I am X. One of NESTS strongest fighters in their Supreme Class... Show me what you are capable of. „ 

— Kyo-X

Supreme Kyo Clone, X
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Kyo-X, also known as simply X (京X, Kyō-X) is a Kyo Kusanagi and Zero hybrid clone that hails from an alternate KOF timeline, the same timeline Kouli and Kyozalid come from. He is used by Gojiran.

Front Information

Kyo-X is a man that is a hybrid clone between Zero and Kyo Kusanagi. He is tiered in NESTS Supreme Class, the strongest of NESTS warriors that are below Igniz. After the original Zeros were killed, Kyo-X was made to be the official, strongest hybrid clone out of all the hybrid clones in the NESTS facility.



In the earliest of NESTS second arc-comeback, Kyo-X is one biggest projects headed for release. While most of his backstory is unknown, the creation of Kyo-X was achieved by NESTS most intelligent scientists that were participating in the use of the cloning program. Kyo-X was created by cloning a Kyo Kusanagi clone, and taking the extracted data from the deceased original Zero, and infuse it with the Kyo clone's DNA - codenamed X, causing Kyo-X's creation to be a success. Kyo-X was made to be both the ultimate, less raw-powered Kyo Kusanagi clone and Zero's true successor after he was killed in his last battle, as Igniz had cherished him.

Kyo-X is responsible for managing every single clone that NESTS had created, and is the leader of the Supreme Class of clone's altogether.


Kyo-X is a ruthless, cruel, and mysterious character in the NESTS facility. He is a villain who has no sympathy for the KOF fighters, and even all of NESTS clones as he deems them as all playthings and unintelligent pawns, and everything below him he treats as inferior. He is slightly a narcissist, believing that he is superior to all forms of modified life and is more powerful than every other hero out there, all except for Igniz.

Kyo-X is very prideful in his occupation and his rank, which he believed he deserves in the first place. He knows that he is very strong and can sometimes brag about it, and outclasses most of the NESTS fighters in the entire facility itself. He is very assertive and can be aggressive when he desires to do so, when his requirements aren't met for a mission or other material for NESTS.

Kyo-X is intelligent enough to be completely aware that he is a hybrid clone consisting of Kyo Kusanagi and Zero. He has no problem accepting or believing himself that he is a clone, saying that him being a "fake" is absolutely meaningless to him, as his life can continue on instead of the modified lives of NESTS that are destroyed by their actual realities. He has both the memories of the real Kyo Kusanagi and Zero, and often uses them to ponder on how useless their lives were, especially Kyo Kusanagi's.


Kyo-X is an adult in his early 30's, easily being one of NESTS oldest members. Kyo-X has the combined body build that Kyo Kusanagi and Zero have: an athletic, slightly bigger and muscular body. He has the exact same hairstyle that Kyo Kusanagi has, along with the hair color. While the image says otherwise above, his skin color is somewhat chocolate, just like the pawn Kyo clones like Kyo-1 and Kyo-2. Kyo-X has red, glaring eyes.

His attire takes completely after the deceased Zero's clothing. It is mostly the exact same, all except for the now deep black and silver trims all over his suit. Four mechanical tentacles are clearly present and visible on the back of Kyo-X's body that can extend forwards.


Fighting Style

Kyo-X's fighting style is almost completely custom. He uses little of Kyo Kusanagi's fighting style from his memories, and more of Zero's fighting style.


  • Combat - Kyo-X is capable of combat.
  • Custom Fighting Style - Kyo-X has his own fighting style.
  • Supernatural Strength - Kyo-X has the second form of supernatural strength. He is strong enough to lift battleships and massive aircrafts. His strength is halfway to the next level.
  • Supernatural Speed - Kyo-X's natural speed allows him to travel at Mach 5 and beyond.
  • Enhanced Kusanagi Pyrokinesis - Because of his blood, Kyo-X can generate and has full control over the Kusanagi flame. The intensity, strength, and power of the fire is amplified several times over to the point where it can slice through mostly anything, and somewhat incinerate, as well. The flames are extremely hot, surpassing Kouli's, Kyozalid's and Khriz's intensity of their flames.
  • Photokinesis - Programmed into NESTS from Zero's memory, Kyo-X has full control over light. It is significantly more powerful than Zero's light.
  • Essokinesis - Programmed into NESTS from Zero's memory, Kyo-X has some control over reality warping. It is significantly more powerful than Zero's reality warping.
  • Ergokinesis - A learnt ability, Kyo-X has full control over energy.
  • Ionikinesis - A learnt ability, Kyo-X has full control over plasma.
  • Umbrakinesis - Programmed into NESTS from the cloned Zero's memory, Kyo-X has full control over darkness. It is significantly more powerful than the cloned Zero's darkness.

Equipment Abilities

  • Supernatural Speed (Suit) - The suit's amount of speed that offers to Kyo-X allows him to travel at near lightspeeds.
  • Razor Hands - The suit's gloves allow Kyo-X's hands apply with so much force that it can used to pierce or slash an opponent.
  • Mechanical Tentacles - Kyo-X's mechanical tentacles are built-in from his suit. Each tentacles are six feet long.
    • Extend - Each tentacle can extend to 24 feet long.
    • Speed - Each tentacle is capable of moving at a speed of ninety feet per second and strike with the force of a jackhammer.
    • Winds - The tentacles can generate 50 mile per hour winds if spun like a giant fan.
    • Electrokinetic Generation - The mechanical tentacles can generate electricity.
    • Laser Generation - The mechanical tentacles can generate bright red lasers.

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