Haruka, Cultivation Type
Haruka Mizusawa
Used by
Tengen Toppa Lazengann
Nozama Peston Service, Some Amazons, Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha (Former, occasionally), Nozama Pharmacy (former), FoxMask
Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha, Amazons (Rabid/Out of control), Nozama Pharmacy
8 (actual age), 20s (physically and mentally)
180cm (Normally, Human form)
Kamen Riders, Amazons
Kamen Riders
I'll hunt those who need to be hunted. And I'll protect whoever deserves it. Whether they're human, or Amazon. And that means Amazons aren't the only ones that I'm going to hunt! „ 

— Haruka

Haruka Mizusawa (水澤 悠 Mizusawa Haruka) is one of the main protagonists of the 2016 net series Kamen Rider Amazons. He uses the Amazons Driver to become Kamen Rider Amazon Omega (仮面ライダーアマゾンオメガ Kamen Raidā Amazon Omega) who also is called Cultivation Type (養殖タイプ Yōshoku Taipu) by Nanaha Izumi.


Haruka, was the third-generation Amazon created by Reika Mizusawa from the Nozama Pharmacy. By genetically modifying Amazon Cells to include human DNA, in this case DNA from Reika herself, a new type of organism was created, which is neither just pure human nor Amazon, and that organism was Haruka.

Two years ago during the accident at the Pharmacy where 4000 experiment Amazonz escaped from the facility. Haruka's Amazon self began to manifest before his human nature emerged. He was soon taken in by Reika who adopted him as her son, while being told that he had been bedridden for the past two years as well as suffering from amnesia. Haruka was given drugs regularly to control his Amazon Cells. During this time, he got to know Reika's daughter, Mizuki, and they began treating each other as brother and sister. In the present time, Haruka begins receiving flashbacks from two years ago whenever he takes the drugs, causing him to feel terrified. One night, he decides to skip taking the drugs before going to sleep. His Amazon Cells begin to awaken. The next day, he finds himself walking towards the woods where the Spider Amazon and the Bat Amazon were being hunted down by the Nozama Peston Service. As Amazon Alpha appears and kills the Spider Amazon, Haruka loses control of himself and transforms into his Amazon form for the first time in two years.

After turning into his Amazon form, Omega proceeds to attack, and fight the Bat Amazon, striking out in rage. With his ferocious attacks, surprising speed, and incredible agility, Omega is able to out-fight the Amazon, before it attempts to flee by flying away. Grabbing it by the leg, Omega quickly throws it to the ground, and tears into its neck with brutal ferocity, before it struggles to throw him off. After avoiding being thrown off, Omega proceeds to tear off the Amazon's wings, leaving it injured nearby before jumping up, and bringing his foot down on the Amazon's head, crushing it with little to no effort.

After killing the Bat Amazon, Omega quickly starts attacking Jin/Amazon Alpha, swiping at him repeatedly, only for his attacks to be dodged, and ending with him being knocked out. Once he is knocked out, Jin picks up the unconscious Amazon's body, and jumps into his girlfriend's truck with Omega, escaping the Amazon hunters for the time being. Later, at Jin's hideout, Jin gives Haruka an armlet so that he can track him, with Haruka continually grunting an screaming in pain, both due to the armlet stabbing in his arm, as well as the painful memories of the battle. Haruka proceeds to tell Jin that he doesn't know what Amazons are, or why he did what he did on the battlefield.

He questions Jin on what he's talking about, but is interrupted by Jin and Nanaha's dinnertime, eating with the two, and questioning their need for proteins. As Jin explains to Haruka what it is that they are, and explaining that Haruka would one day want to eat someone, Haruka runs outside, and begins to vomit in Jin's flower bed, at Jin's behest. Some time later, Jin made Haruka an offer to help him hunt down the remaining Amazons, saying that he would save him for last. After Jin left, Haruka contemplated Jin's offer, before deciding to get exterminated to prevent himself from injuring an innocent person. Hearing this, Nanaha explained how Haruka and Jin were different, before giving Haruka an Amazon driver, explaining that it would make him stronger.

Later, he walked out on to Jin's rooftop, remembering what Jin had said earlier, before realizing what he truly was, breathing heavily, before attaching the Amazon Driver to his waist and transforming by demonically shouting "AMAZON!". Sensing Jin fighting an Amazon, Omega proceeded to jump across the city, until he found Jin's location, slamming into the Shrike Amazon, and sending him to the ground. Easily out-fighting the Shrike Amazon at first, Omega has some trouble adjusting to the power increase, but nonetheless is able to defeat the Amazon, cutting him in half with his Violent Punish, killing it. Soon after, he faces Jin in his Alpha form again.

After explaining to Jin that he didn't intend to join his hunt for Amazons, Omega attacked Alpha, explaining that he just listened to the voice inside of him. After a short fight, in which the two seem more or less evenly matched, Jin flees, leaving Haruka with the Nozama Pest Control. Being distracted by Mamoru's screams at Maehara's dead body, Omega takes the time to escape, leaving the Pest Control to deal with their dead. A short time later, he lands in a nearby factory, taking off the Amazon Driver after seeing his Amazon form in a mirror, before wandering away.

After wandering back into the city some time later, Haruka begins to question his own existence, carrying the Amazon Driver at his side. He remembers the symbol on the side of the Exterminator's van, remembering it to also be the same company that made his medicine, as well as the company where his 'mother' works, deciding to head there with questions. He arrived, interrupting a board meeting between the director of the company, and several other important members of the board, while security tried to pull him away, before blasting them away with a large gust of steam. After the heat, and steam subsided, one of his arms had become a partial Amazon arm where upon he asked his mother what he was, and if he was human. She explained to the panicked board that Haruka was a new Amazon that was being added to the extermination team.

Upon hearing that she wanted to know if Haruka was still human, she asked him to find the answer for both of them, before sending him away with Kanou to join the Extermination team. After they departed the meeting, Kanou showed him to a strange motorcycle, and explained that the bike would synchronize with his DNA, and allow him to use it without issue. After hearing this, Haruka boarded the bike, and rode off to meet up with the extermination team, thinking about what was said to him previously. Arriving at the location, already transformed, Omega crashed through the window next to where Mamoru was battling the Queen Ant Amazon, pulling her off of Mamoru before hitting her a couple times before overpowering her and sending her across the room. During the battle, she manages to escape, and caused the rest of the Amazons in the apartment to wake up and attack the exterminators, showing 183 different Amazons in the same building.

Seeing that the Ant Amazons were beginning to swarm them, the team made a tactical retreat, and placed electrical wire traps on the entrance to one of the apartments. Momentarily being safe, Haruka in-transformed and shared a burger with Mamoru for the moment, before explaining that he was asked to join the extermination team by his mother, Director Mizusawa. Soon more Ant Amazons began to swarm the room, appearing on the patio, which was blocked off by a bed for the time being. After hearing from the leader that they wouldn't be aborting the mission, and would be using Anti-Amazon gas, Haruka stood up and asked if they only exterminated for money. After hearing the team's answers for why they hunt Amazons, Haruka was asked why he jumped into the fight, after which they were interrupted by the Ant Amazons attacking again. With Haruka and Mamoru out of the fight until they eat, the other hunters decided to blow open a path to the ground level where they could get the anti-Amazon gas.

Once Fuku takes the shot, the group moves, quickly escaping the room and rendezvousing with the surveillance team to get the supplies, with Haruka and Mamoru quickly eating a couple burgers to get their strength back. After getting their strength back, the two quickly turn back into their Amazon forms and begin fighting off the Ant Amazons to allow the team to get to the roof. After Nozomi is injured by one of the Ant Amazons, she and Mamoru stay behind to make sure that they don't end up getting the others killed, while Omega and the others continue up to the roof. Upon reaching the roof, Omega and the others are confronted by the Queen Ant Amazon, along with several members of her Ant Amazon hive. After a brief fight with the Queen Ant Amazon, Omega goes down, having been weakened due to lack of food earlier, while the Queen Ant has been eating humans to build up her strength.

He is quickly beaten back the Queen Ant Amazon and her horde, reverting back to his human form after being beaten. The group is quickly saved by the timely arrival of Jin, who throws Haruka an egg, before transforming into Alpha. Shortly after this, Haruka changed back into his Amazon form, taking the fight back to the Queen Ant Amazon. Despite still being overpowered, Omega continues to fight, until he is ganged up on by Ant Amazons, before throwing them off. After he throws them off, he activates his Violent Break, drawing a spear from his belt and throwing it into several Amazons, destroying them.

Quickly defeating several Amazons consecutively, Omega turns his attention to the Queen Ant Amazon, grabbing her with the whip version of his Violent Break before yanking her backwards, and plunging his arm blades through her chest, cutting her in half and killing her almost instantly. Being grabbed by Jin when the others active the Amazon gas, Haruka and Jin jump away to escape the gas quickly. Appearing on the ground later, Haruka and Jin begin to talk, before Jin is quickly electrocuted and captured by the others.

Later, Haruka is seen standing near a river, contemplating his mother's decision to have him sent back to the company, and wondering if they would try to lock up his Amazon side again. He is seen by Shido, who tells him to go home already, before discussing that Haruka is the director's adopted son. At this point, Haruka asks Shido if Mamoru is alright, to which Shido responds he is being treated at the lab, before discussing Jin's status. They then discuss why Haruka wants to stay and hunt Amazons, explaining the other members' motivations, as well as Shido explaining that he couldn't trust Haruka because he didn't know his motivations. Hearing this, Haruka left the team, heading home on the Junglaider. Arriving at home, he left the Junglaider outside, before greeting Mizuki when she walks in, looking at his old fish tank, thanking her for feeding his fish.

Haruka quickly leaves his home, explaining that he didn't come back to stay, leaving Mizuki confused as to why he's leaving. Haruka apologized, before driving away, leaving Mizuki alone. He later appeared in a park, splashing water in his face, before sitting on a bench with his belt. Nanaha appeared to him, saying that she would feed him if he carried her bag to her apartment. Back at her apartment, she cooked some meat for Haruka, while they discussed Jin's whereabouts, and discuss why Haruka doesn't want to go home. Haruka explained that he just wanted to feel human, before growing more depressed at the loss of his humanity. He then proceeds to eat the food that Nanaha offered him, quenching his inner hunger. The two of them proceed to go to bed after dinner, with Haruka staying awake to contemplate his motivations, and his lost humanity. After dozing off, Haruka jolted awake, sensing an Amazon, heading off to deal with it. In the process he meets up with Shido and the others, cutting off the Amazon and his intended targets, telling Shido and the others that the driver is probably an Amazon.

After the driver attempts to escape with Shido and Nozomi on his bus, Haruka transforms into his Amazon form and chases after the bus. Arriving outside the tunnel transformed, Omega chases after the bus, attempting to out-maneuver it. Quickly jumping onto the bus, he proceeded to grab the Amazon in question and throw him out of the window. Once the Amazon transforms, Omega proceeded to engage it in combat, being about evenly matched with the Rank B Amazon, before the Exterminators joined in the action. After several moments of combat, surveillance calls the exterminators and tells them that a second signal has been confirmed as Omega finishes off the Amazon with a Violent Punish. Upon hearing the second Amazon was in the tunnel, Haruka and the others head toward the tunnel to take down the second Amazon.

Arriving back in the tunnel, Haruka jumped off of the Junglaider and grabbed Mizuki before she could be attacked by the Amazon, pushing her out of the way. He is then knocked into a wall by the Amazon's attack, before transforming back into his Amazon form in front of Mizuki before attacking the Amazon. Soon after, the other exterminators arrive, trying to take Mizuki to safety, before joining the battle. Omega is initially overpowered by the Amazon, before activating a strange pufferfish-style attack, pinning the Amazon to the wall and seemingly killing it. Afterwards, Mizuki confronts Haruka on what he really is. Interrupting them, the Exterminators took Mizuki home, before asking Haruka about her, before stating that Haruka almost killed her, and told him that they couldn't trust him, before leaving. Thinking about his status, Haruka decided to visit Jin at the Nozama laboratory.

Arriving there, he asked to see Director Mizusawa, where he was led to her, before being interrupted by Mamoru. After exchanging greetings, the two talked for a bit, and shared a burger together, discussing Mamoru's motivations, before discussing where Jin was being held. Visiting Jin's room, Haruka held his half of the burger from earlier, before discussing the Amazons, and Jin's involvement with them. After hearing that Jin became an Amazon willingly to destroy the Amazons he had helped create, and hearing his own mother's involvement in their creation, Haruka began to ask another question, before hearing that the supposedly dead Amazon was active again, he began to leave the room to deal with it. Jin interrupted him, saying that he would help Haruka with the rampant Amazon in the facility if he gave up the burger. Haruka turned and faced him, before eating the burger in front of him, and then left the room enraged.

Meeting up with the exterminators battling the Amazon, Haruka explains his goals, and tells them that he would fight beside them until they trusted him, before transforming. After transforming he fought against the Amazon head-on, along with the exterminators. Though initially overpowering the Amazon, it manages to counter the odds by separating Omega from the team, and using tentacle-like appendages, as well as projectiles to overpower Omega. After getting into quarter combat, Omega is able to once again turn the sides using his superior strength and agility, before finishing off the Amazon with a Violent Punish. Soon after, he meets back up with the team with Mamoru and the others accepting him for the time being, before riding off. As they leave, they encounter the recently escaped Jin and Nanaha, who drive off.

Several weeks later, Haruka and the exterminators hunt a Shrike Amazon, but Haruka, as Omega, misses one of the signals from the Exterminators, and falls into their own trap, causing the Amazon to get away from the Exterminators. It is unknown if they ever actually finished it off.

Later, Haruka as Amazon Omega can be seen fighting the exterminators, using his speed and strength to out-maneuver them easily, before being overwhelmed by their electrical weapons. The 'fight' is soon interrupted by Mamoru in his Amazon form, who stands in front of Haruka to protect him from the others, explaining that they were a team. Omega quickly explained that it was actually a training exercise to the crying Mamoru. The others quickly corroborate the story, explaining that they thought they told Mamoru. With Omega and Mamoru standing up, the group resumed their training practice. After the group finishes their training, they head back to base, discussing how Haruka was actually holding back. Haruka apologizes, before the others say that they aren't mad at him. Kazuya takes a picture of Haruka, and explains that Mizuki asks for reports from time to time.

Explaining how he got Mizuki to stay away from Haruka, Haruka thanked him, before going back to looking at a book that Mizuki gave him. Later, after the group goes to bed, and subsequently wakes up, they watch the news about a corpse that has been found, strung up similar to the victims of the Shrike Amazon. During this, they receive a call from the surveillance team who tells them that it may be related to the escaped Shrike Amazon, or another member of his species. Continuing to eat, they shut off the radio after saying that they would investigate, before the TV resumes playing the news. The group decides to send only Mamoru, and Kazuya to take a look, before continuing to eat in peace, before noticing that the man being interviewed thinks it was a murder, as well as him having strange arm braces. Seeing this, the group heads out to investigate.

Arriving at the scene, Haruka and the others begin to investigate, with Kazuya taking the lead, and the others waiting in the truck. After Kazuya fails to get the group inside using their pest control as an excuse, Haruka and the others discuss strategies to try and get inside, before saying that a commotion would only make things worse. After deciding that they won't be breaking in, but sneaking in, Haruka and the others move, attempting to sneak in. After Shido finds a body, Haruka smells the fumes from it, declaring that it confirms that the man seen on the interview was vermin. Hearing that a subject's ID code has been located, they receive coordinates for the Amazon they were hunting, deciding that both the owner and the killer are probably Amazons. They decide to leave Nozomi and Mamoru there to take out the owner if he is an Amazon.

The others quickly leave, heading for the location of the other Amazon. Arriving at the location where both the Amazon, and Alpha/Jin are, Haruka rams the Junglaider into the Shrike Amazon, knocking him off balance. After Jin talked to him for a moment, the other exterminators arrived, with Haruka transforming quickly to fight. He and Jin fight the Amazon on equal grounds for the time being, with the exterminators providing covering fire. Activating his belt, and pulling out the scythe version of his Battle Grip, before jumping off of the lowered Alpha's back, Omega stabs the scythe into the Amazon and activates his Violent break. The injured Amazon turns back into its human form, catching Omega off-guard, causing him to lose focus of the battle, causing the Amazon to get away.

Hearing Jin berate him for not finishing the Amazon off, Haruka glared silently, unsure of how to proceed with the other exterminators. With Jin warning Haruka that the Amazon he let escape will eat someone else, Jin starts to leave, before the group discusses with Jin how he found the Amazon. After Jin leaves, Haruka apologizes for letting the Amazon get away, Kazuya explains that no one is mad at him, and that people never get used to something like that. Receiving a new ID signal from surveillance, Haruka and the others leave to the location of the Shrike Amazon. Arriving at the area of the ID signal, Haruka and the others look for the Amazon before splitting up, due to Haruka not being able to tell exactly where the Amazon is. Finding the Amazon, Haruka notifies the other members of the exterminators, before heading down to speak with the Amazon. After the Amazon asks Haruka if he has eaten anyone, Haruka says that he hasn't.

The Amazon explains that he encountered the body at the junkyard, and was unable to prevent himself from changing, but didn't eat the girl because she was already decomposing. Explaining that it was actually the junkyard owner who killed those women, the Amazon says that he has been hungry since then. The Amazon transforms, before Haruka chases after it, transforming as well. Arriving to find the Amazon already biting into the neck of someone, Omega uses the spikes on his arm to slash the Amazon as he drives by on the Junglaider. Remembering what Jin said, Omega grows angrier, snarling at the Amazon. Charging at the Amazon, Omega is initially overpowered by it, before using his anger to overpower the evolved Amazon, kicking it down a hill and becoming more aggressive. After being pinned on a nearby tree, Omega manages to get free and chases after the Amazon on the Junglaider, smashing through the Amazon, and destroying it.

Arriving back at the junkyard, Omega throws the junkyard owner away from Mamoru, before stalking after him. Picking him up, Omega throws the owner into a nearby car, and beats him with his fists before Alpha arrives, preventing him from laying down the killing blow. Begging with Jin to get out of his way so he can put down the murderer, Haruka continues to struggle against Alpha's grip. Finally relenting, Alpha lets him up, only to block his attack when he goes for the kill on the junkyard owner. Reverting to human form, Haruka asks Jin why he would protect such a human. Jin explains that he would protect humans, no matter who they are, or what they've done. Jin explains that Haruka has yet to draw a line, and only protects or kills based around personal feelings. After watching the exterminators draw the line on killing the owner, the group pulls out, with Haruka giving Nozomi back her shoe. She thanks him, in her own way, and he responds in kind.

Some time later, the exterminators receive a call from surveillance about an ID signature being detected, and head to the location given. Transforming upon arrival, Omega and the others engage in combat with the rogue Amazon. After dealing with the Amazon, the group returns to base, with Haruka starting to sweep up the base. After accidentally throwing away Mamoru's piggy bank, Haruka quickly apologizes as Mamoru pulls out the change in the can to show Haruka. Haruka helped Mamoru with picking up his yen, before going back to his cleaning. Later, after getting a call from surveillance, the group goes to investigate the area where the last Amazon had awakened at, with surveillance telling them that a large number of subjects had been awakening in the same area. In the van, Haruka senses an Amazon, and has Fuku stop the van, pointing at a nearby restaurant.

Haruka points out two 'civilians' and labels them as Amazons due to his senses picking up their scent. Getting the layout of the building from surveillance, Haruka and Nozomi investigate, disguised as civilians. After watching Nozomi fail to smile, the two of them head inside. After identifying the cook as an Amazon, the two wait to be seated. Going into the dining room, Haruka identifies all of the patrons as Amazons/vermin, with Nozomi being led away by the cook. Hearing the Amazons' reasons for coming to the restaurant, that it could possibly delay the metamorphosis, Haruka is unsure of what to do with the un-awakened Amazons. When the other exterminaotrs mobilize to fight the owner/cook, Haruka is still unsure of what to do with himself, but transforms to fight the owner with Mamoru and Nozomi. Being knocked away, Omega is ran into by the escaping Amazon patrons, with the woman from before looking at him for a moment before fleeing.

Omega quickly returns to the fight, chasing after the Spider Amazon. Knocking him into an empty warehouse, Omega continues his battle, alongside Mamoru and Nozomi. Omega knocks the Amazon to the ground quickly, tearing off one of his limbs as the Amazon awakens, becoming stronger. With his increased strength, the Amazon is able to battle Omega and Mamoru on even terms, before Omega activates his violent break, and stabs his scythe into the Amazon's chest, killing it. Looking down at the black goo where the Amazon's body used to be, Omega thinks back to the Amazon's words to the patrons, telling them to run if they wanted to stay free. Appearing in front of the other exterminators, Omega attempts to allow the Amazons to escape, but his efforts are stopped by Nozama Pharmacy using drones equipped with the Amazon gas. Haruka, now in his human form due running out of energy, watches in horror as the Amazons are killed by the now water-based poison.

Haruka takes off his mask, angry for the death of the Amazons, despite them living mostly peacefully. Hearing about Operation Tlaloc, Haruka looks up to the sky in disbelief. Riding back in the exterminators' van, Nozomi treats Haruka's wounds while they discuss Tlaloc. Haruka wants them to call it off, comparing it to a genocide with people who haven't done anything wrong. Hearing Shido telling him not to get in the way again, or that he would be put down like vermin, Haruka stops talking. Fuku stops the truck immediately, pointing out that Mizuki is nearby, watching the river. Noticing her, Haruka runs toward Mizuki, who greets him eagerly. The two talk for a moment, as Haruka apologizes for not contacting him, as well as discussing Haruka's injuries. Mizuki asks him to come home, with Haruka saying that he can't come home. The two continues to talk for a couple of more moments, before Jin appears in front of the exterminators.

Heading back to base, with Jin in tow, the group leaves Mizuki behind, with Haruka apologizing for not coming back, having something to do first. Haruka tells her how he thinks fighting is the right thing to do, before they leave. Watching the video that Jin brought, the group quickly recognizes the revived Maehara, now Amazon Sigma. Discussing Maehara being alive, when Jin explains that the pharmacy was talking about injecting Amazon cells into corpses. The group talks about the new development, as well as Jin asking to borrow Haruka and Mamoru. They then bring up Project Tlaloc, which excites Jin greatly. After Jin leaves, the group discusses Haruka's motivations, as well as his place on the team. With that, Haruka leaves the group, heading out of the base on the Junglaider. Sleeping on a park bench, Haruka senses Maehara's transformation, and heads for his location. Jumping in front of Mamoru to defend him, Omega engages Sigmna in battle.

With the hunters providing Omega cover fire, he briefly fights against Sigma on even terms, before Sigma starts putting effort into it. Once he begins putting effort into it, Sigma easily overwhelms Omega, and punches him through the chest, piercing his armor all the way with his third intentional move. Omega collapses to the ground, critically injured and bleeding on the ground, as Sigma turns back into his human form. With that, Maehara disappears as the team is quickly extracted by Fuku, and is taken to Nozama headquarters. Haruka is quickly operated on, as the doctors try to prevent his death. Shortly after the surgery, Haruka begins to eat some chicken, and causes his regeneration to kick in, healing his critical wounds almost instantly, prior to his mother's arrival. Upon his mother's arrival, Haruka doesn't seem to notice her, too focused on eating, and healing himself for the next fight.

After finishing his meal, he goes down to his mother's office, trying to stop Tlaloc from occuring by telling her about the morality of it, voicing his opinions on the matter. Hearing from his mother that he was, in fact, human, he declares that he is exactly like the Amazons, and brushes her off. After his mother's assistant steals the terminal for Project Tlaloc, Haruka stands by while he takes it, knowing that he won't activate it. This act causes a rift to form between both his mother, and the exterminators. Following this event, the exterminators and Haruka start to have an argument, before they receive word that Jin is fighting Sigma. Knowing that he's in over his head, the exterminators begin to move out, before Mamoru stops them. He tells that they are a team, and offers to pay each of them with one of his coins. Arriving to Jin's aid, the group engages Sigma in combat, defending Jin.

Haruka quickly transforms, taking point and fighting Sigma head-on while the others lay down suppressing fire, with Shido offering Jin a burger so he can get his energy back enough to help. Eating the burger quickly, Jin transforms as well, re-joining the fight. Though Sigma initially holds the advantage, Omega, and Alpha are able to hold out against him, wearing him down slowly, using their Violent Strike and Violent Slash respectively. Sigma gets up again, much to everyone's chagrin, before preparing a counter-attack, before his body begins to break down to due him being unable to feel the amount of damage that they've dealt to him. As he tries to flee, Mamoru appears behind him, stabbing his hand through Sigma's chest. With this, Sigma is finally brought down, and his body dissolves. Mamoru leaves one of his coins in the remains, before the group leaves, together again. Later, Haruka notices that Mamoru's appetite appears to have been affected negatively, as he doesn't want a burger anymore.

Several days later, Haruka is up late at night, when he sees Mamoru looking through the fridge for burgers. After Mamoru offers him one, Haruka rebuffs him, before Mamoru decides against eating one, due him having secretly tasted human flesh already. The two of them discuss Haruka's plans, and Mamoru eats a heated up burger anyways, to try and stave off his hunger. Haruka briefly considers where the two of them belong, while Mamoru eats his burger, before throwing it down once he decides he isn't hungry again. The two sit in silence for a little while, before Mamoru goes back to bed. Haruka sits in silence for a little while longer, before they receive a call from surveillance, having located another ID code. Hearing this, Haruka sounds the alarm to wake up the others, and get them ready for battle. Haruka and the others gear up, heading for the location of the ID. They quickly stop, heading into the tunnels, and splitting up into their formations. Haruka goes down one tunnel, locating several Amazons hiding and covered in blood.

Telling the others that they aren't vermin, Haruka tells them to flee, while heading for the location of the target. He transforms, and joins the fight, attacking the Bat Amazon while the others lay suppressing fire. Hearing that Tlaloc has already been activated, Omega quickly defeats the Amazon by smashing his head with a hard punch, before running off after the other Amazons. Omega slams ino the Bee Amazon, who was about to attack Mizuki. Seeing that she no longer has control of herself, Haruka grabs her to prevent her from eating Mizuki. Omega overpowers the Amazon easily, before the gas fills the area. Temporarily distracted by Mamoru turning, Omega almost allows the Amazon to escape, before finishing it off. After turning back into his human form, Haruka shares a moment with Mizuki, thanking her for everything she's done for him, before running off to stop Mamoru. Managing to find him in time, Haruka leads Mamoru to safety and convincing him that it's alright for them to live. After this, the two disappear for several weeks, leaving behind their old lives to live among the survivors of Tlaloc.

At some point during this period, Haruka visits the junkyard of the serial killer that he encounted while hunting a Shrike Amazon, and finished him off with his own two hands, before leaving his corpse behind for police to find, near the bodies of the women he killed.

Arriving in a green blur to save the surrounded exterminators, Omega appears, destroying several Amazons of varying classes, saving them. His armor now cut, and sporting several scars, Omega destroys several more Amazons with his increased strength. Turning back into his human form, he apologizes for not keeping in touch. He declines their orders of coming back with them to the Director, pointing toward his group of fellow survivors. Agreeing with the exterminators that they are vermin, Haruka says that this is his only reason for fighting right now. Going down to meet the injured, but alive Jin, whose face is now scarred. Haruka and Jin finally square off, transforming and charging at each other. The two appear to be evenly matched for the time being, before Alpha overpowers Omega, attacking some of the surviving, unawakened Amazons in the process. Watching as Mamoru fights off Jin for a little while, the exterminators start firing on Alpha to protect Mamoru.

After the exterminators are overpowered by Alpha, Omega rejoins the fight, and fights Jin one-on-one again. The two appear to be evenly matched again, each attacking and defending as well as the other, before both charge again. They block each other's slashes before ultimately slashing each other, causing the two to bleed heavily, before falling and turning back into their human forms. Seeing Jin flee, Haruka gets up, heading away with the other Amazons, ignoring the team's pleas for Mamoru and Haruka to return, walking away with their tribe of Amazons.

Some time later, Haruka was near the site of a kaiju attack, and fought the kaiju to protect his tribe of Amazons against Akajii and Aojii, fighting the two evenly for some time, before the two started to overpower him. He was briefly overpowered before Sailor Fighter showed up to assist him. Wary of the machine, Omega avoided directly teaming up with it, and focused on fighting Aojii, quickly overpowering the kaiju. When the kaiju charged at he and Sailor Fighter, Omega used his Violent Break to smash through the kaiju's head, killing it, and causing it to explode in a gory mess, before leaving with his tribe.

Later, after temporarily separating from his tribe to hunt down some rogue Amazons, Haruka entered a bar, which was filled with Amazons that had been awakened. Having heard of him, the Amazons quickly attacked, with the Bat Amazon giving him the most trouble, but ultimately, the Amazons were no match, and they were destroyed. Continuing into the basement, Omega found several strung up human bodies, as well as an unawakened female Amazon, who was still alive, but extremely hungry. Omega quickly cut her loose, before having her go outside, and giving her the location of his tribe. Assuring her that she would be safe from now on, Haruka drove off on his Junglaider.

An iteration of Amazon Omega from the Game World ambushed Emu Hojo, Naga Rei and Poppy Pipopapo with Amazon Alpha and Amazon Neo. Transforming into Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level X, Emu held off the three Amazon Riders, allowing Poppy and Naga to get away, only to be left at a disadvantage as he was unable to split into Level XX due to his Rider Gauge running low. However, by eluding the Amazons long enough, Ex-Aid was able to reach a Reverse Energy Item which had the effect of revitalizing Ex-Aid while weakening the Amazon Riders, allowing the Double Action Gamer to quickly defeat the trio by stomping on them.

Some time between 5 years after Tlaloc, Haruka and Jin clashed at certain times. But leaving Jin alive made Mamoru and his fellow Amazons want to stay away from Haruka, leaving him to settle things on the Amazons alone. He sniffed on Jin's agenda to always prepare himself protecting the innocent Amazon in need and later discovered that Nanaha pregnant one night. Feeling sympathy for Nanaha's child, he soon began working together with Hajime Hoshino. Initially asking Hajime where Nanaha had gone with her born child. Hajime made a ruse on Haruka so he would face Jin as both noticed that Jin would come to kill his son.

They clashed with Haruka winning, making Jin go blind for preventing him to meet Chihiro later. After the last fight with Jin, Haruka and Hajime later found out a horrible truth when they examined Chihiro's sample DNA before he was brought. Chihiro's blood would eventually grow and evolve him into a more powerful Amazon, something that Prof. Hoshino and Haruka had regrets for from protecting him of Jin's harm. Haruka asked if Hajime regretted his action, with the reply that he both regret and glad as he knew the feeling of having family. He also asked Haruka to take care of him as he had his DNA mixed with Chihiro's DNA when Jin was mad at him, leading Haruka later to choose killing him when he became Amazon.

5 years after Tlaloc and still taking the lead of the benign Amazon, he appeared and attacked Iyu but was interrupted by Mizuki and Chihiro. He was also revealed to be the one who was responsible for killing Professor Hoshino, Iyu's father when he turned into an Amazon.

Haruka helped Mizuki get rid of the contaminated water source, halting the creation of new Amazons. Explaining that Amazons have been overly and indiscriminately hunted, he decides to hunt the new Amazons but insists on protecting the originals.

To stop further sins committed by Mamoru, Haruka joins his old comrades, obtaining the New Amazons Belt. Mizuki also joins them, and together they finds another Original of New Type Amazons, the Jellyfish Amazon. During the encounter, Mamoru's group attacking Haruka's group in order to protect the Original. Transforming to New Omega the first time, Haruka defends his team while Mizuki uses the tested anti-Amazon bullet, which proves capable to kill all of Mamoru's group (exclude Mamoru) only with a barrel shot. However, the Original escapes.

Haruka and Mizuki chases after the Original and discovers its identity: none other than Nanaha, Chihiro's mother, much to Haruka and Mizuki's shock. They starts enganging the Amazon, but Haruka was utterly defeated. Just when he is about to get killed, the Amazon responds to Mizuki's calling her name and disappears. Mizuki immediately attends to Haruka, trying to treat his wound, but Haruka instead shows his stock hamburger and start eating.

Haruka hypothesizes that Nanaha was actually the first Original, and Chihiro was infected from her instead as it was unlikely otherwise. After recovering, he and Mizuki continues tracking the Jellyfish Amazon. However, they instead encounters Jin, who also just encountered the Amazon and is bewildered of the suspicion of its identity. When asked, Haruka confirms him, that it was Nanaha all along. Haruka regrets having helped her and Chihiro before, and feels obliged to kill them. However, Jin refutes and insists that the obligation is his.

When Fudamori is gathering all available heavy scattershot (one of which is carried by Mizuki) as preparation to assault Chihiro, she was still together with Haruka. Thus, both goes to the church Chihiro and Iyu are in. Haruka participates in the royal battle between Amazon Neo, the histerical Crow Amazon, and the rampaging New-Type Amazon who was just transformed from one of the extermination squad member. Haruka successfully kill the latter, but Chihiro and Iyu manage to escape, which he immediately chases.

Their next encounter is at the front of 4C headquarter, where Haruka attempts to stop Amazon Neo from entering the building by force. He is briefly caught off guard by Amazon Neo's Blade Arm, surprised by his resolution to save Iyu. However, when Mizuki is about to be killed, Haruka immediately comes to her aid, fighting Chihiro and defeats him with an Amazon Punish. Only Hiroki Nagase's intervention enables Chihiro and Iyu to escape the last time.

Reika Mizusawa, who is also in the scene, attempts to talk to Haruka. However, he instead shows disdain, leaving immediately.

Eventually he and Jin manages to track Chihiro near the shack with the angel mural. When Chihiro asks for any other way, Haruka refutes him, saying that the Lysogenic cells are too dangerous and uncontrollable even by Chihiro himself. The three remaining Amazons transform; Alpha and New Omega once again work together against the mutual threat of humanity. The Riders manage to triumph over the threat and the both went on their separate ways.

Haruka eventually returns to Mizuki, who is holding a HP Round Gun right now. He lets Mizuki point him with the gun, insist to be killed thus making Amazons extinct (except Jin). However, having fully understand what Haruka is, Mizuki instead asks him to continue to live on.


Haruka is meek, shy, friendly and kind. As someone who dislikes fighting and not wishing to hurt anyone, he has a hard time coming to terms with himself as an Amazon, as well as his inner blood-lust and violent tendencies when transformed. He desperately clings to his humanity and has a serious identity crisis. As such, his performance in the battlefield is unstable and unreliable, leading the Amazon hunters initially to refuse having him in their fold. After Operation Tlaloc, Haruka finally embraces his Amazon side and accepting the fact that there can never be a truly peaceful coexistence between humans and Amazons. He is now playing the role of a protector, by protecting surviving benign Amazons and humans in extension; as well as an executioner, by killing awakened Amazons who turn hostile against humans. He has also made himself an archenemy of Jin's, by protecting the surviving community of benign Amazons that Jin was trying to wipe out.


  • Rider Height: 186.5cm
  • Rider Weight: 88.1kg
  • Ability Perimeters:
    AmazonOmega AMAZONS
    • Punching Power: 24 tons
    • Kicking Power: 21 tons
    • Max Jump Height: 70m
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/5.7s

Amazon Origin (アマゾン素体 Amazon Mototai) is Amazon Omega's first and presumably incomplete form, indicated by the lack of the Amazon Driver on the waist. In this form, Haruka is not in full control of himself, causing Amazon Omega to act like a wild beast.

  • Rider Height: 188cm
  • Rider Weight: 92.8kg
  • Ability Perimeters:
    Amazon Omega
    • Punching Power: 21 tons
    • Kicking Power: 27 tons
    • Max Jump Height: 100m
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/4.6s

Using the Amazon Driver allows Amazon Omega to transform into this sleeker and more humanoid-like form. This form is Amazon Omega's default form and allows Haruka to be fully in control of himself.

  • Omega Header (オメガヘッダー Omega Heddā): Sensor Antenna. Able to detect noise and enemy presence in the surroundings. Omega's can amplify brain waves to summon Junglaider.
  • Amazon Eye (アマゾン・アイ Amazon Ai): Able to change focus at will and catch target 1k meter away even if they are in high speed.
  • Wilder Skin (ワイルダースキン Wairudā Sukin): Moderate tightening skin that wraps around the body with flexibility to enhance joints and muscles movements, and provides astounding physical abilities. It will also harden itself due to situations, to prevent damage from enemies.
  • Converter Lung (コンバーターラング Konbātā Rangu): Omega's chest. With Amazon Driver's influence, the Amazonz cells in Omega's body harden themselves to protect the core inside by cancelling out almost all damage inflicted. It can also absorb heat and wind from the surrounding area and convert them to stockpile energy.
  • Shellcut Glove (シェルカットグローブ Sherukatto Gurōbu): Arm cutters that can cut through everything. A punch can crack 70m thick bedrock.
  • Knee Hex (ニーヘクス Nī Hecusu): Knee protector that can observe the quake and strengthen the knee.
  • Shellcut Boot (シェルカットブーツ Sherukatto Būtsu): Boot cutters that can cut through everything. A single kick can crack 90m thick bedrock.
    • Finishers:
  • Violent Punish: Amazon Omega uses the blades on his arms to cut the enemy in half.
  • Violent Break: Omega uses the Battler Grip as a spear to impale his opponent. Alternatively, he can use the Battler Grip as a whip to pull the enemy towards him and cut them in half with his arm blades. He can also perform a downward slash with the Battler Grip in its sickle mode. He also has a third version of this finisher where he uses the knife mode of his Battle Grip to quickly slice his enemy apart at blinding speeds.
  • Violent Strike: Amazon Omega jumps up in the air and drop kicks the enemy

New Omega
  • Height: 188.0 cm.
  • Weight: 99.7 kg.
  • Ability Perimeters:
    Amazon New Omega Form
    • Punching power: 24.0 t.
    • Kicking power: 30.0 t
    • Maximum jump height: 55.0m (one leap)
    • Maximum running speed: 3.6s (100m)

Amazon New Omega (アマゾンニューオメガ Amazon Nyū Omega) is Amazon Omega's armored upgrade form accessed by using the Neo Amazons Driver.

Much like Amazon Neo, Amazon New Omega's usage of the Neo Amazons Driver grants him with additional armor which covers parts of his original Amazon Omega form. However, for some reason, Amazon New Omega's armor appears to be incomplete-looking, exposing some sections of mechanical parts within.


  • Omega's Violent Punish could be considered a modern re-imagining of the original Kamen Rider Amazon's Dai Setsudan attack.