Toa of Ice, Kopaka
Kopaka Mata
Used by
Tahu, Pohatu, Gali, Lewa, Onua, Turaga Nuju, Turaga Matau, Turaga Vakama, Turaga Onewa, Turaga Nokama, Turaga Whenua, Matorn, Mata Nui
Makuta, Skrall, Eliminator
Bionicle Character
Kopaka is the Toa Mata of Ice and a the deputy commander of the Toa Mata. He is an RP character used by The Toa of Shadow 


Note: This only covers Kopaka's history in the RPVerse.

Debut: A New Chronicle: The Toa vs. Eliminator!



Kopaka was serious, cold and analytical. He was a loner, preferring to go solo instead of teaming up. He would often be in rivalry with Tahu, their elements reflecting their different and conflicting natures.

Kopaka oftenly displayed his cold side and to many it seemed like it was all there was in him. But if one would take the time to look a little deeper into his character, it would find a loyal guardian with a caring heart who was willing to risk everything to protect his home, Matoran, Turaga, and his brother and sister Toa. He was very protective of the Matoran, thinking that exposing them to danger was not the deed of a responsible Toa.

Pohatu was possibly Kopaka's closest friend; he was the first of the Toa to encounter Kopaka, and when Pohatu was later thought dead, it was the only time Kopaka openly showed emotions.

Kopaka also considers Lewa a good friend, as he worried about the Toa of Air when there was no sign of him on Bara Magna and swore to find his brother.

Unlike some of the other Toa Nuva, Kopaka had changed very little. He still prefered to fight alone, given the opportunity, though he knew it was not a wise tactic against the Makuta. He and Tahu had settled many of their differences and Kopaka filled the role of deputy leader of the team


  • Ice Manipulation: Kopaka has control over the element of Ice. He can freeze water, stop snow falling, whip up immense blizzards, cause avalanches, make the temperature drop, freeze his enemy into a solid chunk of ice, or unleash blasts of ice. After becoming a Toa Nuva, these abilities were greatly enhanced, and also allowed him to use Kanohi Nuva.
  • Ice Blade: Kopaka possessed an icy sword to go along with his ice shield. After Kopaka became a Toa Nuva, his Ice Sword was transformed into twin Ice Blades which could double as skates.
  • Ice Shield: Kopaka used an Ice Shield as a secondary Toa tool, both as a Toa Mata and as a Toa Nuva. In both cases, his shield has proved very useful, also doubling as a way of getting down a slope quickly.
  • Midak Skyblaster
  • Blizzard Blade:  The Blizzard Blade features a laser-targeting system for the Skyblaster, and can be wielded separately from the blaster as a conventional blade or knife.



  • During the prototype stages of BIONICLE, Kopaka was named "Blade".
  • Kopaka was the first of the Toa Mata to recover a Kanohi.