The Prince in the Flames, Krizalid
Used by
N.E.S.T.S, Igniz (formerly, deceased) K' (formerly, traitor) Kula Diamond (formerly, traitor), Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Kyo-3 (formerly, deceased), Whip (formerly, "sister", traitor) other Kyo clones and K' clones, clone Zero (formerly, traitor, deceased) original Zero, Angel, Diana, Foxy, K9999, Nameless
K', Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Kula Diamond, Maxima, clone Zero, Whip, all of the other KoF tournament contestants
Human (clone)
25 (at death, 28 currently)
The King of Fighters, SNK
Heh heh... OIYAAAAAAAAAA!!! „ 

— An angry and powerful Krizalid.

Krizalid (クリザリッド, Kurizariddo) is a character from The King of Fighters franchise, along with being a character of SNK as a whole. He is used by Gojiran103.

Front Information

The earnestly powerful man entitled as Krizalid, is the first, and highly modified clone of K' created by NESTS. Krizalid was designed to be the ultimate Kyo Kusanagi clone, and eventually, the ultimate K' clone. Despite being so powerful and exclusive, Krizalid was unfortunately ranked below clone Zero, the original Zero and the leader of NESTS, Igniz. Krizalid in the cloning process gained some memories of K' and was believed to be Whip, or Seirah's, sister and K' was his clone. When it's actually the other way around. He was ordered to collect the blood and battle data of all fighters so that they could be cloned and conquer the world. Foiled, he was killed by the cloned Zero as he used a boulder to violently smash his head, and was later revived by the survived original Zero. Since then when Angel, Diana and Foxy gathered up which soon lead to Nameless and K9999 developing, NESTS starting anew. However, with no base on the Earth or in space, and lost all of their experiments, they ultimately had to plot their future plans somewhere else in space. Krizalid being one of them. However, they had remarks for going back to Earth again, but implied by the original Zero, it would take "some time".


He is extremely powerful and he knows that, being very cocky and megalomaniacal at times, but he will serve NESTS loyally, no matter what. However, without his special suit his fighting abilities are still top-notch, and deep down he has a hard-working, earnest personality. He was incredibly loyal to Whip, believing for her to be his sister as both of them shared a sibling-like bond.


Being a clone of K', Krizalid's physical appearance was modified but he still looked much identical to K'. His white-gray hair was stringed up, he had two black marks crossing against his eyes, he had chocolate brown skin like K', and possessed the still-eyes and identical face of K'. As for for clothing, Krizalid wore a specialized NESTS battle data collector suit to store battle data from fighters in his body to use their powers and store them into NESTS, so that clones of them could be made and use them to conquer the world. In his second form, his coat was off and he wore some sort of a NESTS battle suit, which helped him extremely fasten his reflexes as he donned incredible speed without the coat.



First form

Miseteyaru!! Waga CHIKARU OOOOOO! „ 

— Krizalid

  • Battle Suit -- Krizalid has the specially given NESTS battle suit, able for him to absorb the battle data of fighters, given them their powers, or transfering them into the NESTS facility.
  • Manipulation of Kusanagi pyrokinesis -- Since Krizalid is a direct clone of K', who has Kyo's or the Kusanagi's DNA into his bloodstream, the same case is with Krizalid. Unlike K' however, since Krizalid is a fully and freshly-made clone, he doesn't need to have a limitation as clones can use full power of the original's abilities. Making Krizalid have full and complete control of the sacred Kusanagi flame.
    • Like Kyo and Iori, he can also use multiple arts of it: such as igniting his body on fire, summoning flame pillars, etc.
  • Manipulation of electricity -- Using the deceased Goenitz' minor electricity (which was raised to complete levels by the suit), this was stored into the battle suit before he wore it on. Therefor having complete control of electricity.
  • Manipulation of energy -- Traced upon Rugal Bernstein, and soon absorbed into the suit. Given complete control of energy or plasma.
  • Manipulation of negative energy -- Also traced from Rugal and absorbed into the suit, Krizalid has full control over negative energy.
  • Translocation/Teleportation -- Being a clone of K', Krizalid also possesses this ability. However since he wars the coat on, his teleportation is limited.

Second form


Yatte miro, clone fusei ga!! MUDA!! „ 

— Krizalid in his second form, calling K' a clone.

Not a transformation, only Krizalid in his true fighting figure when he removes his battle data coat.

  • Can access former abilities.
    • Said abilities are noticeably more violet and powerful.
  • Increased Translocation/Teleportation -- As said, now that he's free of his coat his translocation/teleportation ability is now full in control.
  • Incredible Speed -- In one of his moves, Krizalid can disappear and slice the enemy, barely even visible in extreme speeds. An accurate estimation of his max speed is at mach 6.


While Krizalid is still alive as we speak, when he died, he left some sort of legacy behind. This, would be the 9,9998 other clones of Krizalid/K' were created, and were all directly copied from Krizalid though they were just regular K' clones. Eventually they were all neutralized. The last and perfected K' clone, symbols the legacy of the K' clones as a whole even though this man, named Nameless believed as someone entirely different. Nameless, unbeknowest to himself, is Krizalid's younger, distant brother.




  • A certain character has a resemblance to Krizalid's Typhoon Rage. Specifically, on the Touhou Project fighting games, most notably Touhou Hisoutensoku, one of Hong Meiling's skillcards that are her strong neutral projectile (5c) and it greatly resembles Krizalid's Typhoon Rage from KOF 2002 UM. Due to this, there are multiple fanart shippings between the two. It's currently unknown if ZUN had this as a intentional or unintentional nod to The King of Fighters.

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