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Lushan, Saladini, RabanGoji, Gyottos, Skoswa, Osoros, Zottos, Sugon, Rozan
Hitodah, Rekker
Strange Creature
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"Forgotten Monsters", Earth Defenders
Manga Kaiju

Kowiko is a strange monster and a member of the "Forgotten Monsters". He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Kowiko is a out-going, brave and tough fellow. He's mainly very quiet, to the point he goes unnoticed, which can irritate him. Kowiko does not like being left out of things either. However, he is a good friend to his fellow Forgotten Monsters. He also tends to sleep a lot and likes to sleep in the sand.



Back in the 1950's, Kowiko was one of the many monsters who went up to Lushan's Island and became part of a group that would later become known as the "Forgotten Monsters" due the fact they soon fell into obscurity.

Debut: Forgotten Monsters Pt. 2

While the other Forgotten Monsters went to go work on the raft on getting Rozan out of the island, Kowiko woke up from beneath the sand and wondered what he missed. Lushan informed him that he missed out on a fight against Rekker and his clique members, much to Kowiko's disappointment. He then realized that they were still working on the big raft and asked if he could help work on it. Lushan said go ahead and Kowiko assisted the rest of his pals on working on it.

Kowiko later participated in the fight against Hitodah and was later temporarily under Hitodah's mind control when he gassed all of the Forgotten Monsters into turning them against the Godzillans. Kowiko was soon freed though when it was revealed that coconut milk was the cure for Hitodah's hypnotic pink gas.

Kowiko as well as the other Forgotten Monsters later celebrated the defeat of Hitodah. Kowiko then joined on the raft with everyone else to go help Rozan get back home.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Psammokinesis: Kowiko can manipulate large parts of sand at his will and can create tidal wave-like bodies of sand at his foes. He mainly uses this ability to defend himself.


  • He is not the same as Saladini. Or Anguirus for that matter.
  • Like Skoswa, Kowiko was not named in his source material and as such, his name was created by Gallibon the Destroyer.
  • He currently has no theme.

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