Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Thrust, Flamewar, Transquito, Jury-Rig, Duskstar, Dawnsteel
WFC Breakdown, Knock Out, Breakdown, Janitornator, Scurrydown
Not known
20 ft.
20 ft.
Decepticons, Team Destron
You're fighting the natural law of the universe. Kill or be killed. Use resources or become a resource. Conservation of energy demands it. „ 

— Makeshift

Makeshift is a Decepticon Shifter and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Makeshift is a very shady and shifty character, often not saying much. He believes himself to a master of disguise, and excellent one at that, akin to that of an actor. He does not have a high opinion on "lower-ranked" 'Cons and is somewhat snooty. He also likes to tease his comrades time to time.



Makeshift first appeared in crashing down to Earth along with his partner Flamewar. They watched Cyber-Zilla fight on Undead FinalJira and were both annoyed by the presence of the Jirans. Before he left, he was briefly intercepted by WFC Breakdown. The fight was very brief, with Flamewar and Makeshift retreating afterwards to search for their boss.

Later that same day, they didn't meet their boss but they met a new Decepticon by the name of Jury-Rig. They took a liking to him, and said that they will meet again later.

Locating Thrust

Makeshift traveled all the way to Eastern Russia to meet up with his boss Thrust and formed to their team together. Makeshift, Flamewar, Transquito and Thrust then went aways for a while, as they had plans...

Caved In: The Predacons Emerge

Makeshift reappeared and found out Knock Out, Scurrydown, Janitornator and Breakdown's location. He caused some trouble with the four, but was only there briefly. Before he left though, he left behind two Predacons (Dawnsteel and Duskstar) to dispatch the "outcast Decepticons". Afterwards, Makeshift then fled.


  • Shifting: Makeshift is a professional at this. He can perfectly imitate voices, mannerisms and appearances and is very good at it.
  • Endurance: Despite his stature, Makeshift is very tough and can endure a lot.
  • Teleportation

Likes and Dislikes


  • Darkness
  • Disguising himself as others


  • Sunlight


Your an odd combo. „ 

— Makeshift meeting Injector.


  • Originally he was set to debut alongside with Hardshell and Breakdown as early as in January, but he was scrapped and put in hold until May.
  • He was formerly known as "777."

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