King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah in Godzilla Unleashed game of 2007
Used by
Jay's Wing
Gigan 2007, Megalon 2007, Mecha Grand King Ghidorah, MechaGodzilla 2007,
Onacha, Rotgeist, Omnia, Gomora, Baragon 2007, Gipsy Danger, Go G SpaceGodzilla
100,000 years
120 meters
160 meters
The Geonosians
Pipeworks Kaiju

King Ghidorah 2007 (also known as Unleashed King Ghidorah or just King Ghidorah) is an alien dragon kaiju and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Even when not under mind control, King Ghidorah is a ruthless kaiju with a lust for destruction. It enjoys the suffering of others and will often prolong a battle because of this. When losing, however, King Ghidorah will abandon his allies for his own safety.


King Ghidorah was a major player in the War of 2007, then under the control of the Vortaak. He first appeared in Osaka when an alien ally needed help, and quickly defeated King Caesar 2007.

He was then imbued with crystal radiation and transformed into a monstrous new form, Critical Mass. He traveled to Seattle, and after a long and brutal fight, was defeated by Godzilla 2007, Anguirus 2007, and Mothra 2007.

His last battle of 2007 was in New York, where he battled with TBA

After that, King Ghidorah was discarded and disappeared until he was put under alien control once again. He was sent to Chongqing to help out Gigan and Megalon 2007, but he was too late, as both were killed. He ended up battling Rotgeist, Gipsy Danger, Gomora, and Kamen Rider Accel along with Mecha-Titanosaurus.

In his last appearance, King Ghidorah was sent out by The Geonosians to defend Paris from Go G SpaceGodzilla. However, he was relatively easily defeated and killed, having his middle head cut off and getting a huge whole blown into his chest.


  • Gravity beams
  • Flight at Mach ?
  • Tremendous strength
  • Hurricane winds
  • And more TBA