Member of the Ikari team, Leona Heidern
Used by
Her father Heidern, Ralf, Clark, the Ikari team
Geese Howard, Orochi
Half human-half god (Specifically Orochi)
Ikari team, The King of Fighters
Pride isn't going to help you win. I cast mine a long time ago. „ 

— Leona

Leona Heidern (レオナ・ハイデルン, Reona Haiderun) is a character from SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters series, first introduced in The King of Fighters '96. She is used by Gojiran.

Front Information

Leona Heidern is a female soldier/member of the Ikari team, an assassin organization that keep out in the shadows and follows her adoptive father's commands of the team. She is close allies with Ralf and Clark, and has a familiar hate with Geese Howard, the man who had created The King of Fighters tournament chaos each year as she along with the Ikari team plan to take out Geese and cancel the tournament to prevent further chaos from other fighters.


Leona is a reticent individual who has trouble expressing herself outside of combat or a mission. Aside from Ralf (whom appears to show feelings towards her), Whip, Clark and Commander Heidern, she dislikes the will of talking to anyone. Due to her past, she attempts, and struggles to tame her uncontrollable state to prevent her Orochi power slaughtering her fellow soldiers, and heavily, her father. She often feels lonely, but is comforted with the new family she has found with the Ikari mercenaries.

Relationship with Iori Yagami

While it doesn't seem like it, Leona is very aware of Iori Yagami and his Orochi power, while Iori, is aware of hers, but like Leona, doesn't seem to think much about it. But unlike Leona, when preparing for Orochi or trying to tame his Orochi state, the first thing that comes to his mind is Leona, and ponders if she's also preparing. Leona is unsure whether to meet or personally talk to him about the situation, while Iori may think otherwise, or just prefers to keep quiet about it.

Abilities and forms

Leona is a member of the Ikari organization, thus possessing exceptional powers. She continues to train in hopes of exceeding her limits.



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