Yeah. I've had a thought about that. After they murdered my family and only daughter - they ruined my life. Do you think I'll accept that? You're damn wrong. „ 

— Keira

Protector of Lives, Kamen Rider Upiza
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Used by
Faiz Riders (sometimes), his law enforcement team, Yura
Smart Brain, the Oprhnoch, Kamen Rider Kaixa
6'0 (untransformed), 6'5 (transformed)
Kamen Riders
Fanon Characters

In an alternate timeline of Kamen Rider 555, Keira Kenzuki (剣田慶良, Keira Kendate) is a police officer who is unwillingly caught in the conflict of Smart Brain, humanity and the Orphnoch but forcibly becomes Kamen Rider Upiza to stop the conflict between them and save the fate of humanity.

His motif is based on the Greek letter Upsilon (ύψιλον, (Y).

Front Information

He hails from an alternate timeline where the Upiza Rider Gear was an incomplete Rider Gear for the Orphnoch to wear. It was deemed to be the superior hand between the Faiz, Delta, and Kaixa Gear so that said gears would be branches to the Upiza Gear. However, it was dangerously unstable and deemed as unnecessary.

When the Rider Gears were all under use of Takumi, Masato and Shūji, the young police officer is one of Tokyo police investigators that discover the Orphnoch are behind an unnoticed series of gruesome murders. Keira is very intelligent, having a outstanding IQ of 300. Before Keira could take further action, his daughter, and later his family is murdered by the Orphnoch completely unnoticed and witnesses their murders before the Orphnoch departs. Keira mourns the loss of his family, mentioning that his family was the only vital part of him that he wanted to live for.

This led him to intense depressive thoughts and ideation, now that he had nothing to live for - somewhat similar to Eiji. He's clouded with the memories of his deceased family and how he wasn't good enough to save them, and that he deserved to be punished and that nothing would ever get better. This gets so bad to the point that he quits his job of serving his community as a police officer and lives as an unwealthy, poor man living alone.

He soon forms a mutual relationship with a female friend of his, named Yura Sazaki, who later becomes his girlfriend. She is later revealed to be a Ryuseiji.

However, he discovers the broken Upiza Gear in the middle of a rubble at the latest Orphnoch attacks. He decides to take this to his apartment and observes it, but clearly has no idea on what to do with it. As the story of Faiz carried on, Keira is a mysterious man who wields the broken Upiza Gear who views the Kamen Riders fight. Takumi has met with him and talked with the man on several occasions - but he's a man with few words.

Eventually, Keira forms a determination to end the Orphnoch and Smart Brain. He discovers that Orphnoch DNA is needed to transform into a Kamen Rider. Through very risky and life-threatening means, Keira ends up getting in the way of all the Riders and obtains Orphnoch DNA, and injects it into himself. He then leaves for a short while, but in his time, he immediately begins fixing the broken Upiza Gear himself, and after several months of examination and close operation - he successfully completes the Upiza Gear,but to fails to complete it its original full power.

Before he can take action as a Kamen Rider, Keira has multiple and intense arguments with Yura about becoming a Kamen Rider. He says that he's doing this to redeem himself from the murders of his family, leaving the law enforcement and everyone he loved behind so that he can make up for it. His final reason for doing it is to protect Yura himself. Yura unwillingly agrees, but soon accepts his decision. He clearly knows that he can no longer return to his regular humanity anymore, but he willingly accepts that - almost breaking into tears at the thought that he essentially is a monster, but has to take on that burden.

Finally, Keira makes his official appearance as Kamen Rider Upiza and becomes another Kamen Rider, and sometimes allies himself with Faiz and Delta, but has an intense, infuriating rivalry with Kaixa/Masato, and truly hates him for his ways. He sometimes allies himself because the man has the full intention to go on his path alone, but knows that apart of his law enforcement job was teamwork - so he has to work with the other Riders one way or another.

His determination and will strengthens exponentionally after witnessing and reliving dark moments that would impact his life once more. But as mentioned, he succeeds in ending Smart Brain and the Orphnoch with the other Riders. He currently is married to Yura and has two children, while also going back to being a police officer once more.

He still has the Upiza Gear.




Keira is a man who's heart is damaged and nearly broken. He takes on the burden knowing that he is a monster and cannot go back to humanity anymore, but he willingly accepts that, knowing that being a hero and protecting the others is what counts - just like he was when he was a police officer. Keira has several bouts of sadness and sorrow when situations do not turn to be out in the positive, almost affecting his personal life - but is working at that, and is improving. He deeply loves Yura dearly and will protect anything that comes in her way, and make sure everything goes right for her. He consistently supports her and is the key of Yura's inner strength to come back and try again after failure, the same goes for vice versa.

Like Eiji, he wants to reach a hand out to those who are hurt and cannot protect themselves, and if he can't, he will deeply regret it and would rather end up dead than having to deal with it. He tries his best to protect anyone he can, making sure they survive. This can lead into slight suicidal behavior going back into the memories that he had nothing to live for, but he does not let that get to him, no matter what.


Keira is a Japanese man who stands at 6'0. He wears a black leather jacket version of Kazuma Kendate's jacket (the alternate reality Kamen Rider Blade). He wears a white shirt underneath, wears blue jeans, and wears white sneakers. He has sharp, spiky dark brown hair. He has fierce, dark brown eyes.


Kamen Rider Upiza
Complete! „ 

— Transformation announcement

  • Height - 195.58 cm
  • Weight - 98kg
  • Ability Parameters
    • Punching Power: 5.2t
    • Kicking Power: 7.8t
    • Maximum Jump Height: 40m
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m /5.2 seconds

By dialing the code number "'9-1-1'" into the Upiza Phone, and then inserting it inside the Upiza Driver and slotting it over, it allows Keira to transform into Kamen Rider Upiza.

  • Parts -
    • Full Metal Lung: The vest armor of the Rider provides the most protection, being able to withstand Anti-tank weaponry.
    • Elite Global Feeler: The antenna on the Rider’s head can be used to link up to Smart Brain's networks and communicate with the Smart Brain Satellite and Smart Brain computer network.
    • Photon Blood: A glowing substance that provides all of the Rider’s powers and generates all of the physical features of the armor. The Photon Blood is generated from the Upiza Driver.
    • Photon Streams: The path that the Photon Blood travels through the Rider’s armor. In Upiza, this path is blue when transforming, and white after transformed.
    • Photon Terminals: Where the Photon Streams connect with the gauntlets and greaves.
    • Sol Foam/Metal: Soft parts of the armor are made of Sol Foam, and the hard parts are made of Sol Metal. This substance is generated by the Upiza Driver to form complex machinery that is powered by Photon Blood. If the Foam or Metal are damaged, the armor switches off and resets itself.
    • Y-Ultimate Finder: The Y-eyepiece of Upiza's helmet allows him to have incredible vision. He can see in darkness with no problems and have an unlimited amount of X-ray vision.
  • Enhanced physical abilities
  • Able to use the Upiza Phone as a laser pistol
  • Upiza Shot can be used as a knuckle duster
  • Silver Upiza, a laser blade allowing for very clean cuts.
  • Able to initiate an "Exceed Charge", allowing for deadly finishing moves.

Upiza Exceed


Upiza Full Power



  • Upiza is Gojiran103's first fanon Kamen Rider.
  • Upiza is Gojiran103's second creative Kamen Rider character.

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