Used by
Yuki Certasancti, Female Final Godzilla, FoxMask, Delta Biollante, Macro Jr., Rem
Coyote Tango (Heat of the moment rage), Hornipede, Abnormal Manda, Abnormal Hedorah, The Pretenders
65 meters
175 meters
Earth Defenders
Dinosaur Kaiju

Macrosaurus and Macro Jr. are inter dimensional dinosaurian kaiju that like to work with the good guys.



Macrosaurus was an ancient dinosaur that got trapped in ice. He was broken free in the 21st century and destroyed some stuff. He fought a couple monsters, then he got transported to the RPverse. He was first just an average kaiju, sleeping in the ocean, appearing when he was disturbed. Then the war came. Macrosaurus was the chief of intel in the war for KS, and found many secret bases. He attacked a prison named Trypticon, and met his old foe Hornipede, and he broke his leg during the fight. Hornepede's acid prevented it from healing quickly. He led military forces during the final battle, and got attacked at sea. He was quickly overtaken by Hornipede, but managed to lead him to the command tower with a nuke, taking them both and the tower out.

Macro Jr.

Macro Jr. was Macrosaurus's son that lived in Kaiju City during the war. After his father died, he became homeless and survived by stealing supplies. He met Rem and saved her and her brother from punishment by her dad. They then went and robbed a restaurant. Yuki found them, and Rem got away. Rem got kidnapped, and Macrosaurus helped her bodiless soul find her body. Yuki left Macro Jr. behind in Trypticon, and he escaped by stealing key cards and other things. Once out, he brought the injured Rem medicine capsules, fresh food from the same restaurant. He also brought her an energy dagger just in case. He tripped going out the window, attacking Yuki's attention, then had to escape quickly.


  • Concentrated plasma beam
  • Spring-like muscles in legs for long jumping
  • Fast
  • Back spikes can cut
  • Claws
  • Burrowing
  • Tail can grip onto almost anything
  • Fast swimmer
  • Can breathe underwater

Likes & Dislikes


  • Saving the Earth
  • Doing unproductive things
  • Fighting
  • Jumping


  • Being awoken
  • Losing
  • War
  • Stress


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