Cyborg Code G
Used by
Tengen Toppa Lazengann
Kamen Rider Decade, Heisei Riders
Worms, Shade, Neo-Shade
192cm (Normally)
Kamen Riders
Kamen Riders

Goro (吾郎 Gorō) is Kamen Rider G (仮面ライダーG Kamen Raidā Jī), a Kamen Rider created for the 10th anniversary of the Heisei Era in the mini-production Kamen Rider G.


Goro was a guinea pig in Shade (シェード Shēdo) for tests and was wiped of his memories. When he sees that his girlfriend Eri Hinata is amongst the hostages Shade has taken, he regains his memories and turns on the Shade terrorists. Oda is forced to reveal himself as the Phylloxera Worm, and reveals that several other Shade members have been converted into Worms. Goro transforms into Kamen Rider G to take on the Worms, defeating them all save for Phylloxera who is much too strong for him.

Just then, Kamen Rider Decade and the other Heisei Kamen Riders appear to give Kamen Rider G the confidence he needed to destroy the Phylloxera Worm with his Swirling Rider Kick. As the Phylloxera Worm says in his last breath that the war is not over, Goro proclaims that he will protect the world from Shade's evil influence, before he can reunite with Eri.

Sometime later, he managed to defeat Shade, before having to deal with the new organization, known as Neo-Shade, which was created by the Great Leader to deal with Kamen Rider G.


Goro's personality seems to resemble early Takeshi Hongo's, in that he is highly intelligent, and seeks to make amends for what he did as a cyborg under Shade's control. Despite this, he is not as skilled, and thus not as confident as several other Riders.


  • Height: 200cm

    Kamen Rider G

  • Weight: 132kg
  • Ability Perimeters:
    • Punching Power: 8t
    • Kicking Power: 10t
    • Maximum Jump Height: 50m
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/6.9s

G's powers are mostly based on wine, and even his weapon is based on a bottle opener. By activating a switch on his belt, he can perform the Swirling Rider Kick, which is similar to Faiz's Crimson Smash.


  • It is not known how Goro got his Rider powers, but it can be presumed that his powers came with Shade's modification of his body and that his Rider form is the form of "Cyborg Code G".

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