I am Kouli... One of NESTS high-ranking elites. I am tasked to take you down. „ 

— Kouli to his opponent.

Used by
NESTS, NESTS members, Kyozalid (rival)
Opponents of NESTS, Kyozalid (rival)
Human (hybrid clone)
KOF Fanon

Kouli (コウリ, Kouri) is a high-ranking NESTS elite Iori Yagami-Krizalid clone hybrid, created by NESTS. He hails from an alternate KOF timeline. He is used by Gojiran.

Front Information

Kouli is a man of a detailed backstory, but on the road of a tragic adventure as he becomes forced to ally with NESTS and willingly accept their tasks so that he can save the life of his younger brother and other NESTS soldiers that share his feelings. He is rushed with undeserving deaths and changes from his comrades, including his opponents that he deeply cared about, or didn't want to fight in the first place.

Kouli has an intense rivalry with Kyozalid. He aims to be better than him as well, and challenges him consistently. He finds him very bothersome, and ultimately, his ultimate rival that is the only person keeping him away in his goals, knowing that in the end, he will fight him before he achieves peace for himself and his brother.



Kouli comes from an alternate KOF timeline, where NESTS lasts much longer than it did in the main KOF timeline, as it lasted for several years. After many failed attempts to conquer the Earth with clones, Kouli is one of the many projects to strike back at the King of Fighters roster of heroes. Kouli is a Hybrid Clone, a category that NESTS created to put specific projects that qualified as hybrid clones, clones that are hybrids of two fighters. NESTS had already begun the new Iori Yagami cloning program, but it was difficult and only in its early stages because the Orochi inducement of the Yagami clan was difficult to extract from the Iori clones, which make them subject to the Riot of the Blood. In order to make an easier and even stronger fighter tied to Iori Yagami, NESTS decided to launch a project of the first Hybrid Clone, which would become Kouli - a clone who is a hybrid of both Iori Yagami and the deceased Krizalid.

NESTS still had Krizalid's genetic makeup and DNA. Kouli was created by NESTS cloning an Iori Yagami clone and implementing Krizalid's DNA into him, which made him related to Krizalid, the Yagami clan, and the Kusanagi clan, as well as K'. Kouli is co-created with a brother, who is supposed to be stronger than him in the future in case if Kouli fails, but is actually Kouli's teenage younger clone. But he treats him as so, and so does Kouli's brother.

Throughout his adventures, Kouli witnesses the death of many of his comrades, and starts to consider if NESTS is really for him. He discovers that he is actually a clone, and undergoes breakdown and near insanity, before he inevitably accepts his existence as a fake. After his "younger brother" sees this, he becomes horrified at Kouli, as Kouli deliberately attacks his fellow NESTS members in a bout of rage. However, it pains him to see his younger brother afraid of him, which forcibly causes Kouli to calm down. NESTS offers Kouli to give Kouli a life that he truly wants and deserves, only if he completes all of their missions they have set out for him, which Kouli grudgingly agrees to do so.


Kouli is a very sympathetic and emotional man. Initially obeying NESTS orders upon will, he experienced the true side of NESTS, including what they do to their experiments and innocent people that are unwillingly drafted into NESTS. After finding out that he is simply a clone of two fighters, Kouli goes under a breakdown and somewhat goes into insanity. He spends the remainder of his current time at NESTS trying to redeem himself and make his little brother happy, and prevent the deaths, or cruel actions of both human lives and NESTS members.

He truly cares for his little brother, finding out that he is simply a clone to him as well. But he simply did not care if his brother was essentially himself, as he saw his brother as himself and a close brother as well. Both of them feel they really understand each other due to having the same experiences. While Kouli initially did not know his purpose, he knows that his purpose is to strive for peace, even if NESTS doesn't give him that - he implies that he'll find a way for everyone, including his brother.

Kyozalid, ultimately, is the last fighter he has to defeat in order to achieve his goal, in his eyes. They have an intense rivalry together. He aims to be better than Kyozalid and achieve his goal after bypassing Kyozalid someday.


Kouli is an adult who stands at 6'2. His birth hair color is really white, but he dyed it a dark purple to distinguish himself from clones related to K' and such. His skin color is slightly chocolate, which is inherited from Krizalid's DNA. He mostly looks identical only to Iori, likely due to that Krizalid's DNA was extracted to him because he was created as an Iori Yagami clone.

Kouli wears a replica of Krizalid's battle suit, instead it is colored orange. He also wears the NESTS Battle Data coat, which is colored a dark purple instead of the original color Krizalid had.


Fighting Style

Kouli's fighting style takes after Iori Yagami's and Krizalid's fighting style, making a mixing custom fighting style of sorts.


  • Combat - Kouli is capable of combat.
  • Krizalid-Iori Custom Fighting Style - Kouli has his own fighting style, adopted and mixed from Iori and Krizalid.
  • Supernatural Strength - Kouli has the lowest form of supernatural strength. He is strong enough to lift trucks, buses, and large boulders.
  • Supernatural Speed - Khriz has the lowest form of supernatural speed. He is fast enough to be faster than the speed of sound at a super-sonic level.
  • Kusanagi-Yasakani Pyrokinesis - Because of his blood (from Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi, K', and Krizalid) he has two fused fires of the Kusanagi and Yasakani clans programmed into him by NESTS during his creation. The flames are extremely hot, as they can mostly burn or damage through anything.
  • Teleportation - Kouli is capable of teleportation.

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