Kraa the Sea Monster
Kraa the Sea Monster
Used by
Ulpra, Zilla Jr., IguanaGoji
Unclassified Amphibious Humanoid
Not known
60.96 meters
??? feet
Tachyons (formerly)
Alien Kaiju

Kraa is an alien fish humanoid kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destoyer.

He is partners with Zarkorr.


Kraa is the dumber one of the duo with Zarkorr, but probably the stronger one. He seems to be amused with destroying cities, but prefers to fight monsters instead. Unlike Zarkorr, he doesn't seem to mind fighting the military either. Though he is very powerful, he will retreat away from a fight if it becomes to much for him.


Kraa (like Zarkorr) was a monster found in space by the Tachyons and was captured by them. He was inactive for quite some time, up until the Tachyons decided to use him (along with the other kaiju they had found) for their newest invasion.

Kraa first appeared to attack Raban, but was foiled by Ulpra. He was beaten down, but wasn't out. Kraa then swam away to another city to ransack where he was teamed up with his partner Zarkorr. The two caused some carnage, but the duo were soon defeated by Ulpra and Zilla Jr. (Lostverse).

Kraa and Zarkorr showed p again to attack Phoenix, Arizona. There Kraa mainly fought off IguanaGoji and DesireeGoji. He did well, beating them with his brawn and fiery breath, but in the end he was no match for IguanaGoji's might, and left the battle after being set on fire by DesireeGoji's atomic beam.

He and Zarkorr showed up to attack an island where he ganged up and attacked Zilla Jr. (Lostverse). Once Cyber-Zilla and Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) were brainwashed to serve the Tachyons; Kraa laughed and took off. Kraa would appear again much later on to fight against in the final battle for the Tachyons. He was defeated by a freed Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) and became freed from the Tachyon mind control. Afterwards, he retreated. 

His current whereabouts (along with Zarkorr) are unknown.


  • Roar Blast: Kraa can breath out fire like a flamethrower.
  • Super Durability: Kraa is very strong and like a tank.
  • Endurance
  • Bite: Kraa has a powerful bite used to grip or attack his opponents.


  • Kraa was the first monster sent by the Tachyons.
  • Despite his low intellect, Kraa is fully aware of the fact he is not a sea monster but in fact a space monster.
  • Kraa is also aware that he's in a RP.