Used by
Jay's Wing
Anguirus, Shadowverse Anguirus, Cowra
100 meters

Kid-Sized is a giant living bag of popcorn and role-play character used by Jay's Soviet Wing.


Kid-Sized, being a child, is very energetic and hyper. Just as enthusiastic about killing as his older brother, Kid-Sized will destroy anything in his path, eager to get revenge for all the popcorn that has been eaten by humans since its invention.


The Popcorn Bros. and Cow

In Santiago, Chile, three tasty enemies invaded the city, ready to get revenge on the humans that eat them daily. First were the Popcorn Bros., a giant bucket and small bag of popcorn named Super-Sized and Kid-Sized that popped out explosive kernels of popcorn from their tops that destroyed any buildings they hit. The second was Cowra, who smashed right through a row of buildings with his horns.

As Super-Sized bounced towards the La Moneda Palace, ready to destroy it, Anguirus suddenly appeared right in his face, punching the bucket of popcorn in his face, if he had one. As Kid-Sized cried out and rushed to his older brother's aid, another Anguirus thunderballed the small bag into Super-Sized. The new challenger happened to be Shadowverse Anguirus, back to cause chaos at Anguirus' side again!

Super-Sized sent out a storm of explosive popcorn kernels at Shadowverse Anguirus. As he dodged out of the way, Kid-Sized rammed him into a building. However, this gave Anguirus the opportunity to attack unopposed, letting out a sonic roar that blasted half of the popcorn inside Kid-Sized out of him. Super-Sized flew into a rage at this, scorching Anguirus with a storm of exploding popcorn.

As Shadowverse Angy electrocuted Kid-Sized with a beam of electricity, Cowra came in and blasted the random kaiju with a purple ray from in between his horns. Screaming out in pain, Shadowverse Anguirus turned and blasted Cowra with ice, only for the kaiju to ram his horns into him. Next, Kid-Sized rammed into Shadowverse Anguirus, but Cowra turned on Kid-Sized and sliced holes in the small bag with his horns. Meanwhile, Anguirus stabbed a spike into Super-Sized, making popcorn leak out, but the living bucket tipped over on him and spilled out exploding popcorn, majorly damaging Anguirus.

At that point, Anguirus was appalled that he was having trouble with a giant bucket of popcorn, and promptly blasted Super-Sized with magma, burning the popcorn inside of him and making him squeal in pain, fleeing the battle. Next up was Kid-Sized, who fled too after Anguirus teleported behind and blasted him with fire as well. Last was Cowra.


  • Explosive Kernels - All of the kernels of popcorn inside Kid-Sized are explosive. He can use these to bombard opponents with popcorn bombs.


  • Fire - Kid-Sized is very weak to fire, since it roasts the popcorn inside of him to a crisp, essentially killing him from the inside.

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