Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Emperor Tazarus
IguanaGoji, Makia, Silvergon, M, Heisei Gamera, Dark Zagi, Plissken, Daizyujin, Iron Kaiser, STADPA, Giant Slalom, Plissken
Primate-Reptile Hybrid
140 meters
240 meters
Mutant Kaiju

— Kongzilla's only line.

Kongzilla is mutation kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Kongzilla is an unstoppable powerful brute driven by rage, pure and simple. He seeks to raise carnage and to destroy everything that stands in his way. Because he's so savage and barbaric, the Viledrodes have to be extremely careful with him.

He is said to be one of Emperor Tazarus's strongest monsters, if not the strongest.


Kongzilla was a creation of the Viledrodes. Emperor Tazarus and the Viledrodes created him by gathering some samples of Godzilla's and King Kong's DNA, combined their genetic structures, thus creating Kongzilla.


Introduction- Kongzilla!

Kongzilla was first sent to Earth to battle against Noa and IguanaGoji. He easily overpowered and beat them, but he was abruptly beamed back inside Emperor Tazarus's ship, as the fight was merely only a test to demonstrate Kongzilla's might.

Striking Back

He later participated in a fight against Noa again, with Makia, M and Silvergon. This time however, Noa flamed Kongzilla in the chest which Kongzilla didn't like. Emperor Tazarus was forced to retreat, in which he beamed Kongzilla back onto his ship. 

Kongzilla and Gryphon vs. Makia and Heisei Gamera

Emperor Tazarus sent him to attack Heisei Gamera and Makia at British Columbia. There he also briefly teamed up with Gryphon and brutally beat up Makia. He was defeated by Heisei Gamera setting him on fire, and Kongzilla ran off.

Assault on Micronesia

Kongzilla appeared again later along with Khreeler and Cyber-Zilla in the Viledrode's conquest of the Federal States of Microsnesia. There he destroyed many buildings and along with the other two kaiju, defeated Dark Zagi.

Midwestern Duel

He and Gokidon were trekking around the Midwest when they came across Gamoni. He was then ambushed by Neo SMG. Both him and Gokidon put a brutal fight against Neo SMG, but him, Gokidon and Gamoni were then both flown away by Daizyujin. Obsidian then took care of Neo SMG. Kongzilla and Gokidon then retreated and Gamoni left a little while later.

Rematch! IguanaGoji vs. Kongzilla


Assault on Malaysia- Garbage Monster's Downfall


Kongzilla Reappers! Kongzilla vs. Plissken



  • Kongzilla can fire green atomic breath.
  • Kongzilla relies on his immense brute strength to take down his opponents.
  • Kongzilla, despite his sheer size, is actually very agile and quick-moving.
  • Kongzila has regenerating healing factor.
  • Kongzilla has very good endurance, and can stay on the battlefield for a long time.


  • Because of how violent and aggressive Kongzilla is, he is also somewhat hard to control, so Emperor Tazarus usually sends him out to do important missions or as a last minute solution.
  • Kongzilla is of course based off the statue made by Bowen Designs.

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