Used by
Reggae Ebirah, Country Anguirus
Electronic Manda, Alien Ido
Giant Walrus
Not known
50 meters
Not known
Earth Defenders
Toho Kaiju
I am the walrus! „ 

— Maguma

Maguma (マグマ, Maguma) is a giant walrus kaiju and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Maguma is pretty random, but seems to be a pretty nice guy for the most part, though if enraged he'll go ballistic and primal. He gets along well with his friend Reggae Ebirah.


Debut: Maguma vs. Electronic Manda

Maguma first appeared when he rose out from the sea and began to attack a random city because Electronic Manda was there. Electronic Manda and Maguma then fought each other to a brief but humorous duel, with Electronic Manda flipping against some buildings and Maguma constantly tripping over cars, as both of them were slow moving. The fight ended in a stalemate, with both monsters later retreating.

Alien Ido

Maguma reappeared along with his ally Reggae Ebirah to combat Alien Ido and DESTOROYAH!!!. Maguma mainly fought off Alien Ido, firing his heat beams and ice beams at him, though he often missed. Maguma was defeated when Alien Ido, before returning back to normal size punched him super hard and sent both Maguma and Reggae Ebirah both at Country Anguirus, defeating all three of them.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Sharp Fangs
  • Karate: Maguma has martial art skills.
  • Ice Beam: Maguma can fire out an ice beam from his mouth.
  • Heat Beam: Maguma can also fire out a heat beam from his mouth as well.


  • Maguma being friends with Reggae Ebirah is a reference to how the two kaiju were originally supposed to be in Destroy All Monsters as guard monsters.
  • He currently doesn't have a theme.

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