Daisuke Yamamoto
Used by
Tengen Toppa Lazengann
Kamen Rider Kuuga (A.R. World), Kamen Rider Decade
Dai-Shocker Decade (Violent Emotion), Geddon
Human (Cyborg)
195cm (Normally), 100 meters (Size-shifted)
Kamen Riders
Kamen Riders

"Amazon" is the original Amazon's incarnation in Kamen Rider Decade, and as such, is the native Kamen Rider in the World of Amazon.


He is a man from the Amazon Rainforest who traveled across the world to find a place that he could call home, eventually arriving in Japan where he fights Geddon as Kamen Rider Amazon. Though disillusioned after Masahiko used him to get the GiGi Armlet, Amazon regains his trust in humanity when the boy returns the armlet, finding his place by the Okamura. Afterwards, he aids Decade in battle against Apollo Geist and Llumu Qhimil, forcing Apollo Geist into retreat with his Dai Setsudan and destroying Llumu with his Super Dai Setsudan after Decade equipped him with the GaGa Armlet using his Final Form Ride.


Similar to the original Amazon, this Amazon tends to speak in third person, and fights bestially, tearing and cutting into his opponents. He does have a soft spot for children, seeing them as pure of heart, before he was betrayed, causing him to lose his faith in humanity.

Kamen Rider Amazon

With the GiGi Armlet on his person, Amazon transforms into his Rider form with the cry 'A-MA-ZON!' while pulling his arms inwards and clenching his hands in claws then stretching out and opening his hands. Amazon's human eyes then glow a demonic red as the metamorphosis into Amazon Rider is completed.
Kamen Rider Amazon-vote5

Techniques Dai Setsudan (大切断 Big/Great Slice): Amazon's main finishing move. A Rider Chop that cleaves through the flesh of a kaijin with ease. He leaps into the air and comes back down with his claws, slicing into the opponent, normally inflicting grievous, fatal damage to the target. Used to destroy Bakeneko.

Super Dai Setsudan (スーパー大切断 Sūpā Dai Setsudan, Super Big/Great Slice): A stronger energized version of the Dai Setsudan as a result of combining both GiGi and GaGa Armlets to destroy Llumu Qhimil.

Jaguar Shock (ジャガーショック Jagā Shokku): A biting attack.


  • Unlike the original Amazon, this one appears to be able to survive without extended connection to the GiGi or GaGa amulets.

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