

— Kabuton

Kabuton (カブトン Kabuton) is a space robot beetle ninja and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Kabuton is highly-skilled space ninja warrior....but is also incredibly dim-witted and hotheaded. Brash, impulsive, reckless, bombastic and rude, Kabuton is an unpleasant thug. He loves causing destruction and likes forcing others to fight him to prove his might moreso.


Debut: The IceLord Cometh! Defeat the Mighty Kabuton!!

Kabuton first appeared in Okinawa, where he bombarded several cars and buildings with his rapid fire energy bombs against them, blowing them up and scaring off many civilians. Then mutant iceman appeared to stop Kabuton, he was known as IceLord. IceLord then shot several ice blasts from his palms against Kabuton, hitting him.

Kabuton then flew up only to then fly down, slashing against IceLord with his blade-liked legs, kicking against him. IceLord was hit, and then in retaliation shot ice spikes at Kabuton's head, aiming for his eyes. Kabuton leaped out of the way from the ice spikes. IceLord then created a pistol made of ice, to which Kabuton then was about to shoot back at IceLord, but then something shot against Kabuton's side. IceLord and Kabuton both turned around to see what shot him.

It was none other than Sailor Fighter No. 5! Sailor Fighter No. 5 then came in riding her motorcycle and then shooting at Kabuton, before then leaping off of her motorcycle and then appearing to the three. Sailor Fighter No. 5 asked to what was the trouble, only to find out it was Kabuton. Kabuton then fought against the two of them; attacking them both. IceLord then summoned out his ice club and swung it against Kabuton, to which Kabutonto which was then followed up by Sailor Fighter No. 5 twirling around and then shooting her Type 64 Hand Maser against Kabuton, causing some steam to rise off of Kabuton and to stagger back.

Kabuton then flew up and rushed towards IceLord and Sailor Fighter No.5, slashing at them both with his drills at high speeds, causing Sailor Fighter No. 5 to roll over. As Kabuton began to shoot more fireballs around the two, IceLord then created an ice shield, protecting both him and Sailor Fighter No. 5. As IceLord pummeled Kabuton some more, Sailor Fighter No. 5 then ran towards Kabuton and performed a flying kick against him, sending him back. IceLord then fired his green freezing ray against Kabuton's left leg, blasting it, followed up by Sailor Fighter No. 5 then blasted her Hand Maser against Kabuton one more time, sending Kabuton flying back. Having taken enough damage, Kabuton then flew up and flied aways, retreating.

Ash vs. Fenrir

Kabuton reappeared in where he along with several other kaijin gathered up to hunt down Ash. He burrowed out from underground to try to attack Ash, but Ash then grabbed one of Dart's darts and threw it at him. Kabuton rolled over and then bashed one of his drills at Ash, only for Ash to then kick him aways. Kabuton along with Dart and Surgeon General would later get to watch as Fenrir fought Ash for a while, up until he was defeated, to which Kabuton and the other two then retreated.

Abilities & Arsenal

Kabuton Closeup


  • Flight: Kabuton can fly at Mach 9.
  • Rapid Fire Energy Bombs: Kabuton can shoot out rapid fire energy bombs from his drill arms at high speeds. They can create big powerful explosions.
  • Drills: Kabuton can use his drill arms for combat or to burrow.
  • Enhanced Speed: Kabuton is very fast, can run at almost lightning speed, making him a difficult opponent to fight.
  • Martial Arts: Kabuton is highly skilled in martial arts.
  • Fireballs: Kabuton can shoot out powerful fireballs from his chest.
  • Blade Legs: Kabuton's legs are very sharp and blade-like, so he can use them in combat to hack and slash against his foes.


  • Kabuton's design was based off of two Godzilla monsters; Megalon and Destoroyah.
  • His name of course refers to the type of helmet.