Knock Out
Used by
Breakdown (partner)
Hardshell (boss)
Scurrydown (other partner)
Gamoni, Janitornator, Overcast, Incinerator, Spacewarp
Myth Rider Wrath, "Crapshack", Backslash, Makeshift, Dawnsteel, Duskstar, Lights-Out, Wipeout, Strikeout, Transquito, Prowl, Hardhead, Smokescreen, Macabre, Mummy Vehicons
Not known
21 ft.
?? ft.
Prepare for surgery! „ 

— Knockout

Scrap... „ 

— Knock Out

Knock Out (ックノックアウト Nokku Auto) is a Decepticon medical officer and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a red sports car loosely resembling an Aston Martin One-77.


Knock Out is cheeky, arrogant, melodramatic and very vain. He's also a narcissist, as he is attracted to himself and is very careful with his appearance. Though he's a decent fighter, he prefers to use big powerful weapons to fight with. He is also somewhat cowardly but he's also is fairly polite and seems to enjoy it when others are polite to him.

He seems to be fond of some cliches found in horror movies and "road trip movies" as well.



Knockout was a friend of Breakdown from the old days back on Cybertron. Not much else is known about him there other than that.

Debut: The Swarm Plan

He first appeared in a small appearance where he observed the fight between Cokra, Gokidon and Kamen Rider Wrath. He was amused by the fight, but he had no time for sight-seeing; he needed to meet up with his ally again soon or else he would be unprotected, so to speak.

Meeting up with an Old Friend 

He appeared again to contact his ally Breakdown to come rescue him from an Iowan town. Breakdown, Hardshell and Gamoni came to his aid and rescued him while also freeing Vertigo. He also found Gamoni to be unusual looking.  

Repairing Scurrydown

After Scurrydown got a new body, Scurrydown came over to Knockout to help him out with a few repairs, which Knockout obliged to do.


A few weeks later passed by, Knock Out, Scurrydown and the Insecticon Jantior found themselves lost on some Western desert. Knock Out stressed out and panicked, realizing that there was no way of finding their way back to base, Gamoni was elsewhere and Hardshell and Breakdown were both M.I.A.. Knock Out and the other two Insecticons were then approached by WFC Breakdown and Switchback who informed them both that all three of them were in their land now. Switchback offered the three to join the "Mutant Cybertronians" but Knock Out managed to chase off Switchback by angering him with his "complex-addicted plot summaries", as Knock Out is admittedly fond of cliches. Scurrydown and Knock Out got into an argument with each other, Scurrydown berating Knock Out because he "scared away" their only chance to make it out of there.

Before they could finish their rant though, the three 'Cons were approached by an incoming mercenary dropship. A spikey pickup Decepticon dropped down from the ship and approached Knock Out, Scurrydown and the Insecticon Janitor. Knock Out asked who the Decepticon mercenary was, only for the Decepticon mercenary replied that he was under orders to kill the three, as they were considered criminals ordered to be executed by the higher-ranking Decepticon squadron known as "Team Destron". The mercenary then attacked and went ballistic on the three, causing an all-out attack. It didn't get any better for Knock Out when Jury-Rig came. Jury-Rig fought off blasted Knock Out and the Insecticon Janitor, but the two were saved by Jim Sun Spider who then preceeded to beat up the daylights out of Jury-Rig. Knock Out and the Insecticon Janitor then went over to fight off the Decepticon mercenary, doing their best dodge his blasts from his Disintegrator Ray.

Once the Decepticon mercenary revealed his name to be "Crapshack", Knock Out broke into hysterical laughter over the fact the name of the guy who was chasing them was named that. "Crapshack" then turned on his invisibility cloak mode and was about to attack Knock Out and the Insecticon Janitor, but fortunately Scurrydown was able to detect "Crapshack" and fired a blast of his arm gun at him. Knock Out then left with both Scurrydown and Insecticon Janitor, as Scurrydown left behind a highly-explosive grenade to take care of the Decepticon mercenary. Knock Out, Scurrydown and the Insecticon Janitor then took off far away from the grenade's explosion and kept running away.

The Vehicons Ambush

Knock Out and his other two Decepticon comrades finished running around after it became clear that they wee no longer being pursued. They began to look around for Energon, which then they did with the help of a person they met known as Capricorn. Knock Out, Scurrydown, Janitornator and Capricorn were then intervened by an ambush of Vehicon bounty hunters and fought them off. After they finished them off, Knock Out (along with Scurrydown and Janitornator) ran off with their Energons.

Tabriz Tango

After their Vehicon encounter, Knock Out led the two Insecticons further onto someplace near Tabriz. Knock Out got into an argument with Scurrydown but it was immediately halted by Janitornator. Knock Out's radio inside of his car then went wonky, meaning that somebody was calling him. Slightly embarrassed (as Knock Out claims he needs to get his "message received thing" fixed), Knock Out then answered the call, only then to find out that it was somebody he knew...

Upon finding out this revelation, Knock Out ordered Scurrydown and Janitornator to follow him into Tabriz. As Knock Out and the two Insecticons neared Tabriz, Knock Out then heard a loud steam-type noise from behind. As he turned around, it turned out to be four Maximal Cops emerging from the canisters to arrest the three. As they cornered the three Decepticons, Knock Out pleaded his innocence, but 9K didn't want to hear it. 9K then ordered Knock Out along with the two Insecticons to be executed, but before that could even happen, Nemesis Prime showed up and destroyed all four of the Maximal Cops. Terrified, Knock Out, Scurrydown and Janitornator ran into the center of the city.

It was in there they finally met the caller; Breakdown. Astounded, Knock Out went up to meet his missing partner and asked him where had been all this time. Breakdown revealed to Knock Out a few details about Team Destron but before they could say more, Team Destron's forces came and Vehicons rained down upon them. Knock Out (and Breakdown) were then both intervened by a Predacon criminal known as Backslash, who came to kill them both by the orders of Team Destron. Knock Out and Breakdown teamed up and fought Backslash.

Unfortunately, Backslash was highly skilled and beat down Knock Out and tossed him around. As Backslash monolouged a little, Backslash then aimed for the kill and was about to strike both Knock Out and Breakdown, but he was then killed himself by Assaulter, saving Knock Out and Breakdown. 

After the Team Destron forces in Tabriz fell, Knock Out and Breakdown regrouped with Scurrydown and Janitornator and took off.

The Predacons Emerge Pt. 1

After the chaos in Tabriz, Knock Out along with the other three went inside a cave. Knock Out and Breakdown spoke to each other for a lengthy amount of time, because of long they spent aways from each other. Breakdown spoke to Knock Out some more on Team Destron; also saying that he had a plan on how to free Hardshell from the Destron prison and to fight back Destron. Knock Out agreed with Breakdown's terms as well as coming up with his own plan which was to grab a some Destron Vehicons and reprogram them to follow them, though Knock Out admitted he would most definitely need Scurrydown to help him.

Knock Out then talked to Breakdown about on how bad things were when Breakdown left. Knock Out also brought up one time where he, Scurrydown and Janitornator went to get tacos and were attacked by Scraplets, which he told to Breakdown that he did not want to know. Breakdown didn't know how to react to that.

Their conversation and planning was interrupted however by an intruding shadowy blur. Knock Out searched around for the blur, but the blur soon revealed itself to be none other than the Destron Shifter Makeshift. Knock Out ordered to attack the intrusive Makeshift, but Makeshift had a trick up his sleeves; Duskstar and Dawnsteel. After Makeshift left, the Predacons attacked the four, with Duskstar chasing after Knock Out.

Knock Out ran away from Duskstar from a long time, until Breakdown came to rescue Knock Out and fought off the Predacon. Right as Knock Out himself was going to duel Duskstar, the ceiling of the cavern began to collapsed, trapping him and knocking him out unconscious along with the others in the cave as well.

The Predacons Emerge Pt. 2

Two days later, Knock Out was rescued by the Mutant Cybertronians and pulled out of the cave. Unfortunately, he was completely covered in scratches much to his dislike. Knock Out grabbed out his buffer and handed it to Breakdown and asked Breakdown to buff him, that way he could be clean and the scratches would be gone. However before Breakdown could even start buffing Knock Out, three other Cybertronians (two Autobots and one Decpeticon) showed up to beat up Knock Out because he "stole" their names. Knock Out then ran for his life.

An hour later, Knock Out returned back to Breakdown and requested to have his buffing be continued as the three other "Knock Outs" had disappeared. However, he was wrong, the three did show up again. Enraged, Knock Out ordered Breakdown and Scurrydown to attack them. Scurrydown fought off Wipeout, Breakdown fought off Lights-Out and Knock Out fought off Strikeout. The fight was interrupted though by the reawakened Predcaons Duskstar and Dawnsteel, to which the other three Knock Outs ran away from.

Knock Out was the first one to spot Spacewarp coming and leaped away when she landed. Upon realizing that Hardshell had returned, Knock Out joined up with Overcast to attack Duskstar. Later on, Knock Out cheered on as Spacewarp chased out the two Predacons and Transquito. After Hardshell's speech, Knock Out then got his buffer back and finally got to be cleaned in peace.

Macabre Strikes

Eventually Knock Out had finally managed to cleanse himself with his buffer and showed off his repaired look in front of the other Decepticons. He joined in the fight against the Autobots and Animated Zilla 's New Cartel, as well as Macabre and his horde of Mummy Vehicons. After the fight, Knock Out as well as the other Decepticons retreated into Spacewarp and took off.


Knockout Car

Knock Out's car mode.

  • Energon Prod: Knock Out's main weapon. It can be used to electrocute enemies.
  • Electric Hand Saw
  • Arm Mounted Drill: A small, but deadly drill that comes out from Knock Out's left arm. It can drill into almost anything and is very painful.
  • Shockblade

Likes and Dislikes


  • Himself
  • Buffing
  • Inflicting pain on others (mainly humans or other Cybertronians)
  • Old movies


  • Losing
  • Getting his paint job ruined
  • Scratches/damage to himself


  • Combat: Knock Out is not the best fighter, mainly avoiding getting involved in fights and avoid messing up his paint job. 


...Nobody cares, do they? „ 

— Knock Out

Scrap it all... „ 

— Knock Out

You better not scratch my paintjob! „ 

— Knock Out

Oh geez, sorry, I'm not a mind-reader ya know. „ 

— Knock Out to Scurrydown after Knock Out unintentionally managed to offend Switchback.

Yeah....were not really scared of that. Try harder next time. „ 

— Knock Out when he encountered Crackshack for the first time.

Wait--your name is "Crapshack"? We're being chased by a guy named "Crapshack"? „ 

— Knock Out upon finding out Crackshack's initial name.


— Knock Out to 9K during interrogation.


  • He doesn't exactly hate the Insecticons, but finds them annoying.
  • Despite not liking humans, he seems to enjoy human culture such as watching movies in drive-by theaters and having a fondness in their sports cars.


Richard Cheese - Brass Monkey02:16

Richard Cheese - Brass Monkey

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