Date Performed
Yuki Certasancti
Delta Biollante
Delta Equalitzer
Abnormal Mothra
Abnormal Battra
Abnormal Hedorah
Abnormal Destroyah
Abnormal Biollante
Abnormal Megaguirus
Abnormal Orga
Abnormal SpaceGodzilla
Abnormal Titanosaurus
Abnormal Gigan
Abnormal Megalon
Abnormal Manda
Abnormal Ebirah
Abnormal Mecha-King Ghidorah
Neo Jet Jaguar

The final major battle of the Kaiju War took place on 1/29/15.

Major Events

FoxMask, Yuki, Delta Biollante, Macrosaurus and Delta Equalitzer race toward the island of Mu, a universally displaced island containing the head force of the KH. Macrosaurus remains with the warships due to his injured leg. The other Kaiju fly into the island, and are immediately attacked by swarms of Abnormal Megaguirus's Meganula and Abnormal Biollante's vines. Abnormal Destroyah appears and challenges Yuki to a one-on-one. A UFO flies in and attacks FoxMask, while Abnormal Biollante's vines attack Delta Biollante. Abnormal Megaguirus appears and attacks Delta Equalitzer, and the UFO reveals itself to contain Abnormal Orga. Realizing that FoxMask is too much for him, Orga calls Abnormal SpaceGodzilla from his resting place. Finishing Delta Equalitzer, Megaguirus moves onto Delta Biollante, who quickly overpowers her. Destroyah is severely damaged by Yuki, and falls to the ground. Macrosaurus commands the warships agains Abnormal Ebirah, Manda and Titanosaurus until the sudden appearance of the Hornipede, and he is knocked unconscious. Rilah catches up, and arrives at the island. At the same time, a Abnormal Hedorah pounces on her from the water, driving Yuki into a rage. FoxMask smashes Abnormal SpaceGodzilla's crystals, then firing dark beery down his throat, causing his chest to blow out. Delta Biollante smashes Abnormal Megaguirus into his body, and the two fall into the water and do not resurface. Abnormal Biollante appears fully in her flower form, but is quickly beaten by FoxMask and Delta Biollante. Even in her final form, Abnormal Biollante burns to death. Yuki and FFG manage to dry out Hedorah, causing him to crumble into bits. Abnormal Gigan and Megalon appear, carrying the unconscious Abnormal Mothra and Battra. The island is then zapped into a pocket dimension, and Hornipede challenges FoxMask. Macrosaurus wakes up, and runs towards a tower with Hornipede chasing him. He detonates a nuclear blast, taking the tower, Hornipede and himself down. In a moment of bliss, Abnormal Mecha-King Ghidorah shows his face, but is easily defeated by the monsters and their rage. The tower begins to speak and explains itself and why it started the war. It then lets FoxMask destroy it. The tower is revealed to be a computer, and it has transferred itself into the body it calls Neo Jet Jaguar. If then takes off into space, and the remaking Abnormal Monsters retreat. To be continued...


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