King Naruton
King Naruton
Used by
Inconnu (boss)
Denomon, Narutons
Biker Jet Jaguar, Garbage Monster, Blues Megalon, Jazz Gigan
Not known
75 meters
75 meters
Sailor Fight! Character

King Naruton (キング ナルトン, Kingu Naruton) is the chieftain of the Narutons and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


King Naruton is a harsh and slimy leader, who rules over the other Narutons with an iron fist. He has a very high opinion of Inconnu and practically idolizes him and agrees with almost everything he says. Despite his fairly high rank and being a skilled leader, he's also somewhat of a coward.


Debut: Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 1

King Naruton made his first appearance in a brief cameo where he lead the other Narutons against Kunin and Garbage Monster's groups. He ordered his Narutons to stop them at once, as he didn't want them to reawaken Majin Tuol.

Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 2

King Naruton made another brief appearance during the battle, where he and other Narutons aligned with the Living Sunerian Statue to take down the likes of Kunin, Gamoni and the remaining "trespassers". He mainly fought against Biker Jet Jaguar and put up a good fight, but was defeated by Biker Jet Jaguar towards the end of the battle.

After the destruction of the Living Sunerian Statue, King Naruton and the other Narutons fled the scene, retreating.

Showdown! The Undead Monster vs. The Trash Warrior

King Naruton returned to exact his revenge against Garbage Monster's group, and lead another group of Narutons to track down and capture Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon. Once the horde of Narutons managed to capture them, King Naruton sentenced them to be punished by summoning the undead armored monster Denomon to combat against the two in a fight to the death. King Naruton watched as they fought.

However the fight was intervened by Garbage Monster, who King Naruton then ordered Denomon to attack first instead. After Denomon was defeated, the Narutons retreated; King Naruton tried to escape, but he was then blasted away by Garbage Monster's Debris Stream, sending him flying aways.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Enhanced Strength: King Naruton is stronger than the average Naruton and can even hold his ground better against stronger kaiju.
  • Burrowing: King Naruton is capable of burrowing fast underground like regular Narutons.
  • Ring Lasers: King Naruton wears special rings on all his fingers that can fire powerful laser blasts against his foes.
  • Spear Summon: King Naruton can summon a spear he can use for combat.


  • He was originally called "Boss Naruton" in his first appearance.
  • To tell him apart from the other Narutons, King Naruton appears to be thicker, harder-armored scaly skin and is more bipedal in stature.
  • King Naruton is so far the only known Naruton capable of speaking intelligible English.
  • He currently has no theme.