M.O.G.U.E.R.A. 2 and M.O.G.U.E.R.A. 3
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MOGUERA 2 and MOGUERA 3 are two twin mechas and RP characters used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


The Romania GDF Division had been plalning to build these two mechas for a while. They were first hinted at during the Destoroyah Arc that had been thinking about creating mechas of their own to help fight against kaiju. They decided to build them and based them off the original MOGUERA, and went to work. The MOGUERAs were meant to serve as both ground and aerial defense.


Debut: The Godzillans vs. the Mutant Godzilla Clones

The two MOUGERAs were first deployed to clean up the situation at Busan, South Korea, as the situation had gotten out of hand. They came their and fought off the clones, but were almost shot down by Cancergojira. After the end of the fight, the two MOUGERA units flew off to their next destination.

The MOGUERAS vs. Rekker

When reports got out that a giant crustacean kaiju known as Rekker was attacking Floirda and a burning monster was attacking the island of Kiryoku-shima, the Romanian GDF Division decided to act upon on it and send in the two MOGUERAS to take care of Rekker, while their usual military to dispatch of the burning monster. 

Upon arrival on Florida, it seemed at first that MOGUERA 2 and MOGUERA 3 had the upper hand, slashing and freezing Rekker with MOGUERA 2's Ice Beam. Unfortunately, Rekker unleashed his hidden potential and unleashed his most powerful attack from his "pearl" and blew the two mechas away, badly damaging them. Rekker then got up and hacked at the mechas, slicing off MOGUERA 3's hands off and slashing MOGUERA 2's neck and torso, while also causing MOGUERA 2's eyes to explode. In order to not lose the mechas, Constantin ordered the two mechas to retreat. The MOGUERAs did so and fled the scene. Rekker shortly left afterwards. The MOGUERAs were then taken in back to base for repairs.

Attack Neo SpaceGodzilla

The two MOGUERA units were sent into combat against Neo SpaceGodzill at London, as he was wreaking havoc there with his crystals. While Neo SpaceGodzilla did leave London afterwards, the two mechas were beaten up badly and soon retreated in order to get repairs.

Powers & Weapons

MOGUERA 2 and MOGUERA 3 basically share the same powers as the original MOGUERA, but they each of their own set on unique arsenal:



MOGUERA 2 follows a more beam-weaponry based system. Focuses heavily on attacking heavy-to-super heavy armored, inorganic enemies.

  • Heat Ray
  • Freeze Ray
  • Light Beam
  • Solar Beam
  • Anti-Gravity Beam
  • Breaching Hammer: Is a shield that can break through shields and armor.
  • Radiation Beam: A beam that deals with radiation damage. Limited to his opponent only.



MOGUERA 3 follows a more explosive based system. MOGUERA 3 is mainly sent in to fight off against to organic, little-to-no armored enemies.

  • Sonic Grenade
  • Sleep Grenade: Can put organic enemy kaiju to sleep.
  • Reverse Missile: A missile that can make his organic enemies move backwards.
  • Tranquilzation Dart: Is usually used against angered kaiju.
  • Cluster High-Explosive Incendiary Missiles
  • EMP Grenade
  • Tear Gas Grenade
  • Electrical Bomb


  • MOGUERA 2 is the brighter-colored one that resembles the original MOGUERA more and MOGUERA 3 is the darker colored one.

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