Otoya Kurenai
Used by
Tengen Toppa Lazengann
Kamen Rider Ryuga (A.R. World), Narutaki, Kamen Rider Orga (A.R. World), Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto (A.R. World), Pseudo-Rider Alternative (A.R. World)
Kamen Rider DiEnd, Kamen Rider Kiva (A.R. World), Kamen Rider Decade
190cm (Normally), 100 meters (Size-shifted)
Kamen Riders
Kamen Riders

Otoya Kurenai (紅 音也 Kurenai Otoya), also known as Kamen Rider Dark Kiva, is an alternative version of Otoya Kurenai from Nega's World.


This Otoya shares many characteristics with his other self of the world Kiva, however, Negative Otoya is a cruel and ruthless dictator who plunged his own world into oppression under the power of his Dark Riders (Orga, Ryuga, Dark Kabuto and Alternative). He wanted Tsukasa to stay in the Nega World by giving him the K-Touch, but instead Tsukasa kills the other Dark Riders. Otoya was hiding while Tsukasa was fighting the other Dark Riders. At the end of the story arc, Otoya remains as the last Dark Rider in Nega World.


This version of Otoya seems to have more in common with the Fangire King, over the original Otoya, as he is shown to have a cruel streak, and tries to emotionally break his enemies. Despite his overwhelming power, he did show a cowardly side by hiding from Decade in his complete form while he battled the other Dark Riders.

Dark Kiva

  • Rider Height: 205cm
  • Rider Weight: 112kg
  • Ability Perimeters
    Kamen Rider Dark Kiva
    • Punching Power: 20 tons
      • Darkness Hell Crash: 65 tons
    • Kicking Power: 35 tons
      • King's Burst End: 180 tons
    • Maximum Jump Height: 250m
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/1.2s

Dark Kiva only appears to have one form, similar to that of Kiva Emperor Form in black and red. However, Dark Kiva does not require the use of a being such as Tatsulot to achieve this form. As Dark Kiva, Otoya has access to a unlimited potential of power that is hindered within his successor such as telekinesis and the use of the Kiva insignia as a weapon.


  • While the original Otoya was Wataru's father, Otoya does not exist in the World of Kiva because that world's Wataru had a human mother and Fangire father as opposed to a human father and Fangire mother.

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