Temee...! Sude de SHOUBU SHIYAGARE! „ 

— Kusanagi believing fists are stronger than weapons.

Reversed Blood, Kusanagi
Used by
None (formerly Chizuru)
Kyo Kusanagi, K9999 (intense rival), Iori Yagami, K', Ryu, Akuma
Probably younger than Kyo
The King of Fighters

— A furious Kusanagi.

Kusanagi is a SNK Playmore The King of Fighters character used by Gojiran103.

Front Information

Kusanagi has been created by many accounts. In general he is the evil, corrupted or opposite representation of Kyo; easily said the evil in his heart. As said by this accounts, we really don't know what Kusanagi actually is . He's been speculated to be Wild Kyo, a dark state of the Kusanagi clan similar to the Orochi-Yagami disease that was discovered by Kyo's cousin, Souji Kusanagi (who also entered the state), a dark and corrupted N.E.S.T.S Kyo Kusanagi clone, or currently the most reliable: a shadow of Kyo created by Chizuru. Out of all these accounts, the last seems reliable and is actually confirmed canon (albeit the last account has been tackled). Under from the possession of a member from Those From the Past, Mukai, he possesses a member who is a descendant of one of the three clans that sealed Orochi 1,800 ears ago, Chizuru Kagura. While she's possessed, she's ordered to make a mirror projection of a certain fighter, Kyo, to join Those From the Past as well as the possessed Chizuru. As she does what she's told, she makes a mirror projection of Kyo and modifies him with dark power, naming him Kusanagi. Progressing, he was unfortunately killed by Kyo and sealed in the Yata Mirror in mid-NE.S.T.S saga. Some time after XIII, he awakens due to Ash stealing Chizuru's powers and translocates to Ash, Kyo and a powerless Iori for revenge. Unfortunately, he was killed once again and slumbers, currently putting the beast in peace, waiting to be re-awakened again. As he's forever sealed within the Yata Mirror.



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Against Kyo Kusanagi - Fight and Death

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Revival - After XIII, Fight and Death

To be added.

Re-awakening - Briefly Against the holder of the Hado

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Before being modified, he was exactly like Kyo. After being modified, Kusanagi developed a ruthless, dark and furious personality while being loyal to Chizuru. When resurrected, he completely forgets about Chizuru and is only looking for revenge on Kyo Kusanagi, his murderer. He also develops a darker personality in this state. When finally put to slumber, the beasts' wish still isn't fufilled. However, when re-awakened in some time, he wants to wait on killing Kyo Kusanagi first, and wants to directly deal with challengers, soon to end up killing them and use them against Kyo's will, so he could finally have the upper hand.


Before modification, Kusanagi had Kyo's school outfit (Champion Kusanagi outfit), in its regular color, had his brown hair, beige-yellow skin, and so on. After he was modified, he now dons a terrifying and dark appearance, very much similar to Evil Ryu or Akuma. He has dark chocolate-brown skin, black hair, red glowing eyes, fangs like Evil Ryu and his outfit has now changed to an entire black scheme, all except for his shirt.

When Kusanagi was revived by the Yata Mirror to fight and end up being killed Kyo, he takes on a much more terrifying appearance. His headband is torn, his voice is also more demonic like Evil Ryu, his clothes were partially torn (his torso was almost completely visible, pants had cuts, etc.) and the most noticeable of all was the extremely similar gaping hole that Evil Ryu had by Oni/Asura. It was in the Kusanagi clan's symbol forcibly carved in his chest, symbolizing his death by Kyo's flaming fists.

He's set to take a calmer, but partially changed appearance in his upcoming brief fight against Evil Ryu.


  • Extreme strength.
  • Extreme speed.
  • Possesses a similar fighting style of the Kusanagi martial arts, also specializes in Kenpo.
  • Unlike Kyo, his hands can be used to pierce through enemies, just like Iori Yagami.
  • Full control of Kusanagi fire.
    • Full control of spectral, dark-purple fire.
    • Dark Corruption: Kusanagi can also combine both flames and they fuse into a literal, deadly dark/blood red fire. Much stronger than both of his flames. In the beginning process, his entire body is covered in pitch black aura as his voice deepens, slightly demonic before using the combined flames. He may leak of strange, unknown black liquid, or ooze. An attribute similar to Evil Ash and Saiki.
  • Can clone himself; operated just like the Yata Mirror's powers or Chizuru's powers. Making shadowclones darker than he is.
  • Limited control over dark magic.
  • Teleportation.
  • When aura is summoned; he can "flameshift" with it, allowing him to take the body of creatures or animals in flames.
    • Aura at its regular state is also harmful when touched.


  • While Kusanagi didn't actually appear in KoF XIII, a palette of him are seen in the several of Kyo's palettes; and since the Yata Mirror was used by Ash, not belonging to its original member Chizuru, it would have awoken him from his defeat from Kyo therefore appearing to fight him, a powerless Iori and Ash. For whatever reason that didn't make him appear, they're theories that when it was stolen he ceased to exist, ending him and his story. Though, that's one of the unlikely situations.
  • Kusanagi can be frequently seen in fanart with Evil Ryu or the M.U.G.E.N character created by the deceased Reuben Kee, Evil Ken. They can also be seen dueling it out in M.U.G.EN videos. More than likely, this is because Kusanagi, Evil Ryu and Evil Ken share similar elements with each other, along with the fact they share the same practical appearances.


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