MIB Mechagodzilla
MIB Mechagodzilla
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MIB Godzilla, MIB Rodan, MIB Jet Jaguar
Monster Island Buddies Character
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MIB Mechagodzilla (also known as Mechagodzilla (Monster Island Buddies)) is a character from Monster Island Buddies and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


MIB MechaGodzilla is a robot that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. MechaGodzilla is a hipster in most of his appearances as well as an avid inventor who works for the Monster Island Buddies from time to time. Some of his inventions include a Time Machine and other Giants Robots such as Mecha-King Ghidorah. Although he is on good terms with Godzilla and the others, MechaGodzilla's design also has an "evil" mode, which makes him both a target and a weapon for the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. and other evil monsters to use him against Godzilla and the others.



MIB Mechagodzilla was one of the characters of Monster Island Buddies and was featured in many, many zany and vulgar misadventures (particularly that one time he was sent traveling through time.). One day, the Monster Island War ended and MIB Cthulhu was banished back to Monster Hell, life had finally gone back to normal for Mechagodzilla. Soon though, he along with MIB Godzilla, MIB Rodan and MIB Jet Jaguar would find a portal machine that would send them to other dimensions.

Debut: Another King of the Monsters!?

MIB Mechagodzilla appeared when he and his friends MIB Rodan, MIB Godzilla and MIB Jet Jaguar were granted space-time powers from the Ducks Of Space Time that allow them to travel to different dimensions/universes. As the portal opened up, the first place they visited was the main universe, where they landed on a deserty area. As the got there, they realized now that they were no longer made of plastic on this universe but instead were actually flesh and blood. Then all of a sudden, something could then be heard rumbling underground nearby. MIB Godzilla told MIB Mechagodzilla to find out what was making that noise, to which MIB Mechagodzilla then began to scan the area.

After mush searching, AdonisGoji then burrowed out from underground to attack the four of them. AdonisGoji then roared out to the skies and charged towards them. MIB Godzilla decided to fight against AdonisGoji head on to save his friends. MIB Mechagodzilla cheered on his friend in hopes he would defeat AdonisGoji. After AdonisGoji was defeated, MIB Mechagodzilla and the gang celebrated and then headed back home to their home dimension.


  • Scan: MIB Mechagodzilla can scan the areas through his vision to see what's going on.
  • More to be added.


Kick his aft. „ 

— MIB Mechagodzilla


  • MIB Mechagodzilla is tied with MIB Jet Jagaur as Gallibon the Destroyer's first Monster Island Buddies character.