Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug
Used by
Jay's Wing
Le Chasseur
Neo Anguirus, Anguirus, Female Final Godzilla, Heisei Gamera, Neo Komodithrax
Giant Firefly
110 meters
180 meters
Bounty Hunters
Cyborg Bug

Lightning Bug (ライトニング·バグ Raitoningu Bagu) is a cyborg bug, professional mercenary/bounty hunter, and Role-Play Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


The Lightning Bug has little emotions. It only cares about getting the bounties. She is cold and calculating, making sure to attack at the best times.


Utter Failure, Part 1

Lightning Bug was one of the bounty hunters who attacked Anguirus, Female Final Godzilla, and Heisei Gamera to collect the bounty. She fled when Neo Anguirus, Okami M.U.T.O. and Yuki Certasancti arrived to help the three. After crashing into a mountain, she burrowed away.

Utter Failure, Part 2

Later, she tried to get the bounty for Heisei Gamera, but decide to get the one for Anguirus instead. Anguirus ended up being fought by bounty hunter Lightning Bug. Despite her trying hard to capture him, Anguirus' teleportation completely ruined any chance she had, so he toyed around with her for a bit before finishing the bounty hunter off by thunderballing Lightning Bug into the ground, KOing her.


  • Flight at fast speeds
  • Can create an energy shield that absorbs electricity and other energy attacks
  • Can create an energy pulse
  • Original hands were replaced with sharp, Kamacuras-like claws
  • Can burrow and swim fast
  • Can fire plasma beams
  • Electricity beams
  • Immune to energy-draining attacks
  • Teleportation
  • Speed


  • Lightning Bug was originally much weaker, but was upgraded when she became a bounty hunter.

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