Level40Indominus JWGame
Used by
Indominus Rex
50 Feet
82 Feet Long

Lexy is a Indominus Rex, or at least a very similar hybrid, used by Herokra.


Lexy was created with 4 other Hybrids on a Monster Island Chain Island as a test of personality and intelligence, each infused with different Dinosaur Genes as a test of what would happen to their personality, Lexy was named by the head scientist in the terms of the research, after the scientist herself. Lexy, after a large amount of training, inherited a docile, protective, and rather enthusiastic personality. One of her sisters broke out of containment and destroyed the original facility, Lexy protected the scientists in her Sister's act of rage, Lexy was set free by the owners until they could construct a better facility on the island, for both research purposes, and public viewing benefits. Lexy was infused with small amounts of Titanosaur Genes. As a result, Lexy grew dorsal plates all down her spine, and grew large, as well as gain red markings (though slightly more dominant Velociraptor genes provided this as well). A new facility was built in the old one's place, and currently houses the 5 Hybrids and other dinosaurs on the island.


Lexy is a docile, extremely protective, and enthusiastic dinosaur, she loves to try new things and experiment with results. She likes to play brain games to test her intelligence. She can be known to show affection to those she trusts. But its very hard to earn her trust. And she barely even trusts her siblings. She has a short temper sometimes, and can be easily angered at those times, inherited from the Titanosaur Genes. She hates seeing people she trusts harmed, and being harmed herself, which makes her absolutely furious, and uncontrollable, often requiring her to be sedated.


-High Intellegence and Problem Solving Abilitys

-Razor Sharp Claws, Teeth, and Spines

-Normal Abilities for a Dinosaur

-High Speeds


-Pretty weakly armored, which allows her to be easily sedated or injured.

-She has a short temper at times, this can be used to one's advantage for her to make stupid choices and be overpowered

-Her tendancy to Distrust everyone she meets can lead to bad situations, and often causes disputes with that

-She is unaware of easier ways out of a situation, and she often tries to take the really hard way out

-She is rather small compared to kaiju, and can easily be defeated by them

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