Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Makia, Baymax, Rozan, Kunin Silvergon, Heisei Gamera, Anguirus, Gfantis
Firefox, Frostfox, Gràineil, Jiger, Trahir
100 meters (as M), 350 meters (as Enraged!M)
200 meters (as M), 500 meters (as Enraged!M)
Earth Defenders
Alien Kaiju
"Hello." „ 

— M's greeting through thought-speak and his first line.

M is a humanoid alien kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Currently, not much is known about M's past.

M first appeared in Lansing to help battle against Trahir's forces. He later assisted Makia in the battle in Reno, Nevada. There he fought Chameleon and a new monster named Firefox. He fought valiantly against the two, and healed the gravely injured Makia. After a very long and brutal fight, M and Makia finally managed to defeat Firefox, but the city was left in ruins. M then flew off and went somewhere else.

In the battle of Indianapolis, M assisted Baymax and Heisei Gamera to fight off Firefox, Frostfox and Jiger. There, his Enarged! mode was activated and he went on a rampage. He defeated Firefox and Jiger and Frostfox retreated, but as he reverted back to normal he realized what he had done: cause more damage to the city. He flew off into the skies, regretting his decision to go into Enraged! form due to it causing what he what he feared most: complete destruction. After quite sometime, he (briefly) met up with Kunin and Gfantis to go fight against Gryphon. M showed up as one of the Earth Defenders to fight against the Neo Empire's forces in the Invasion of Monster Island and the Battle of Japan. He also participated in the last fight against the Neo Empire, where he was one of the many heroes who fought off against the Anomaly. Most recently, he has appeared to fight the Kaijumancers.


M is very quiet and somewhat seclusive kaiju. He prefers to be alone, but he will come to those who are in deep trouble and he is very protective of his allies. M is determined to protect humanity from anything that threatens their existence, even if it we're to kill him. Though he has very strong mental abilities, he prefers to fight physically. 


  • Psychokinesis
  • Flight
  • Night-Vision
  • Ki Blasts: M can fire orbs of energy from his hands.
  • Physical Strength: M is very physically strong due to being made up of rocks.
  • Heal: M has healing powers that he can use on himself as well as other monsters to fix minor to severe injuries.
  • Shockwave Stomp: A power where M can stomp on the ground very hard which creates a shockwave, sending anything flying.
  • Hurricane Winds: M's beam power in where he can breath out strong gusts of wind from his mouth to blow enemies away.
  • M can fire lasers from both of his eyes.
  • M speaks through thought-speak.

Enraged! M

Enraged! M is the stronger form of M. This form is only activated if M is completely enraged/endangered. In this form, he gains new abilities only used in this form or advanced versions of his previous abilities. 

  • Brutal Strength: Enraged! M is far more stronger then his regular self. In this form, he's capable of kicking kaiju off course or tearing off a chunk of the ground to throw at his opponent.
  • PK: Enraged!M's PK is more advanced in this form, as he is now capable of lifting other kaiju off the ground with ease.
  • Dark Ki Blasts: Stronger and deadlier versions of his original Energy Orbs. The Dark Energy Orbs are capable of destroying three buildings all at once.
  • Tornado Winds: The wind around Enraged!M is violent and can destroy anything in his path.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Very much the same as it was when he was in normal mode, only this time it does a little more damage and is more chaotic. 
  • Quantum Chest Cannon: Enraged!M's most powerful attack. It can decimate half an entire city at full power.


  • Cestus 


  • M needs to concentrate hard for his more complex mind abilities, as his mind powers are limited, so he needs his mind powers wisely.
  • Getting ganged-up on, despite being very physically strong, M can't take out very many foes all by himself.
  • M cannot stand the harsh cold.
  • Enraged! M mode is itself both a strength and a weakness. Though it is vastly stronger, M can hardly control it, and he is capable of also hurting his allies as well as his enemies due to blind rage.
  • Enraged! M can only be activated if M feels endangered in some way, or complete anger.


  • M's theme is "M" by The Cure.
  • M of course originates from the scrapped Godzilla project, Godzilla vs. M.

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